One day, I decided to go through some video games that I bought a few years ago. After looking around for a few minutes I found a game called "Pokemon Stadium". I sat there for a bit, remembering how much I had liked it in my youth. I put the game in my N64 and started it up, but something was wrong. All of the Pokémon models in the game were skeletons. They seemed to represent the Pokémon that would originally be there, though. When I got to the title screen instead of saying, "Pokémon Stadium", and having all 150 Pokémon on the title card it said, "Pokémon Graveyard", and the title screen was graveyard with a purple fog. I thought, “Cool! A zombie version of Pokémon Stadium; I wonder when I modded this!" I hit 'start' and the game seemed to play normal.

I decided to battle the gym leaders and then eventually the Elite 4. After selecting the rental Pokémon I wanted, the battle began, but instead of battling a trainer it immediately made me battle Brock. For some reason, the battlefield wasn’t the battlefield you battle Brock in, it was a bloody rocky-type field. His first Pokémon was a Geodude at level 255, which I knew was impossible, because you can't train a Pokémon over level 100. I sent out my Charizard, which was level 50. The model looked like a skeleton, but it resembled Charizard. The skeleton was covered in remains and it only knew one attack, which I thought was weird, because when I rented the Charizard, it had four attacks. The one attack name was "Bloody Hell". Since I had no other choice, I selected it.

The screen faded to black and I heard a quiet humming. The game then showed a screen with a Charizard, but it was only a head, and it seemed to be cut off of the body. A text box appeared and said, “Are you happy you killed me?” Then my N64 turned off. I took out the cartridge and stared at it, wondering what the game was trying to tell me. Since that day, I haven’t been getting school work done and I haven’t been eating or sleeping. I just lie awake at night, scared out of my skin, and just hoping I never play another Pokémon game ever again.

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