It is recommended that you read Pokemon: Dreams of Lumiose first so you understand what is happening and the theme of this series of pastas.


Chapter 1: The Awakening Edit

I woke up with a headache, that nightmare was one of the worst..... I looked at my 3DS and next to it was that cartridge of Pokemon Y with a cartridge of Pokemon Omega Ruby next to it with a note next to it which said "Merry Christmas, from mom." . I felt a chill when I looked at the Y cartridge. I inserted it into my 3DS and booted it up. It was that dream was a dream. I then went to the home menu and put Omega Ruby in. I then booted up the game and that is where it all happened.

Chapter 2: A "Normal" Start Edit

The game loaded and there was a save file called Brendan. I clicked it and the game went to the point where you are setting the clock. No cinematic or anything. Just that part of the game. I heard screaming and shouting. I then felt a bit concerned for Brendan since it sounded like his mother and father were fighting. My player then went to the window and jumped out to escape from the horrors. He then ran to the pokemon lab but Professor Birch wasn't there. So the player searched all about town. He then went back to his house. It showed a cinematic of the player walking into his house and he saw something that would scar him for life. It turned out that Professor Birch was raping Brendan's mother.

Chapter 3: It's too late... Edit

Brendan then ran through Oldale Town to go to Petalburg City but with no Pokemon to protect him. When the player made it to Petalburg he looked like he had been attacked by multiple animals and crying since he ran through Petalburg Woods with no Pokemon. Brendan stood still for a bit before limping to the gym. Before Brendan made it to the gym he passed out. Norman stood where he would stand but Wally wasn't there. Then that exclamation mark thing appeared above his head and he ran to Brendan. He then picked his son up and ran to the gym. Going through every door until he made it to the place where he would fight in battle. When he made it. Brendan started to wake up. A text box appeared saying "What happened?!?" and then a brief pause. Another text box appeared saying. "What?! We must get home right away!" The screen then faded to black. It then showed a cinematic of Norman entering his house with Brendan waiting outside and then I saw a text box saying "No! It can't be!". After that, Brendan walked in to see that his mother was dead and the 3 starter Pokemon were there with scared faces huddled up in the corner. He then heard a scream, it was May. I ran into her house to find her with a pitch black demon thing with red eyes, It lunged at Brendan and a battle began, Brendan sent out a lvl 100 Blaziken and the demon sent itself into battle. Blaziken mega evolved and tried to defeat the monster but no success. The screen went black and I heard what sounded like a boy screaming and mega blaziken's cry.

Chapter 4: The dream concludes. Edit

I then heard a voice saying. "Your family is next...." I then heard a scream. I dropped my 3DS and I ran downstairs. The same happened to my mother. She was raped and murdered.

I then woke up. It was all a dream......

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