The Prophet Approaches

One long night five years ago, a man searched for a good game. He came across a link after three hours of searching, that read He clicked it, and it was a button that said "Download" He clicked it and a file came up and was read "prophetwood.bat"

He opened the file and a window popped up that was black. Suddenly, a home screen appeared. He immediately noticed it was a text based game. He thought it was lame, but continued to play.

The first thing he noticed was two red dots at the bottom right corner of the screen. He felt a cold chill on his shoulder. As he was playing the game, he noticed the dots were slowly moving up from the corner. The chill was getting colder, as he wondered. He decided to ignore it as he thought it was his mind tricking him.

The next stage had some text that read "The prophet approaches" in bold caps. He immediate thought was that this was odd, as the game never mentioned the prophet.

The window randomly closed.

As he continued to browse, those creepy red dots were returning to the bottom right corner of the screen. That chill returned, as he was being watched..

He decided to take some Advil, and rest...

He woke up the next morning, and felt the chill as he removed the covers. He went to take a shower, and noticed that his shaving cream was missing. He went to get some breakfast and skipped the shower. After he ate those pancakes, he went to work at his job, Apple. As he arrived, there was a sign that said 'Closed'. It was a Monday morning, which usually attracts a few more customers.

He went home, and started prophetwood.bat again. He had an urge to play it. The eyes were not in the right corner. The were in the top left corner going down. He restarted the computer, and as it rebooted he went to grab a beer. The beer was gone, yet he remembered he restocked just the day before.

He went to the computer and it was booted. The screen was black, with a creepy italic bold text that read "The prophet approaches".

At this moment, he was scared. He decided to take a walk to relive the stress. As he was walking, he felt like he was being watched. All of a sudden, he collapses.

He woke up twenty minutes later, but he did not remember anything. Besides those two red dots.

He walked towards his house. All of the doors were locked.

He went to get the keys out of the car. They weren't there. He called the lock masters, they came, and left. As he walked in, he noticed the house was carved out. He went in further, and only saw two red dots. Although this time, a black figure was under them.

The prophet approaches.

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