Punkim World

One of the worst games I’ve ever played was Pumkin World. And I actually enjoyed it because it was so bad. About one year ago I wanted to play some Pumkin World after school. I opened up Firefox. But I accidently typed, but I didn’t notice it. When the page loaded it took me directly to the food place. I didn’t notice that either.

When the pumpkin guy came in the food place he asked me for the soda. But there was no soda. I gave him everything but he just said no, I don’t want that. When there wasn’t any food left he asked me for the hot dog. A new row of food came up on the table. And there was a hot dog there. I gave him the hot dog and he ate it, then he asked me for the fish. But there was no fish. I thought it was bug and reloaded the page.

It took me directly to the food place again. When the pumpkin guy came in he asked me for a knife. I knew that wasn’t a bug. I gave him a sandwich but instead of saying no, I don’t want that, he said thank you for the knife. And Firefox closed. I didn’t open Firefox for the rest of that day.

The following day I started up my computer after school. When I logged in I saw that my desktop wallpaper had changed into a picture of the pumpkin guy. He had a lot of blood in his face. I quickly changed the wallpaper to a picture of my friend. I opened Firefox and saw that my home page was set to The whole food place was filled with blood and I even saw a dead pumpkin guy on the floor. His head was sliced in two pieces. I changed my home page to Google. Then I opened up Avast! to scan my computer. When I started the scan my computer crashed. I restarted my computer.

But the login screen never came up. The only thing that came up was thank you. I restarted the computer at the power button. Nothing happened. It still said thank you on the screen. I restarted the monitor but it still said thank you. I even unplugged my monitor. Nothing happened. It still says thank you.

Desktop wallpaper:

Thank you:

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