There are 3 stages of pure darkness... Only then true darkness can be made. 

First stage is the human mind. 

Losing yourself within utter pain bewilderment. 

Walking into the woods. 

Finding your path turn all bloodly. 

Finding all your love burned into ashes. 

Finding your dangling corpse from a tree. 

Losing all your light until your left with nothing but yourself. 

The second stage is when you close your eyes. 

When you close your eyes all you will see is memories of your life. 

When you close your eyes all you feel is nothing. 

When you close your eyes you will forever lose yourself. 

The third stage..... Is when your all alone. 

When your lights are off in your room. 

When you try to scream but can't see anyone. 

When you can be a victim to any monster. 

When you take up a weapon a blindly attack. 

True darkness... Is what you become after all of these stages. 

We are true darkness...

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