Why is the sky blue?

Why are snowflakes so amazing to look at?

Why are clouds seen as being so... fluffy?

Why are butterflies such beautiful insects?

Why does the world spin?

Why does the wind blow?

Are we alone in this forever-expanding universe?

Could it be possible that humans exist on other planets?

Why does the universe look dark?

Was there a beginning to the universe?

How small are we in this universe?

Will we be able to meet extraterrestrials?

Why do we have emotions?

Why are we here?

Do we have a purpose?

Why were we put on this planet?

Is there a God?

Why does Death seem like such a bad thing?

Why are we so greedy?

Why do we get Horny?

Why do we worship gods that may or may not exist?

Why do we argue over gods that may or may not exist?

Why are we such sick fucks?


Some of these questions can be answered through proof and research. While others... will probably never be answered. The thing is, we have no purpose on this planet. We are born. We live, and die. Practically the whole story there. I mean sure we don't just LIVE, we experience life. But in the end it's all just pointless.

Now the one question to you is:

What will you do for your life?

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