I was playing online games when a download offer popped up it only said, “#” on it and there was no red x in the corner to exit. The only thing I could do was download it and I did nothing happened but than I was kicked off my game and onto the tittle screen there was a folder called, “#.” I opened it and inside there was a entire screen that was full of hashtags and at the bottom of the screen was the words, “RUN AWAY.” Two days later I forgot about it until I found a piece of paper with very sloppy writing that said, “#RUNAWAY.” I found this piece of paper in my bed. I also found out that almost everything that I owned was gone except for a blue T-shirt. Three days later I got on my computer to find that the folder was gone. Everything worked on the computer and it never happened again.

All credit and original creepypasta goes to CRAZYscorpionz

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