I sat down, bored, so I decided to add another mod to minecraft to be entertained for a few days. I found one called Real Time Minecraft. Apparently it used satellite imagery, and a world wide clock made for the mod. This was Impressive so I decided to check reviews because it seemed a little implausible.

I read the reviews, and there had been positive review after positive review, quite uncommon. I saw mod review even by CaptainSparklez, Antvenom, and Yogscast, which surprised me since I don’t remember them being posted. I clicked on Antvenom's review, but a youtube error popped up. Though it didn’t unsettle me because of frequent internet problems. I decided to download it anyway.

Mc real

I installed it, and went to open a new world. The page told me that it added a new world type, Earth,  

which contains all of the features of the mod. I edited my world to the special world, and named it An Unearthly Child. I sat there waiting for it to download, when I noticed the first difference, when it showed up it had a different world creation screen, with more realistic dirt, with the occasional skull, it confused me, but i guess it came with a custom resource pack.

I generated on a flat version of my house. “Satellites are not 3D” I told myself. On the sidebar, which servers commonly use for info, it said objective: Kill the Red-Dragon at coordinates 71, 80, -396. So implementation of unimplemented features, or a retexture of ender-dragon. I found a minecart station sending me to those coordinates. After a 10 minute ride, I got out. I was on what looked to be the Statue of Liberty, well a top down representation of it. Scattered around me was redstone dust. This confused me, “Are those scales?” I asked myself.

I opened my inventory for days without end, because, I enjoyed it. I didn’t notice what happened till I finished lvl. 33. Good usable tools and a bow with Power 1 and Infinity 1. I could use this. I didn’t have any armor though, tough luck I guess. I drew back my bow and landed a solid shot. It started to descend though, not towards me but into the ocean. It vanished beneath the waves, with a loud splash! I was proud of myself. I saw the text say, Congrats, Will you enter lvl. 2, with a yes or no option. I selected yes and respawned at my house.

I completed similar tasks for work my new friend, shall you join me for one final level, and then do whatever else you shall do with your life”

I clicked yes, and teleported not to my house, but instead a large room. In there were zombies, and tons of them. By now I had a diamond sword, full diamond armor and a better bow. I sniped the zombies, but the resource pack changed their death sounds to deafening shrieks. I cringed as I shot them, and for some reason, the spot they died, the game plopped down redstone on that block. I am glad my mom didn’t come in here, she would’ve thought it was blood. Now that I think back, it might have been. I was dragged out of my room before I could finish. Partially though I noticed a few words made out of redstone He_p, U5 ( I thought it was a band, probably reads “us” actually though).

I was dragged to the news. Apparently cities were destroyed, airplanes crashed, and other sad 

stuff. Well, Earth had a bad day” I thought while sitting in a moment of silence. Then a pattern caught my eyes. The locations were similar, but where from, I couldn’t remember. I went back to listening to the news. “The start of these horrid events happened when a plane crashed into the ocean, offshore of the statue of liberty.”

Those words, struck me hard. Had I been the cause of this? Had I killed hundreds of thousands of people? I went back into my room to delete that mod, and save file. Though before I saw the rest of the message, “Help us or Join us”. I went back to the page, but it redirected me to this link

Those next few nights I had trouble sleeping. I asked questions in my head about those events. I also daily checked that page I downloaded on to see if it is back up. I will notify you if I get more news.

if I get more news.

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