This is all new to me; I didn’t even know this place existed a month ago but I am running out of places that won’t think I am insane. Hell, I am starting to think myself insane to be honest.

December 13thEdit

About a year ago me, my brother, and our best friend moved out together to Bakersfield to get away from the family, we live about an hour away from our hometown and since all three of us work we don’t get to see them very often.

My brother does a lot of out of country business so he is rarely actually at the house so me and my buddy Cory are often the only ones there for weeks at a time. Around a month ago Cory started acting strangely he holed up in his room alone doing god knows what.

Which sucked because I had really looked forward to playing our Borderlands 2 account we’d made. I wasn’t sure if I’d pissed him off or if he was just going through a rough time. I wanted to give him space so I didn’t push the subject. I didn’t worry much till about a week later he started screaming in the middle of the night while sleeping. Over and over he repeated “Stay away from her! Keep him away!”

When I approached him about the screaming he told me he had no idea what I was talking about and that he’d slept fine.

The black rings that made him look more like a corpse surrounding his eyes told me differently. He looked pale and his arm seemed to tremble involuntarily as he refused to look me in the eyes. In fact he refused to look at me entirely, keeping his eyes downcast and off to the side. I reached to grab his shoulder and was quickly slapped away as he finally looked into my face.

His eyes bloodshot while his mouth turned into a snarl he turned and ran up the stairs. I was really just confused by all of this and growing increasingly worried. I decided to visit his mother to discuss the situation, he was a grown man but I still thought she should know, maybe she could help him.

The conversation was brief, she said he’d had mood swings before and within a week he’d be fine. I was hesitant to leave due to the sickening feeling I felt in my chest but she seemed sure of what she said and I discarded it as nothing more than my imagination.

By the end of the week Cory’s mother was sobbing in his bathroom, his body lifeless in the bathtub the water stained crimson. The image is still gruesomely vivid in my mind. He had carved strange words and symbols into his wrists like some foreign language.

An unsettling grin on his face as he lay still like he had just pulled off some elaborate prank on us all, but it wasn’t a prank. I remember the night well, first night I’d cried since I lost my father. It felt like a thousand pins slowly pecking at my skin, I should of seen it coming, I should have done something rather than sit back and wait for events to unfold.

The next week was dark and gray, not the sky, not the actual brightness, but with this one loss my world seemed to have taken a light that served as a beacon of hope and demolished it in several repeated blows. I am sure planning his funeral didn’t help the mood but it was not the sole cause. I knew that much for sure. I had several nightmares that week.

Mainly just of us being together and reminiscing no it wasn’t frightening but every dream ended with me finding him once more in the bathtub. At the time I thought nothing could be more frightening then the constant sight of my friend dying, it was the definition of hell, every night witnessing the horrible event again. Normally coupled with strange whispers and my friend screaming like he had before passing on. The last night before the funeral, which was a week ago now I had one more dream, it was quiet except for the whispers which seemed as if they were talking behind my back.

The world was pitch black as I spun unable to see even my hands. I looked for anything to guide me thinking I had to be missing something. I knew I was in a dream but the fact that nothing was in sight confused me. Normally my dreams had some purpose but this one was just empty dark nothingness and a chilling sensation that I might not have been alone.

Everywhere I turned the voices stayed directly behind me. This carried on for hours until finally I heard Cory’s voice scream “Stay away from me I won't let you touch her! I am going tomorrow and that is the end of it!” and awoke. Fifty minutes had passed since I’d gone to sleep. I couldn’t explain it, never had a dream taken so long while time passed so slow. I couldn’t sleep the rest of the night and a sick feeling in my gut kept me on edge as I scanned the dark corners of my room. I turned the lights on and watched some TV watching the clock slowly tick onward.

The night had become morning and the sky filled with clouds showering the world in tears of pity. I don’t remember getting to the gravesite and I hardly remember the people who spoke.

I couldn’t bring myself to say a word on his behalf either like my body was resisting the whole idea that he was actually gone. The only thing I clearly remember from that day was after I had tossed a handful of dirt onto his coffin someone else from the funeral approached me.

She was young maybe 17 and wore a red dress, I could see the black strands of hair hanging down but most of her face was blocked by the black umbrella she was carrying. “Hi, Chris right?” I nodded to her still in a daze.

“Cory talked about you a lot, he said you were a strong person.”

“Um thanks.” The umbrella tilted up a little and I could see more of her, her face was still blocked however it was mainly her hair that obscured my vision, I could see a few tears on her cheek however and felt bad for brushing her off.

“Sorry just kind of lost in thought.”

“I know I can’t believe he is gone, he was talking to me no more than two weeks ago about playing his new game. He wanted me to see it. He told me I would get a good scare.”

“New game?” I asked only half interested.

“Yeah, he said he was going to show it to you first.” It finally dawned on me I had no clue who this person was, more importantly however, how she knew what Cory was doing lately.

“I’m sorry who are you exactly?” She was busy digging through her purse ignoring my question entirely before pulling out a small plastic case and a CD with no cover art in fact there wasn’t anything that distinguished it from any other blank CD.

“He’d want you to play it first.” Before I could respond she began walking away after a few seconds she turned back to me. "Show me what it’s like later ok?” I opened my mouth but words failed me and I simply nodded.

I didn’t do anything the first couple of days after, I thought about trying his game but every time I saw the disk I remember Cory and whenever I remembered him I remembered finding him. Day five was the first occurrence of something weird. I woke up around four in the morning my TV was on but nothing but static was showing, the disk tray on my X-box sat open with the blank CD resting on it.

Half awake I walked by shut the tray, turned off the TV and went to the bathroom. I came back to the room and fell onto the bed, my TV flicked on and a loud scream blared from it. I turned and looked at the screen blazing fires rose up from the bottom and danced behind the two options on the screen saying New Game and Continue. I shift my hand back at this phenomenon that had just occurred and my hand hit the remote shutting the TV off. I was relieved I thought it was my head playing tricks on me and that I’d simply hit the remote when I laid down. That is what a sensible person would think right?

Yesterday I decided to play finally, I sat down opened the game and loaded it up, I picked new game and it asked me “Would you like to erase the past to make way for your own journey?” I hit No because I didn’t want Cory’s save file to go away necessarily. "Are you sure?" The internal clock on his X-box must have been broken considering the date of his save files were June 6th /06 and if that girl was right he was playing this two weeks ago.

The game was had no title, it just said "$@V3^^3 I’d never heard of it before. I had been startled a few times by  the game when the disturbing little girl would appear and kill my fellow soldiers or show up next to me for no reason I could figure out. It seemed like a normal horror game until I got to this one room. The opposing soldiers had swarmed in from all sides and I fought them all killing them.

It was a long fight and over all I was impressed with myself. But then I walked through the doorway into the warehouse, the doors slammed shut behind me and the lights shut off. Images flickered on the screen, first the symbols Cory had drawn on his arm, I high pitched screech sounded as the image changed to a picture of a girl who seemed familiar, she was gorgeous but I couldn't remember seeing her. I felt drawn to her, she was beautiful the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. The screen flickered again.

I saw the figure of the girl walking towards me character and unloaded an entire clip of my sub into her. She ignored it walking closer with a giggle, my character refused to move other then shoot at her. She finally reached me and reached a pale hand towards my character. Instantly the screen turned red as the cheesy looking blood covered the screen and the body fell. A few moments passed of the screen remaining a close up on the girls face still painted in red.

“I’m watching you.” I heard from my TV, the mute sign was still on so I assumed it was my imagination but it repeated, over and over. Finally I shut off my TV to stop the voice and despite being off the burned image of that girls face remained on the TV for what seemed like half an hour. I decided to call Cory’s mom to ask who the girl who gave me the game was, she said the only person she could think of who matched the description was Cory’s cousin from out of town.

I asked her who the cousin was and if there was a way to contact her. She told me "Her name is Alexis" that name something seemed familiar about it, I couldn't help but smile a little at the name, God only knows why though. "She is coming with me to your house for dinner Christmas Eve though so you can talk to her then."

The save I’d made yesterday had the same glitch in the date that Cory’s had but I played anyway, I feel like an idiot now but it was a few minutes later that the little girl once more appeared, it only dawned on me now that she wore the same outfit as the girl from the funeral, 17 maybe, long red dress, black hair that obscured her face. “You’ve accepted me into your home.” The voice spoke as a giggle rang out once more and I shut off the game.

This game wasn't getting me anywhere, It was frustrating me and I just wanted to relax. I didn't need some game ruining my already sour mood, It wasn't until the girl on the disk grinned at me in a sinister manner that I dropped the disk. Maybe there is something to this game, even now it is sitting in it's case. I have it stuck between two text books. I'm not sure what that will do but I can't say I am used to this situation.

December 24thEdit

I thought it was finished, after that night I posted on here I thought it was over. The voice stopped, the face no longer on the blank disc. But as I sit here now at my parents house for Christmas, it’s happened again.

You see my family and the Ericson’s (Cory’s family) often spent Christmas Eve together, with all that had happened recently they needed the familiar atmosphere now more than ever. I was there to greet them as they walked in. Mr. and Mrs. Ericson looked sad but overall better than I would have suspected. I moved to close the door when a young girl, around the age of 17 walked into the house. She was beautiful, her long brown hair, her green eyes that seemed to capture the light in the room, I was captivated in an instant.

“Hi what’s your name?” The girl looked at me with big green eyes that showed a hint of confusion and a smile that caught me off guard. I could feel my heart tug.

“Alexis nice to meet you.” She laughed for a second as Mrs. Ericson walked over with a confused expression.

“Why are you acting like you haven’t seen her before? She was the one at the funeral right?”

I looked back to her not quiet understanding until it finally clicked, this girl was the cousin. There was no way this was the girl from the funeral, she was too short and far to chipper her voice sounded too innocent. The list went on and on. I felt like laughing until it clicked that, the person at the funeral was still unaccounted for.

“This isn’t her, who else could it have been?” She looked troubled thinking for a moment possibly remembering the different people who attended.”

“Alexis was the youngest person there besides you Chris. I honestly don’t think there was anyone else there that fits the description. Are you sure it wasn’t her?”

“No me and her didn’t talk.”

A faint giggle range out in my ear as the cold sensation like a frost bitten finger slowly ran down my spine. My entire body convulsed as a strong chill ran through me.

“I need a second.” I told her, I don’t know why thought. I regret walking out of there because since then it’s started happening again, the voice from the disc. I am sure I’d see the illusion on the disk as well.

“Did you not like how I look Chris? I hope to see you when you break. If you survive longer I may let you see a little more of me.”

The giggle followed once more as I sat in the bathroom. The bathroom? I don’t remember getting in here I don’t know how or what compelled me to. What does someone think to mindlessly walk in and sit on the side of a bathtub. I shook my head trying to clear it when an aching feeling ran up my arms. I went to scratch my arm when I noticed it, the flesh on my left wrist have been nearly rubbed raw. Small patterns that looked familiar but I can’t remember where from. The feeling stings with an persistent burning sensation as if something is still scratching my wrists. I pulled my sleeve down and walked back out.

“Are you feeling better?” Mr. Ericson was waiting for me as soon as I stepped out.

“Yes, thank you.”

“I know it has been really hard on you Chris. I wanted to thank you though, I know even in his last moments you were the friend he would have trusted to help him. He left you something.” I’d only been listening half heartedly but that last sentence piqued my interest.

“What was it?”

“He sent us a note a week before he passed, and with it he sent a journal. Mrs. Ericson has been holding onto it for sentimental reasons but he wanted you to have it so I brought it to you.” I didn’t think it was possible, but maybe he knew he was not long for this world so he sent me a clue a hope, I am going to look it over tonight after they leave. She seems quiet now so I should be able to work in peace.

March 12thEdit

I am fed up, she is toying with me. She comes for days at a time and whenever I am near the brink about to write on here she vanishes. The notebook led to several dead ends I will upload some of the photo’s soon, the writing was confusing and the picture, well I’d seen it before . The most frightening part however was the symbols, It took me until just now to remember where I’d seen them. They were the same marks on my arm, they were the same marks that were on Cory’s arm when I find his body. I am tired of this all so I am once more turning for help. Every time I think I am free she pulls me back into the nightmarish hell that she has come so accustom to.

Like a succubus who grants no pleasure she seems to draw me in, she has even haunted me at work. This afternoon is when I snapped, it was a regular job nothing special, it was an old Victorian house in downtown San Jose the travel was annoying but luckily the house was vacant meaning I didn’t have to deal with a client or any of the questions. When I first showed up the house was nothing special, the paint on the walls was chipping and the red curtains made it difficult to see. I finished my work on the exterior and moved inside. The door opened slowly, not from something supernatural mind you just from me checking it. First thing I noticed was a sound it sounded like water in a stream, that slow steady flow along with the chirps as the water hit stone. It sounded like it was coming from the upstairs. I went to find the source and make sure that whatever it was wasn’t going to flood the house.

As I rounded the stairwell reaching the landing I could see into the room ahead. The red curtains lined the red windows creating a red hue over the room. It was intimidating to say the least. The ceiling fan spun creaking loudly with each rotation. It seemed to shift more and more out of alignment. It was the Master bedroom, I could tell due to the size, walk in closet and attached bathroom. Straight across the room from me was the bathroom and the source of the watery noise. I took my first step into the room, as my foot hit the carpet I could hear a loud squelch from swamp like floor the water had developed. The sink had clearly been running for a while. The noise was annoying as was the water bubbling up around my feet. The fans irritating noise was practically an afterthought now, it’s agonizing moan was easily ignored I just wanted to shut the water off. Finally I stepped onto the tile floor it was slick and I fell fast onto my back it’s still sore to be perfectly honest. I used the counter to stand and shut off the water in the sink. As I looked up from the sink into the mirror I saw him, in the tub just like that day several months ago. Cory was lifeless his arm over the edge of the tub dripping drops of crimson tears to the floor the water overflowing from the tub was red.

I spun on my heels to look at him and in the time I'd turned around all traces of what I’d just seen were gone. Yes the water was still on the floor, true that the tub was still filled to the brim but, no sign of blood and definitely no sign of his body. I was confused, could you blame me? Now you understand why I think I am going insane. I stood up and turned to leave the bathroom before freezing in place. Something must have blotted out the sun as the room was much darker then before, what little light that did shine in through the curtains painted the room in a demonic red that sent shivers throughout my body. The fan sounded like the howls of a thousand lost souls either pleading to me or trying to drive me insane as well. I could see visible bubbles in the carpet as if the water was at a boil. The metalix smell made my stomach churn. These aren’t what made me freeze though, they helped but the main source was the blasted harpy set on ruining my life, the demon who had decided my life needed more nightmares.

Her eyes looked at me taunting me to challenge her, daring me to take a step forward. As the corner of her mouth curled into a cocky smirk I finally took a step forward. My body in pain as the burning feeling returned to my arms like a knife carving the symbols into my arm. My mind screamed against me telling me I was a fool for walking forward. It seemed the message couldn't make it to my body however as I trudged forward. Every fiber of my being stinging. She rolled her eyes and walked around the corner that annoying giggle echoing in my ears again. I took a few more steps forward when the howls from the fan grew louder and sparks left from its base. The base of the fan itself fell from the ceiling dangling from wire alone spinning around the room uncontrollably, the blades of the far hitting the walls and the floors splintering shards of wood around the room. I was able to block my face from the wood flying towards me. Other then a few minor cuts on my arms and jeans I was unharmed. The wire still sparking I ran across the room making sure to avoid the death trap the fan had become. I turned the direction she’d gone which was down the stairway.

The light above my head flickered on and off as I went lower, the bay window seemed useless as no light was shining through it. It didn’t make sense to me, I knew it wasn’t late and even when it is night here the sky isn’t pitch black. I kept thinking about it as I sprinted down the stairs slowing as my cell phone began ringing. I picked it up the number was all in jumbled text $@V3^^3. I was fed up was it the girl? I didn’t care at the time I wanted it to end so I answered. “Why you won’t you leave me the hell alone!” I yelled back.

“You don’t understand!” The voice was calmer then I was expecting. In fact it didn’t sound like the girl he’d been seeing at all. “You need to save her! Please! Don't listen to what she says just keep her safe.” This was less then helpful.

“Look lady I think you have the wrong num—“

“No I need you to save her before she—“ A blood curdling scream caused me to clench my head and cover my ears, the phone fell to the ground as I looked for the source. As the scream ended the bay window shattered raining glass down on top of me I ran to avoid it and missed the step. My knee hit the ground first as I went head first into a forward roll pain wracked my body as I hit every step on the way down. I hit hard against the base of the stairs the wood splitting open as I fell through to the basement. I was in a cellar and it was pitch black even if it had light I wouldn’t have been able to see through the thick swirling dust from my fall. The wood boards formed an uncomfortable throne that I was eager to get off of. Finally the dust began to clear and I could see some other people staring back at me, all of them different heights, each with eerie glowing eyes that seemed to penetrate me.

“Beautiful aren’t they?” I could feel the warmth of her breath on my ear as I heard her voice I turned to face her but was greeted with more eyes. “Each and every one a different reality that I could make true in an instant.” Her breath was accompanied by an icy finger stroking my arm. The sensation remained despite nothing being near me as she whispered. “I must admit I’ve grown rather attached to you. You aren’t so brittle as the other men I’ve seen.”

“I will end you.” I said calmly, I don’t know why but my resolved had become solid, even now I know it is up to me to destroy her. The lights in the basement lit up blinding me momentarily. As I opened my eyes I had prepared for the worst, whatever those eyes were I’d know soon enough. 

“End me you say? I was only having a little fun see? I didn’t sick them on you, I will even dismiss them for you. Did you know that most demons attach themselves to one person? These however follow me.” She snapped her fingers and the eyes vanished. “I really don’t like you getting in contact with her by the way. I worked very hard to keep you away from her but she has crawled back in the way.” I was honestly confused, I had no clue who she was talking about and I didn’t care as I took a step towards her. She seemed distracted as she muttered to herself. My fist clenched by this point I wanted her to be gone and I felt that punching her would do something. Thinking about it now I can only shake my head and laugh, I am talking about punching a demon, brilliant Chris. I went through with my plan in the heat of the moment, the look she gave me just before my fist made contact was horrifying. Nothing sick like blood dripping from them, or an eyeball popping out for no reason no. It was very as odd to say as this is, very human. She was completely un-phased by my punch as my fist rested against her cheek. Her nostrils flared as she glared into my eyes.

It felt like an eternity although I know it couldn’t have been more than a few seconds before a pain flared through my arm. “I was playing nice Christopher do not think for a moment I am some week women for you knock to the ground!” The pain intensified as her voice followed in suit. It felt like my veins were on fire as they pressed closer to the top of my skin becoming bold and vivid. I could hardly breath as I could hear the searing noise in my ears, my arms tensed up as I dropped to my knees the pain spreading to my temple and eyes. I couldn’t think about anything just the pain. “But I am forgiving with a promising toy like you.” The pain subsided finally as I caught my breath and steadied my rapidly beating heart. Blood trickled from my fist to my elbows and finally dripped to the floor. “I think it is time I take my leave.” She snapped her fingers once more as the cellar was filled with a blinding light that quickly dulled to normal levels. For the first time I could make out the entire room.

Despite the pillars lining the middle of the room it was empty besides me, her, pile of wood. That is what made the walls so much more disturbing. The entire wall, from floor to ceiling corner to corner, was covered in one large mirror creating the illusion of an infinite room. I could see myself a million times over a streak of fresh blood running down from my temple. What I could not see was her, she was in the room in front of me but not in the mirror. She walked away from me towards the wall. “Remember your place when I see you next. Let those burns on your arm be proof of your weakness.” She stepped into the mirror walking further and further into the never ending room. She stopped at about my 20th reflection and leaned over to whisper in my ear. I could hear it as if she were next to me “And don’t talk to her again. Do you hear me?” I couldn’t nod I couldn’t do anything.

It was about twenty minutes later of trying to find a way out of the room before the real estate agent showed up and opened the door to the basement. I could hardly see anything as I looked around noticing the lack of mirrors on the walls. I looked up and no sign of a hole in the ceiling remained. I talked to the agent and finished the inspection as best I could but my mind was not on the job who’s would be? I even had to go back to the master bedroom, no water on the carpets no broken fan although that irritating moan persisted. I would think I was going crazy but this blood on my hand I can't just assume it didn't happen. I will try and upload some of the pages of the book soon. Please I mean, do I sound completely insane is anyone else out there experiencing this? Or have they she has made it clear I a not the first.

March 17thEdit

I don’t normally post this fast back to back but considering all that’s happened I found it necessary., I am trying to find a way to put the pictures up on this sight I may end up taking pictures of them with my phone and posting them, I don’t want to ruin the book by tearing the pages out for a scanner. I have had two things worth mentioning happen, the first is I find a page in the notebook that was stuck in the book It is written very sloppily so I am not sure if anyone will be able to read it from the picture. I will post it for you either way but I figured I would put it on here. It is sloppy like I said, he seemed rushed while writing it and it was dated the day he died. December 3rdhe  wrote this message, the last words he said before passing on he left them for me,

“This a warning I know what is happening. You won’t hide it forever I know what you are planning. I won’t let you hurt her! I will save her! I am letting people know tomorrow turn yourself in!”

Besides that there is only a couple stains I assume are blood, maybe just maybe Cory cut his wrists here. Over this book, whatever was driving him insane maybe he was relying on me to make sense of it! The other was… paint me stupid but I played the game I thought maybe there would be some kind of hint. Nothing happened I played it for about three hours before anything happened. I was running down a hallway in the game when the lights started flashing. The lights in my room did the same thing I knew by this point that coincidences didn’t happen to me anymore. I grabbed my flashlight and prepared for the worst. A few more steps down the hallway with flickering lights when the light in my own room blacked out. The TV seemed to turn off as I sat in pure darkness. I flicked the flashlight on looking for any sign of the girl, I knew she had to be close. As my light scanned the room I noticed something on the wall, it looked like a photo. I walked over to look at the photo, the girl looked familiar. Brown hair, green eyes, a smile that was infectious. I would remember her anywhere anytime I wasn’t horrified her beautiful face came into my mind.

I couldn’t figure it out though, why was Alexis’s picture in my room? The lights came on slowly and I turned around. The entire wall behind my bed was covered by the pictures. One picture was weird enough but these pictures were more confusing. They all seemed to be from hidden view points. She definitely didn’t know the pictures were being taken I could tell by her calm and natural appearance. Whoever took them must have followed her for hours, studying her movements. I was brought back to reality as my TV turned to static. I wasn’t sure what was going on. It wasn’t until an ear splitting scream blew out my speakers that I felt that all too familiar chill run down my spine. “Save her, don’t let him touch her! You must keep her safe!” I heard a few taps on the screen and instantly turned my attention to it. It was still static but once more I heard the voice. “SAVE HER!” a picture of Alexis flashed on the screen.

I still can’t believe it the one I am supposed to save, protect from this unknown evil was, is Cory’s cousin? How is she involved in any of this I still don’t get it but I know one thing. Cory trusted me to protect her and I will.

March 20thEdit

I can’t seem to make it a day anymore without that wench taunting me. The events in the house seem to only have angered her. The wound on my hand has almost healed but that doesn’t matter. I tore down the pictures in my room. I don’t know why they were placed there, was it the girl warning me or the demon trying to taunt me again. Even as I write this I can feel her eyes on me, her warm breath on me neck and her cold finger rubbing the length of my arm. She is distorting sound to the point that I can hardly understand speech instead only hearing demonic whispers of ill omen. I can’t sleep I can’t focus, I can’t do anything to escape.

I tried to get out of the house maybe find some peace. My nephew really wanted to see the Saint Patrick’s day parade and I figured my nephews cheery disposition would be a nice break. Not to mention she hadn’t done anything to me while I was with people. It was great I was excited, several hours had passed since we got to the parade and she hadn’t showed herself. It was looking to be a great day.  One of the dancers in the parade walked over and shook hands with my nephew, I pulled out my camera to take the picture when I received an error. It told me my memory was full, it was weird I could have sworn I had erased everything on the card so I checked it. As soon as I went to look at the viewer my phone rang. I hurried to pull out my phone, my family looked at me oddly. I looked at the number $@V3^^3, I knew it. I told my family I had to take the call whoever this girl was seemed to know something.

“Who is this?” Whoever was on the other end of the line had labored breath, heavy trembling exhales as if they’d been running.

“You need to save her, I am running out of time.” Her voice sounded like she was almost in tears. “If you don’t stop she will become too powerful for me to stop her.”

“I need you to calm down, and tell me who you are? I am trying to help Alexis but I don’t know who I or what I am saving her from.” The breath continued strongly but slowly became less so, she was calming herself.

“I don’t have any time she is already deeply rooted. Please just keep Alexis safe.” The phone call ended. I needed to check something, she had called right when I was about to look at the camera. Maybe there was some kind of hint. I looked at the pictures and found something sick, not disgusting just… sick. Dozens of pictures of Alexis all seemed to be from here at the parade.

“Chris why did you run off like that?” My brother placed his hand on my shoulder he’d been pretty good at noticing when something was wrong. “Woah Chris taking stalker pictures of Cory’s cousin? A little weird don’t you think?” He nudged me teasingly, but my faced must have showed a look that surprised him. “What is it?”

“You can see these pictures? More importantly you know who she is?” My brother chuckled as he looked at me clearly thinking I was joking. When he saw my face he raised an eyebrow and smirked.

“It’s Alexis, of course I know who she is, we’ve known seen her like 5 times since Cory had moved in with us.”

I don’t know what he was talking about I know for a fact I didn’t know her before Christmas. Although thinking about it now she did seem confused when I’d introduced myself.

“Chris you are acting weird you sure everything is ok?”

“Yeah I just need a second.”

I did need some time to ponder what he’d just said. I don’t remember meeting her, I couldn’t have forgotten a girl like that I mean, she is beautiful. I separated myself until the camera turned on by itself. I looked down to the image on it and felt my heart sink. It was a picture of Alexis again, she was standing there with a smile on her face but the frightening part was the girl several feet away from her. I looked up and across the parade from me was the image from the picture. Alexis standing there stunning as ever, the girl in the red dress and fine black hair walking towards her. It was like slow motion the confetti falling near the girl, once a sign of hope and beauty now stolen of its gentle beauty. Dazzling colors turned grey as they reached her body seeming to burn up by her presence alone.

Closer and closer, her body closed the distance she couldn’t have been more than 2 steps away when a float crossed in between us. The screams was loud and caused my skin to crawl I felt my stomach sink. It felt like if my stomach sank anymore it would be on the sidewalk. The float passed all the way across, she was gone, not the little girl, well she was too but Alexis, vanished in an instant.

“Were you looking for her Chris?”

Surely my gut was on the ground, the voice taunting me like the demonic succubus she had proven herself to be. “I have her now, try to find her I dare you.”

I spun on my heels to look for her. I haven’t seen her since, but when my family came to talk to me telling me it we were leaving. This sound echoed when they spoke, it sounded like the wailing of a thousand souls. I ignored it but it’s been getting worse and even now I can hardly hear anything other than their panicked moans. I need to find Alexis, my goal is clear now I need to act on it.

April 3rdEdit

I haven’t been on here in a little time, can you blame me? Alexis is gone, I can’t get in contact with her anywhere. The demon had left me alone, leaving me to my self inflicted torment at not being able to help her before she was taken. She hasn’t reared her ugly head in almost two weeks… that is until tonight. I was reading about warfare with demonic beings. Clearly I was ill prepared to stop this girl even if I managed to fight her. The house was proof enough. I read up on holy ground warding off the demonic as well as pure metals being able to destroy them permanently. It wasn’t long after that I felt called to go to Cory’s grave, I didn’t suspect anything at the time but now looking back on it, there was a clear reason I was meant to go there.

To be honest when I first arrived in the cemetery it was quiet, the demonic chants that were plaguing my hearing for weeks now were gone. Not a sound other then the leaves crunching beneath my feet. I couldn’t shake this feeling that I was being watched, every step I took seemed to be followed by a separate set of leaves crunching somewhere in the distance but the pattern was chaotic. The sound was from all around as if I were the prey of a pack of wolves slowly moving in for the kill.

I was finally upon his grave when it all seemed to stop, no more eerie feeling plaguing me, no more steps in the distance just silence. As if for just this moment I had found some peace. I sat by his grave for what seemed like hours. I spoke to myself and it helped to be perfectly honest, I hadn’t spoken with him in so long that even the thought that he could hear me was a relief. My peace was broken however. “Why are you here! You shouldn’t be in this place!” I recognized that panicked voice immediately. The owner of the number $@V3^^3. I turned to see her but all I saw was the door of the church slam shut. I sprinted after her through the cemetery the footsteps once more echoing from all around me. If I could make it to the church I would be safe from any demonic presence, perhaps they knew this, perhaps that was why they tried to stop me. Perhaps I shouldn’t believe what I read in books either.

I finally arrived at the door opening it and turning just in time to see those demonic eyes from the cellar once more staring at me from between the tree lines. I watched as they moved closer through the mist rolling in like a parade of the damned manifesting itself before my eyes. They seemed to stop several feet before the steps to the porch wailing. It seemed clear that they could come no closer. I felt a calm wash over me. Disrupted by a noise behind me and what looked like a short girl sprinting past some of the pews into the confessional. “Wait!” I yelled after her but she didn’t respond. I approached the confessional and tried to go on.

“Go on the other side please.” Her voice was trembling so I didn’t try to argue I simply followed her directions. “You shouldn’t be here Chris, this is what she wants for you.”

“How do you know so much about all of this who are you both?” I could barely see her outline through the screen dividing the two. “I can’t tell you or I become obsolete. Just trust me and don’t try to kill her. Just walk out that front door, go home and sleep. Pray and sleep.” She was a ruse this whole time, implemented to trick me? I couldn’t believe this she had seemed like she was on my side!

“Don’t kill her? Go outside!” I yelled at her.

“Are you feeding me to the demons as some cruel joke! Protecting her!”

“You don’t understand Chris please trust me!” I was livid I left the confessional and swung her side open.

It was empty. “Stop this and just let her go! Let all of this go before it’s to late!” I couldn’t find the source of her voice but I knew she was nearby. “Why would I trust you! You were telling me to protect Alexis, to save her and now to let the one who kidnapped her go free.” I made up my mind on the spot I wasn’t going to listen to this traitorous beast anymore. If she chooses to align with the girl in red then so be it. “Chris don’t think like that! Just go home and sleep please! Trust me!” Her voice rang out in my ears once more but weaker much weaker. “You won’t save her if you shut me out please!” weaker and weaker almost vanished now her panicked screams barely audible. The last thing she said that I could hear was “lost him.” I don’t know what it meant.

I opened the door seeing if leaving was possible but no they were still there waiting. I closed the door leaving a small crack open to keep my eyes on the beasts if they were so intent on keeping eyes on me. My eyes were heavy and the more I looked at them the more tired I became. Fighting to stay awake did little. The hypnotic dance of the alter candles did little to help. I finally couldn’t keep my eyes open and finally blacked out.

“Stay away from her! Do you hear me? I am not messing around anymore! Your fascination is just sick! I will keep her safe.” Cory’s voice echoed in my head, the words were angry and direct, it only then occurred to me that, she had to have been targeting him long before I saw the effects she was causing. Cory was by no means a weak man he would have endured her at least as long as I have. How did I not notice this?” “I will go to the police if you don’t stop!” The voice echoed again. I still don’t understand this comment however and any insight would be greatly appreciated. I can’t for the life of me figure out why he would call the police to deal with her. They would think he was insane, that’s the reason I haven’t done so myself.

“Cory, you aren’t going to do shit and you know it.” Those were the words that sent chills down my spine, they were familiar, but the owner of that voice… it wasn’t the girl, in fact it wasn’t a girl. Do you know when you hear a voice that sounds so familiar that the persons face is on the edge of your mind but you can’t quite put a finger on it? Well that is the feeling I still have, there is another player in this story. I don’t know who he is, but I know him. “What do you need, I am writing right now.” Cory’s voice echoed in scorn before his muffled screams rang out in each ear and I woke up.

I rubbed my eyes and looked around, everything was the same, the candles still provided the only light in the room flickering gently. I rubbed my eyes wondering how long I’d been asleep. I pulled out my phone which was clearly broken, I am pretty sure even military time doesn’t go to 1866 as the time. I thought about switching my clock back when I heard the door creak open. There was no wind that I could feel but the candles blew out none-the-less. One fell from its stand and rolled into the isle. It is an odd feeling when light is stolen from you, it is a strange feeling when a door opens by itself, yet it is a stranger feeling still as the object of your fear is walking towards you where you feel protected.

“Well, well, well. I told you not to talk to her Chris.” The witch smirked at me as she approached the porch of the church. “Maybe you will listen to me from now on.” Her foot took its first step up the stairs. I couldn’t help but step back slowly, she matched each of my steps back with a step of her own until she had entered the hallowed grounds I called safe. I stammered as she came closer to me walking past pew after pew. “You thought this was safe? Holy ground? You believed that shit? You must really be banking on the fact that I am a demon aren’t you.” I was desperate and lost, I pulled out a bible in one of the pews and held it up as if that would provide me with some safety. I lost my footing on a candle and fell on my back quickly looking back to her. But she was gone no sign of her anywhere.

“Stand on your feet Chris.” I turned around but the sight was, not what I was expecting I couldn’t help but throw up on the spot. The girl from the phone the first time I’d seen her clearly. I wouldn’t call it clear though, she was coated in blood that stained her white dress. She coughed at the knees of the girl in the red dress. “Please just leave. Turn now and leave Chris.” Her body tensed as her pale skin was coated in the same black veins that had formed on my arms in the basement of the house. She screamed as she fell and writhed on the ground twisting as her white dress was stained a deeper and deeper red until finally the screams stopped. The writhing stopped, everything stopped. Time itself seemed to stop, I couldn’t move my brain however worked at a mile a minute racing at what I had just seen. Then she took her step then another and another, closer and closer through this frozen world as all light seemed to fade. All light other than that shining through the stained glass windows, the floor was unseen other then the windows pattern creating stepping stones of light towards me.

As she passed each windows light the glass shattered quenching the light in darkness. I was still unable to move, watching as window after window blacked out.  “I hoped you’d come here to be honest. Where better to break your spirits then in a place you deemed safe.” She was close enough I could feel her breath on my face. Her hand slowly reaching towards me stroking my cheek. I felt my fingers twitched as the feeling in my body slowly returned. “I can’t wait for you to try and find her. It will be so exciting.” She grinned softly my hand reaching onto the desk behind me. She seemed distracted enough to not notice. I thank God for this the first thing I grabbed I swung. She lurched back as the silver letter opener made contact with her. For the first time I can recall she didn’t look smug. She glared but I could see it a hint of worry looking at the knife. “I dare you to come at me again, you will end up like her.” She pointed to the girl who was nearly impossible to make out in the pitch black church. “Although getting home is the goal of today, let’s see how you do?” With that comment the last window shattered blacking out the room I slowly stood, the letter opener in hand.

Thousands of growls erupted from around the room as the eyes began forming in the darkness. They seemed to be migrating towards the door trying to seal off my exit. I sprinted forward the moans an growls growing louder and louder. I could feel these things lunging towards me missing no more than an inch. I jumped down the steps in a single jump bursting through the fog that had shrouded the whole visible world. Faster and faster I sprinted the beasts still nipping at my heels. Black figures flew through the fog like screaming faces moaning loudly. I tried to avoid them as best I could, each that I failed to dodge struck me with a burning sting. First my right knee, my jeans tore and the surface of my sin scraped off. Then the left like a hammer slamming into me. Shadowed arms stretched out scratching my flesh and tearing my clothes over and over. I was nearing the gate out of the cemetery when one of the arms grabbed my hair wrenching me to the ground. It seemed to let go as I crawled to the gate and finally was out.

My arms still have the scratches and my knees still scratched up. I have a bruise the size of a baseball on my left knee. But I am happy, the first time in I don’t know how long I am actually happy. I have a way to stop her all I need is this letter opener and I stand a chance. I need to find Alexis and then I can save her and end the demon. I hope to write soon with good news… but if you don’t hear from me I am afraid of what that could entail.


I’m laughing! I am actually laughing for the first time in months… and it’s at the fact that I failed. Or should I say succeeded? It’s hard to tell to be honest. It’s difficult to write this on my phone and the deafening sound of sirens makes it hard to focus so pardon me for any errors on my part. I will try to tell you all now the events that have just happened.

I know how I got here but in order for you to understand you must first know that when I arrived in this building I had no idea where it was and I still am unsure what day it is, the last thing I remember is running from the church. The first thing I remember is awakening in the room of the burning candles. There were well over a hundred of them scattered around the room which was helpful considering there was no light. My arms dripped blood to the floor as I stood the runes once more carved into my flesh. I felt no pain though it was the strangest thing. I was in a house I didn’t recognize but as I walked I could hear the crunching glass beneath my feet. Several picture frames lay on the ground I didn’t pay much attention to them at the time though.

I left the room into a entryway with a tall spiral staircase going up and a stairway to what looked like a basement. I tried the front door first but was met with an incessant click as I tried to turn the locked door handle. There was no key, I could unlock the deadbolt but not the keyhole and so I was stuck. I couldn’t tell what time it was but it was clearly night time as no light shined through the windows.  I picked up one of the candles from the room before and then descended down the stairs. I reached the bottom as the door behind me slammed shut I spun on my heels to look up.

“I am glad to see you awake Chris. It was awfully lonely waiting for you here.” The wooden step creaked as she took a step forward once more we were in the dance of her progression and my regression. I reached the bottom as my nose was assaulted with a metallic scent that made me sick to the stomach. I used the candles light to reveal the crimson pool formed around my feet. “Do you know how many lives have been lost in your silly little game?” I followed the blood to its source as the girl in the once white dress hung by her arms blood dripping from her feet.

Her pale skin riddled in black veins yet she remained motionless. “Stay away from her! I will keep her safe!” Cory’s voice rang out in my head I dropped the candle and fell to my knees as my hands gripped the side of my head as his voice repeated over and over in my head. My pants were soaked in blood as my attention was once more taken to horror. Cory in the same form as the girl, hanging from the ceiling by his arms, blood dripping from his wrists and feet.

“Look at everything you’ve lost for this one accomplishment.” I was afraid to look as my attention felt pulled towards one last direction. I couldn’t stop myself though as I looked, my heart sinking  as Alexis hung like the other two, lifeless however unlike the others she had no blood dripping from her flesh. No veins of corruption pressing forward she looked, almost peaceful.

“Why do you keep talking about what I’ve lost? What I’ve done?” She closed her eyes and shook her head as she approached me. She kneeled down close to me her eyes flickering with evil intent as her face came closer and closer to my own.

“You still don’t get it do you?” I hadn’t gone anywhere without the letter opener since I’d discovered its usefulness, her being this close was exactly why. I swung at her which she dodged laughing. She vanished and with her the light seemed to vanish as well. Nothing but darkness and the incessant dripping of blood echoing of the walls.

“Chris please leave now before it’s too late forget about this place.” The little girl who’d deceived me so long whispered to me weakly as her defeated eyes looked through her hair. I looked at the letter opener and walked forward closer to her. I wanted to see its effectiveness first hand! I slashed the blade splitting her teardrop with as well as her throat in an instant.

“Alexis is who I am here for, I am not leaving.” The feeling was odd as I spoke to her, I knew she could not hear her but something about the sight before me intrigued me. The door at the top of the stairs creaked open. I turned wading through the blood to the steps ignoring the hands clawing at my legs. The thousands of souls moaning and reaching for me, trying to pull me to the depths with them. As I got through the door to the entryway again I heard footsteps running upstairs and followed. I followed her fast, I had my weapon to kill her, I was going to finish this today. I reached the top of the stairs, the narrow hallway went left and right both quickly rounding a corner. I heard a giggle like children laughing as a torrent of footsteps echoed from both halls. Footprints of blood formed before my eyes as they ran down both sides.

I followed the steps to the right, and was met with a hallway that seemed longer then should be possible. It was devoid of doors or windows and lined with lights with dark purple and blue shades. It was calming but intimidating as the alternating colors made the hallway appear to warp and twist. I walked down into the endless hall the darkness like a beast consuming the earth. I was halfway through the hallway. The lights shut off with an audible pop as I froze. A loud moan melted my resolve as the lights flicked back on. At the farthest visible stretch of the hallway a black human like figure stood. Once more the lights flicked off with a pop before instantly relighting the figure now much closer with two more. A third time I was left in the darkness to await the next happening. The three were now much closer and I could clearly make out their rotting flesh as if they’d been locked up and dehydrated to the point that their flesh was brown and wrinkled. At least three more climbing on the ceiling jaws hanging down and disjointed. Their eyes non-existent, black sockets being the only indication they’d been there before. Once more the lights blacked out as I prepared myself for the worst. The lights came on and I couldn’t believe my eyes, there was nothing. I took a step forward, then another just to be sure they were really gone.

My heart sunk as a dreaded roar echoed through the air I froze as a harsh pressure pounded my stomach forcing me to the wall. They were like wild lions roars clawing at me but I could see nothing! Another roar rang out as my legs were knocked out from under me like a baseball bat to my knees. I felt the tear at my leg as I was being dragged down the hallway. I kicked back hitting nothing but I felt whatever gripped me release and stood and ran. The lights popped and shattered as I passed each. The roars intensifying as I got further. I saw a door at the end of the hall finally as the roars became too intense. My hand reached out as a force hammered into my back launching me into the room. I walked into the room flicking on the lights, it was a simple bedroom. The desk had a notebook that caught my attention however. “I feel like someone is watching me, like they are following me wherever I go. It’s really scaring me I am not used to this intense paranoia I am feeling.” I flipped through more pages all the same, someone watching this person or at least the feeling that someone was watching them.

My vision seemed to grey as a static like noise echoed through the room. “GET OUT OF MY ROOM!” a voice yelled as the static persisted. I turned to find its source and finally stopped on the bed. The red cloth drapes hung down from all sides but I could make out a person who wasn’t there before. It was a women probably mid twenties, pale flesh and dark rings beneath her eyes. Her jaw was slack as she swayed back and forth. Her hand rose slowly pointing towards the mirror. I was hesitant but turned around slowly. The mirror revealed that which I could not see with my eyes, the beasts from the hall limply hanging suspended in thin air. The girl from the beds head twisting to the with a crack. All of the demons in unison turned slowly looking at me as they laid eyes on me they screamed like a banshee shattering the mirror.

“Hello! Is somebody in here?” I heard the demon speak and left the room. I arrived back where I had started the top of the stairs, no sign of the girl but her voice remained. “Who is here?” the footprints of blood were nowhere to be seen. I looked down the stairs to see the demon standing there at the entrance waiting. I readied the blade preparing myself as I took the first step down. The stairs creaking beneath my weight. The witch looking side to side for some reason her behavior was odd. “Is that…” She said upon seeing me her expression one of confusion. “Chris? Is that you?”

I ignored the rambling stepping forward. She took a step back, I have to admit being the one in power this time is exhilarating. I stepped closer my grin widening into something demonic and sinister. “Chris what is that look, your scaring me.” I raised the dagger as her back hit the door I placed one hand on her neck and plunged the letter opener in her chest. She convulsed in shock as blood spilled from her chest. As I shattered the demons life my illusion shattered as well. Those beautiful brown eyes, and gorgeous brown hair dulling as Alexis dropped to the ground. I stepped back in shock but only for a moment as the thoughts flooded my mind. The obsession of Alexis I’d had, the moment Cory realized it. The night he confronted me and not long after the day he wrote that letter threatening me to turn myself in.

The look on his face as the rag covered his mouth blacking him out. The symbols of death I’d carved into his arms. The thrill of watching his life vanish and the thrill I sought to see on Alexis’s face as she fell. It all fell into place, the girl in red, everything she had done was pushing me here, she was my obsession, she was my darkness. Whether real or not I still can’t decide. If the girl in red was darkness then the little girl was something else, She was trying to keep me away from the girl in red, she thought my obsession was wrong. She was the lesser part of me, the hesitation, the weakness. It sounds like they will be breaking down the door soon, I guess a neighbor must have heard me running around in here and called the cops.

Her hair is so nice between my fingers, almost as nice as the cold flesh of her cheek. It’s funny how her eyes are so empty, I feel like she is my little doll, exactly the way she should be, lifeless, pure, stained with blood. They want to take her from me, they don’t like me having my dolls. I have loved Alexis so long as soon as I saw her I knew she would be great for my collection. I must leave now though, I have to start looking for my next toy.

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