Reaper MegaMan

This story takes place about 9 years ago; if you believe some of these events in this story to be true or not is up to you. I did make up most of it, but which ones I didn't you'll half to find out. Hahahahahaha!!! Enjoy =P

I was studying for a math test one night; it was around 7 when I heard the phone ringing, I heard my mom calling me down stairs telling me my friend was on the other line. He told me that he just got back from GameLand with a copy of MegaMan Battle Net 4 Blue Moon, and he wanted to tell me all about it. I know he was excited about the game and everything, but I was kinda tired and I wanted to focus on my homework before 9:30, so I told he should come bring the game over tomorrow after school.

The next day; school ended early on the count of summer was 2 days away, me and my friend headed over to my parents’ house to play some games on my GameCube. I had a game boy player but I wanted us to play some Kirby’s air ride for a little while, but my friend insisted on showing me the effects from the cheat codes he found for MegaMan Battle Net 4.

Now my friend recently started getting into the battle network series about a year ago since he played the first 3 instalment which I personally don’t really have anything against; it’s just that I never really gotten into any of the battle net games long enough because the beginning felt so drawn out and boring to me before I even got to the actual game play.

Granted that’s probably because I started with the side scrolling plat formers, but I didn’t want to hurt his feelings by saying something like I prefer the gaming styles of the original MegaMan and MegaMan X series games of battle net.

But my friend was more interested in cheat codes ever since his older brother taught him the 30 lives code on the classic [NES] Contra and since then, he wanted to know more about them.

He would often go to a site called [cheat] and try out the many different codes for each game he had. I decided to let him play first for a little while and to give battle network a second chance, at first I wasn’t too thrilled seeing MegaMan in an over world perspective until I saw the random encounter system and the battle phase sequins, the whole RPG aspect of the game quickly changed mind, and I wanted to try a couple of battles. After he saved the game; gave me a shot at trying out a few battles as well, I wasn’t very good at it but he walked me through the game’s basics battle phase of killing viruses, using battle chips and how to get the best scores after a battle.

I had a lot of fun and we ended up losing track of time playing battle network 4 the rest of the day.

About a week later I got a call from my friend telling me he found a rare exclusive cheat code at this one gaming site he found, the code was supposed to activate some deleted cut scenes and a beta dark chip merchant that should have been completely removed.

He wanted to show me after he had a chance to try it out for a few days, after that I haven’t heard from him in about a month.

It’s not the first time he spent playing a game for long periods of time; but still even then he would call occasionally, I couldn’t help thinking it was kinda odd that he didn’t try to call or anything and I was starting to get worried the more I thought about it.

I’ve decided to go over to his house and find out what was going on; I knocked on the door and his mom came out instead, I started to ask if he was home when I saw her wiping tears from face. I was a little afraid to ask why she was crying and sure enough she told me she got back from the hospital after visiting him in intensive care, I jumped back on my bike and rushed back home, I panicky asked my mom to take me to the hospital to visit my friend, she grabbed her keys and we drove over there as quickly as possible.

I went to the room he was staying in; it was worst then I could have ever imagine, he had stiches on most parts of his body and he was hooked up to life support. The doctor said they found him lying on the floor unconscious with deep scars all over his body, but they managed to get him here just in time but his vital signs were still pretty weak. I sat next to my friend for what seemed like hours as I talked to him hoping in some way he could still hear me, he finally opened his eyes but he looked at me with this level of fear I’ve never seen him express before. He kept saying “he’s coming to kill me” over and over again until his vital sign started to crash, that when the doctors came rushing in and said I had to go back home while they tried to stabilize him.

I was terrified I was going to lose my best friend; I had to find out what did this to him, I decided to go over to his house the next day and see if I could find something.

I asked his mom if I could go to his room and she allowed me to go through, I looked all over his room until I saw his DS lite on the floor smashed and broken to the point where it’s unplayable with the copy of battle network 4 inside still in near perfected condition somehow next to 4 torn pieces of paper.

The paper pieces looked like they had some weighting on both sides; I grabbed the game and the pieces of paper and headed home.

I went to my room and took some tap to put the paper pieces together; there were 8 numbers and something written on the back of the paper that read the ultimate dark chip.

I wanted to know, if this was the exclusive cheat code he was talking about, why would he tear up something like this and break his DS lite? It’s not like him to do something like this for no reason; the only way I’d know for sure was to try it myself.

I put the game in my Gameboy player and saw the option to pick new game or continue, I selected continue and the game started me in Higsby’s store in front of NumberMan’s lotto code machine.

I inputted the codes and a text box appeared with a [?] indicating a mystery character telling me to go check out the UnderNet and look for the net merchant, I explored the UnderNet for quite a while talking every merchant I ran into, but each one I talked to said they ran out of stock.

I was beginning to think this game was messing with me and with all the viruses I kept running into added to my increasing frustration , I was about to give up and call it a night when I saw a net merchant that looked kinda odd like an unfinished or half deleted sprite character.

I didn’t want to go straight up to it because I was afraid it was gonna crash the game or something so I saved first before talking to it; the music cut off suddenly and a text box appeared with a mangled character image saying “You looking for the strongest chip ever created?” and the store selection menu appeared. The only thing he had to sell was an item called [Reaper Scythe D] for 80,000 Zennies, I pressed the R button to know what exactly this item was and It said “Guaranteed to kill all foes from any space in 1 hit”.

Luckily my friend had saved up more than enough zennies to afford it; but the item itself looked really creepy, the image showed a grim reaper holding a crimson colored scythe while draining the life out of MegaMan, but the way MegaMan looked in that image was especially creepy. His armor was a very faded color; half of his lower body was disappearing into date bits like he was being deleted and tears was running down his lifeless colored face.

I hesitated to get this dark chip at first just because of how creepy it looked alone, but I was strangely curious to know why this item was such a big deal and to see what it can do in a battle.

I bought the item and the UnderNet area started shaking for a while followed by that creepy Dracky’s Mansion theme, a text back appeared with that same mystery image [?] again saying “in your possession you hold a forbidden power, don’t take it lightly for it comes with a heavy price, if you don’t heed my warnings, I will come to collect.” Then the game froze for a little while.

I thought the game broke and I was about to reset the game when the screen flickered for a few secants then it stopped and faded to a scene of Lan waking up out of bed to the sound of his PET going off.

A text box with a scared looking MegaMan appeared and the following discussion took place;

[MegaMan] Lan, how could you?

[Lan] huh? What are you talking? What did I do?

[MegaMan] You of all people should know how dangerous dark chips are, getting the reaper scythe dark chip was a bad idea and we don’t know how badly it will affect me.

[Lan] I don’t even remember getting this, but I’m not planning on using it anytime soon, besides do you really think this dark chip is much more dangerous than any other dark chip?

[MegaMan] Maybe, I get the feeling there’s something more to this then just another dark chip, it feels more ominous then any of the dark chips we came across Lan.

[Lan] I know what you mean; I get chills just looking at it.

[MegaMan] Lan I want you to promos me you’ll never use this chip and that goes double for you.

As I read that last bit of text, I sorta felt uneasy reading it, “did MegaMan really talked to me just now?” I thought for a moment “naaaaw, It’s probably some error in translation or something” as I brushed it off.

But as sure as I pressed the A button, MegaMan said “Yes you, the player holding the GameCube controller, I don’t want the same thing happening to you like your friend so I’m giving you the same warning I gave him.”

I freaked out, dropped the controller on the floor and ran out the room too my parents screaming; I told them the game was talking to me and as you would expect any typical parent reaction, they thought I made it up as they said I was using my imagination to get some attention and that I should take a break from playing video games for a while.

My parents turn the TV off and told me to go ride my bike for a little while; it hurt me that they didn’t believe me, but looking back at it I thought maybe I was over reacting and was just stressed out.

I went back to my room about an hour later and saw the light of my GameCube was still on; “my parents mustn’t have notes my GameCube was still on” I thought to myself as I was about to turn it off, but I was kinda curious to see if that text was still there so I turned on the TV and saw it was gone, but Lan was still standing in the middle of the room.

I thought maybe I’ll play a bit more before turning it off as I saved the game and had Lan go over to his PC and jack MegaMan to the net; I had MegaMan wondering all over ACDC area’s 1 2 and 3 trying to get some practice with the combat style of the game so I can get good enough to do more exploring around cyber world.

I must half been playing for a couple of hours because when I looked at the clock it was around 10:00, I thought I get a few more battles in before going to bed and I logged MegaMan out and jacked him back in to look for more green mystery data.

I was exploring ACDC area3 a few times over when MegaMan stopped and stood in place for a brief moment before screen faded to white like another random battle encounter, but the music was different and this orange and yellow character with 2 large needles for arms appeared, he had 1000 HP over his head and I figured he must be a boss.

It took me a moment to quickly realize the character was a battle net version of SparkMan, I was quite surprised to randomly encounter a boss in the middle of an ordinary place like the ACDC area, I figure I tried to use what I know so far and try to beat him and call it a night.

But as soon as the battle started, SparkMan started moving all over his area launching attacks everywhere.

Since he was the first boss I faced on this game; I wasn’t familiar with his movement patterns and he kept hitting me with attack after attack, every time I used a battle chip he would move right when I used it and miss him completely.

I got pretty angry getting beat by SparkMan, my HP was pretty low while I barely got any hits on SparkMan.

I looked at the top left screen and saw MegaMan’s facial synchronizer had an upset expression with a dark yellow background, when the custom gauge filled up I saw 2 additional chips appear in the remaining blank spaces, these chips were dark recovery 1000 and dark sword 400.

I went over to one of those Dark Chips and the screen got darker with this creepy sound that kept looping, I went back to one of the regular battle chips and the screen went back to normal, I was kinda interested in those dark chips, but I didn’t want to miss and end up waiting one of them.

Before I knew it, I used up every normal battle chip I had and still barely took away any HP from SparkMan; I only had 1 HP left and my only option was to use those dark chips, but this time the those dark chips were both Reaper Scythe D.

Looking at the image again made me feel a bit nervous and scared, I really didn’t want to use that thing but I didn’t have any other option left because I didn’t get a chance to save the game, plus SparkMan really annoying me and I wanted to take him out in one hit.

As soon as I selected one of those dark chips, I heard a loud buzzing nose coming from my GameCube and the game started to lag a bit as the screen turn darker for a short while.

MegaMan began to levitate off the ground and these dark purple orbs of light started too appear all around him as he started struggling to break free, the first orb entered MegaMan’s chest symbol and he let out a yell of agony that made me cringe just hearing him suffer through my TV speakers.

The rest of those orbs entered his body one by one as MegaMan continued to cry out in pain until there were no more left and the color of his armor turned black.

Looking at MegaMan’s facial synchronizer now, I saw the most evil and sinister looking expression I have ever seen, he had pitch black eyes with glowing red pupils and a pure white face.

Those eyes were staring right at me with that freighting grin. SparkMan was still attacking and I started pressing the D pad in every direction but MegaMan wouldn’t move; he just stood there in the center of his area as the attacks didn’t seem to faze him.

I pressed the A button and for a brief moment his hand turned into a black scythe with a dark bluish purple glow around it; he did a sward swinging animation and it covered the entire enemy side, then the screen froze for a while, I thought the game broke so I pressed the Z button to restart the game boy player, but the screen started spazzing out a couple of times.

I started to go over and turn the GameCube off; when I heard something sounding like meat getting brutally pierced, shortly after that, this creepy distorted music started playing. I couldn’t make out what it was at first because it was playing at a slowed pace and the pitch was a bit low, but sure enough I recognized it as Dracky’s mansion theme in reverse.

The screen started spazzing out at a rapid pace before the music suddenly cut off, and a gruesome image of SparkMan appears; it showed his needle like arms ripped out of there joints and jammed down his eye sockets all the way threw the other side of his skull, I was tarrifide and a little nauseous looking at that image, it eventually fading to black and the screen went back to the ACDC area3’s over world. MegaMan was on his hands and knees as his body was surrounded by a dark purple aura with a glowing white orb orbiting around him and a text box appeared with an image of a very upset Lan.

[Lan] MegaMan? MegaMan! What happed? Are you ok? ANSWER ME MEGAMAN!!

[MegaMan] …

[Lan] MegaMan pleases… Don’t die on me; I don’t know what I’d do without you. MegaMan… MEGA MAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!!!

Reading that text made me think about my friend in the hospital and I started feeling a mixture of fear and sadness, I couldn’t take the emotional tension from the cut scene anymore, so I went over to the and yanked the plugs out of the wall sockets and went to bed.

As I laid in bed, I couldn’t go to sleep right away, I started looking around my pitch dark room with nothing but the sound of silence looming over the darkness, I started feeling paranoid thinking someone else was in my room watching me. I began hearing that creepy reverse Dracky theme playing in my head as I grew more unsettled then I. I stayed up around mid-night with my fears getting the better of me, I grabbed my remote so I could watch a little TV to calm myself enough to get some sleep, but TV wouldn’t come on, I soon remembered the TV was unplugged, I was too scared to move, I hid my head under my covers and closed my eyes until I fell asleep.

I dreamt I was at the hospital in the room were my friend is; I was relieved to see he was still alive resting in bed, everything was fine until I heard that same deep voice from the UnderNet. He said “you should have heeded my warnings, now you’ll pay the price” just before my friend started screaming in agony, his stiches were breaking as something appeared to be stretching his wounds wide apart. I panicked and I started shouted as loudly as I could for someone to come and help him, but nobody came as I continued crying out for anyone to hurry and help.

Soon after, I heard his vitals crashing; I could literally feel the tears running down the sides of my face as I watched his life slipping away, shortly after that I heard a deep chuckling voice coming from the other side of the room, I looked over where it was coming from and saw the dark figure beginning to manifest itself next to my friend, I shouted “GET THE HELL AWAY FROM HIM!! LEAVE HIM ALONE!!” as it raised its hand over his lifeless body and a white glowing orb appeared out of his body.

All I could do was watch as I stood frozen in fear, I started hearing my friend’s faint voice speaking; “Please help me, it’s so cold and dark here, and I’m scared, I don’t want to go, I’m afraid to die.” The dark figure instantly appeared right in front of me and said “I’ll be collecting your soul soon enough” then it reached out and grabbed my throat and I woke up screaming with my hands somehow around my neck.

I’ve never felt so afraid of a nightmare in my whole life; my face still wet with fresh tears, I heard my parents running towards my room as they came rushing in shortly after, “What’s the matter? We heard you screaming, are you ok?” they asked as I started to wipe the tears from my eyes, I told them about that nightmare and how afraid I was about something bad happening to my friend.

But just like before, they brushed it off like I was over reacting over some silly little dream just to get more attention, I was so angry that they couldn’t see how I was clearly feeling, the only other time I needed them the most and they treat it like some kind of joke, but my mom told me she would take me over to the hospital next week on her day.

I went over to the window to get some fresh air as I looked down the street; sometimes I would get this feeling my friend would be coming down that street any moment, I guess those kinds of feelings are to be expected when your best friend’s in a hospital bed for so long.

After a week passed; me and my mom went over to the hospital, we were going through the entrance when I saw my friend’s mom being escorted by 2 doctors as she was crying heavily looking like an emotional wreck, I feared the worst and ran to his room as fast as I could, when I got there, the nurse was changing the sheets on an empty bed where my friend use to be.

“Where’s my friend?” I asked and the nurse replied that he’s gone; I was slightly traumatized by her answer as I wasn’t sure what she meant, I asked “what do you mean by gone!?” as I started to get upset, that’s when the doctor came in with a sad look on his face, “I’m sorry to tell you this, but a few of nights ago your friend past away. His vital signs suddenly crashed, we did all that we could for him, I’m truly sorry for your loss”.

After hearing my best friend was dead, I was in a state of shock as I felt mixed feeling of sadness, anger and depression, I hear my mom trying to confer me as she gave me a hug and said how sorry she was, then she took my hand and walked me over to the car an went back home.

2 months passed since the death of my friend, my parents would check on me more often now to make sure I was doing alright and I would always respond with “I’m fine” as I sometimes find myself wondering “were was there concern back when I needed it?”, even though my parents were there now, I still felt alone keeping all of my emotions bottled up inside.

One afternoon, my parents had to work overtime at they’re jobs, they told me they were gonna be coming home much late, they gave me the phone numbers of their jobs in case something happened then they went to get dressed and left a little while later.

I went over to the window and watched their cars go in opposed directions to their jobs as I looked down at the street where me and my friend use to take getting here, looking at it now fills me with depression knowing that his gone forever. I sat back down at the foot of my bed; I looked over at my GameCube with the copy of MegaMan Battle Net 4 still inside the game boy player slot, I suddenly had this feeling to play it again, maybe it was to ease my grieving heart or the fact it was the last game him and I shared when he was alive.

I turned on the Gameboy player and selected continue; it started me in Lan’s room with his dad standing next his son’s bed while he awoken;

[Dad] Morning Lan.

[Lan] Dad! ... How’s MegaMan? Will he be ok?

[Dad] His fine for now, but that dark chip has corrupted his programming in a way I’ve never seen before, I managed to isolate the effects temporally to prevent it from spreading any further, but without a permanent cure I’m afraid the effects of the dark chip will change him completely.

[Lan] Noooo!!! Dad, isn’t there anything you can do to cure MegaMan!?

[Dad] I don’t know Lan; I’ve done all I could for him but I’ve never seen this kinda of corruption, you should probably avoid net battling, otherwise that dark chip could activate again and you’ll end up losing the MegaMan you know for good.”

His dad left the room and Lan tried calling out MegaMan a couple of times, after a while MegaMan finally started to talk, slowly calling out to Lan.

[Lan] MegaMan, you had me worried sick, how are you feeling?

[MegaMan] I feel kinda strange, but I’m still ok to do some virus busting.

[Lan] Hold on, dad said there isn’t a cure for what’s infecting you, if you take critical damage and that dark chip activates again, I might lose you forever.

[MegaMan] Don’t worry Lan, we’ve been through worst before, plus I won’t let that happen I promise.

[Lan] Alright then, let’s go!

Lan walked over to his computer and jacked MegaMan to the net; but the game started glitching a couple of times, I thought I saw a sad ghostly face appear the few times it glitched, but I thought I was seeing things.

Soon afterwards, I was sent to Dex’s PC HUD instead of Lan’s; then GutsMan appeared in front of MegaMan in the middle of the area, I walked over to him and another cut scene began,

[GutsMan] Hey MegaMan, Dex just gave me a new updated for my combat program. Let’s battle!! GUTS!!

The option for yes or no came up. I selected no a few times but every time I did, Dex’s would say “Oh com-on Lan, quit being such a scared little cry baby and net battle”.

I wasn’t in the mood to battle him and it really annoyed me that he wouldn’t let me deny his battle, so I selected yes and Dex made another smart remark then the battle began.

I wanted to beat that jerk, but the game didn’t let me set up my folder so I had to battle with chips that caused small amounts of damage.

GutsMan slammed his hammer on to the ground; cracking my whole battle area, preventing me from moving while he threw his fists at me putting my HP close to near death. There wasn’t much I could do except wait for the custom gauge to fill up, but when the battle chip selection came up, every battle chip was crossed out with black Xs except for the dark chips, I didn’t want to use them after what happened last time, but I didn’t want to lose that battle.

Just like before, both of them were Reaper Scythe; but when I chose one of them, the music cut off and MegaMan was surrounded by that dark purple aura again even though I didn’t active it yet, but despite my better judgment, I used the dark chip anyway and MegaMan did the same attack animation before the screen froze, but little while after that, the screen started blinking rapidly and I heard this loud unnerving sound of a body part getting torn and snapping off all of a sudden that startled me.

Then this graphic image of GutsMan lying on the ground with his jaw ripped off and hi eyes rolled back appeared; the image made me feel kinda sick to my stomach as I thought “I didn’t mean for that to happen, It was an accident” before the screen faded back to Dex’s HUD.

A text box appeared with a crying and upset looking Dex image,

[Dex] Why Lan? I just wanted to have a friendly net battle with you… YOU DIDN’T HALF TO GO OUT AND KILL GUTSMAN LIKE THAT YOU JERK!!

[Lan] Dex, wait! I’m sorry, it was an accident.

[MegaMan] I’m sorry Lan, I blacked out an…

[Lan] I should have never risked jacking you to the net; I’m logging you out now.

As MegaMan was warped from Dex’s PC HUD, I heard this strange noise sounding like my disk was getting scratched coming from my GameCube before MegMan was redirected into Yai’s PC HUD.

Glide shortly appeared and the text back came up with his face looking quite disturbed,

[Glide] MegaMan! Ms Yai heard a commotion over at Dex’s house, has something happened over there?

[MegaMan] …

[Glide] What’s the matter? Is something wrong?

MegaMan looked like he was in some kind of trance and the colors of his sprite began turning dark, he then started shooting at Glide and Yai screamed as her Navi was being killed.

[Yai] Lan! what are you doing to Glide!!! Stop it! GET HIM OUT OF HERE!!

[Lan] MegaMan Stop it!! Log out now!

But he continued firing until Glide collapsed on the ground. I started tearing up as Yai calls out to her net navi, but he didn’t reply back as the image displayed Glide’s dead expression in the text box.

Yai’s was crying dramatically as she started blaming Lan and MegaMan for the death of Glide. “


[Lan] Yai I’m sorry! Damn it MegaMan! Why didn’t you lesson to me?! Why did you kill Glide?!

[MegaMan] Wha? Noo! I didn’t mean to I swear!! I couldn’t control myself, I’m so sorry Lan.

[Lan] no MegaMan, This is all his fault.

The screen cuts back to Lan’s room, him was standing in the middle facing towards me.

[Lan] Why are you doing this to MegaMan? He’s my best friend and you forced him to use that dark chip even after he clearly warned you. I’m begging you to stop before you end up you’re your friend.

I dropped the controller on the floor as I stared at the screen in disbelief; it was clearly alive telling me not to continue, but it seemed too crazy to be true, at any cost I didn’t want to play this game anymore so I went to go pull the plugs out of the wall again, but the cords were really hot for some reason and I burned my hand. It was like the game didn’t want to be turned off, I tried to leave but the door was stuck and I couldn’t get out.

I was trapped and scared with no way out; I saw the text box appear on screen, but I didn’t even touch the controller, I was nowhere near it.

[Lan] MegaMan, I need to log you out before you attack anyone else. I wish we never gotten that dark chip.

[MegaMan] me too Lan, I’m scared of what that dark chip is turning me into.

[Lan] It’s too dangerous to let you roam around the net in your current condition; you might end up deleting another innocent net navi again. I got to log you out right now and shut off the PET until dad gets back.

[MegaMan] …

[Lan] What’s wrong MegaMan? Log out.

[MegaMan] … … … …

[Lan] … MegaMan?

Just then Megaman’s image began to change on the text box and that creepy reverse Dracky’s Mansion theme started playing again. His armor was now a dark lavender color, his face was pure white and he had black eyes with those piercing red pupils and that sinister grin on his face.

“[MegaMan] Not yet Lan, I can still kill the one that used the one responsible for this.

The screen switched back to MegaMan as Lan tries calling him back to his PET; but MegMan ignores it as he warps to the next area.

All I could do was watch as he appeared in Mayl’s PC HUD behind Roll. She turned around and was startled to see MegaMan out of nowhere,

[Roll] Oh Mega, you surprised me. What brings you here?

[MegaMan] I’m not sure; I was about to log off actually when I started felling strange and found myself here.

The screen flashed a few times and Roll fell to her knees like her energy was being drain just from standing near him, I found myself yelling at the screen for Roll to get out of there.

[Roll] what’s going on? I feel kinda strange.

[MegaMan] What’s the matter Roll, not feeling well?

[Lan] MAYL!!

[Mayl] Lan, what’s the matter? Why are you yelling?

[Lan] There’s something wrong with MegaMan, he’s out of control. Log out Roll right now before he deletes her too, HURRY!!

[Mayl] What? Is this some kind of joke? It’s not funny Lan.

[Lan] I’m not kidding! Please Mayl, before you lose Roll like Dex and Mai lost their net Navis.

Just before Mayl could do anything, MegaMan raised his arms strength up and the screen started to flicker a purple static a few times till the HUD turned nearly pitch black.

[Roll] Mega! What’s wrong with you? Why are you doing this?

[MegaMan] So that your operator can’t log you out until one of use dies in this net battle.

When the battle began, the game started me as Roll with 1000 HP this time fighting against MegaMan with 2000 HP; a text box appeared again with Roll’s image having a very frighten expression.

[Roll] Stop this Mega, I don’t want to battle you like this, go back to Lan so he can help you.

[MegaMan] I can’t… hold… back… the dark chip’s… power… any longer, it’s… taking control… over me, you half to… delete me now, it’s the only way...!

The battle chip selection menu came up with the first chip I saw on the screen being a recovery 300; I nervously walked back to the bed and picked up the controller, my heart was pounding rapidly and my hands were shaking as I picked each battle chip carefully. When the first phase started; I soon found out Roll’s basic attacks didn’t have no range, I had to wait for MegaMan to get close enough for it to hit, but his movements where unpredictable and he would use a variety of battle chips one after another and each of them dealt a lot of damage, but fortunately her attack recovers some of her HP every time it hits and I had plenty of recovery battle chips so I was holding my own.

But after phase 2 began, I started having an eerie feeling as I heard the boss theme began to slow in pace; MegaMan had that creepy dark aura surrounding him again, then 2 white glowing orbs appeared orbiting around him, I kept fighting as I used chip after chip trying to keep my HP high and deal some damage to him; but when my custom gauge filled up, my battle chip menu came up by itself, I thought I must have hit the L or R button by accident, I tried to selected them but it wouldn’t let me, then the screen began to twitch and spaz out a few times before it cleared up again, but the battle chips image was drastically  changed to horrid looks, the recovery 300’s image was a human heart, the barrier had and image of a hand sticking out of the ground and the Roll 3’s image was a skeleton with some of its rib cage broken and it’s arms spread out almost like it was meant to be the skeleton of Roll.

When the 3ed battle phase began, the boss music got even slower with the faint sound of a deep voice chuckling in the back ground; I started getting more unnerved as MegaMan’s armor color started changing back to dark lavender and another orb appeared, MegaMan then went to the center of his area and stayed there like he was waiting for the phase to end.

Roll’s normal attack wouldn’t reach beyond 1 square space so I had to use those battle chips; but whenever I tried to use one of them that time, the screen would flash red for a brief moment with a slashing sound and Roll’s HP would drop by 300, I hoped it was only a glitch, I really wished it was, but my battle chips were rendered useless.

When the 4th battle phase started, the boss music cut off entirely and was replaced with the reverse Dracky’s theme as another glowing orb appears; his face now pure white once more with those black and red eyes as his enveloped in the dark aura, a text box appeared with an image of him appearing to be staring at me with that evil grin on his face and those orbs around him.

[MegaMan] Sorry Roll, but I’ve toyed with you long enough. It’s time I added your soul to my collection.

[Roll] I won’t let you! Please Mega, you half to snap out of this! We’re friends, don’t you remember me?

[MegaMan] Hahaha, I would spare you, but then I wouldn’t be doing my job now would I? Good bye… friend.

Once again MegaMan used that scythe and did his attack animation and the screen started to lag before it froze, the image stayed a bit longer than the others before it cut to black, everything was really quite for a while, I could hear my heart beating faster and faster till my chest began to ache as I anticipated the next horrible image.

After like a minute of silence I began to wonder if the game finally stopped working; then I started hearing the sounds of faint constant stabbings getting louder and louder while a girl was screaming in pain followed by her cries of agony and suffering as I could only image what MegaMan was doing to Roll.

I couldn’t take it anymore, I tried turning the TV off but the power button on the remote and the TV itself wouldn’t work and I couldn’t must the sound either; I was afraid to try removing the plug because I didn’t want to get burn again, I closed my eyes tightly and stuck my figures in my ears trying to drown out the sound, but I could still hear it like it was coming from everywhere now, then everything went silent, I laid in my bed curled up thinking one reason for this sudden silence, I was afraid to open my eyes for the fear of my assumption being corrected. I took a deep breath and slowly opened my eyes facing towards the wall, they were lit with the red glow coming from the TV screen, I slowly faced to screen and saw that Roll’s arms and legs where cut off; her had multiple stabs and deep cuts all over her body as she was suspended by that black scythe that’s gone through her back and out her chest with MegaMan standing behind her with that evil frightening grin, her face had the expression of her going into a state of shock looking at the scythe sticking out of her chest as she had tears streamed down her face.

As I watched that horrid image, I could feel her sadness and fear; I looked away even though I stared for a few secants, that Image had left a permanent scar in my memories.

I just sat there hoping it would all go away, my body was trembling with this indescribable fear I thought I was having a panic attack at one point; everything was quite for a while, until I heard that reverse Dracky’s theme playing once more, I was too scared to move from the foot of the bed, “won’t this hellish nightmare ever end?” I thought to myself, I had to see it at some point so I took a deep breath as I slowly raised my head and looked at the screen.

There was MegaMan’s dark character sprite standing in the center of Mayl’s PC HUD world with that dark violet aura emanating from his body and with now 5 glowing white orbs circling around him; the souls of his victims, soon a text box appeared with an image of a very upset Lan.


MegaMan only responded in … with a sickening look of enjoyment in his eyes, Lan kept calling out in angry until MegaMan finally spoke;

[MegaMan] I’m no longer your net navi, my only purpose now is to up tame enough souls required to have a solid form in reality, and I don’t need you anymore.

He raised his hands up and his aura shot up towards the sky, the screen cut to Lan’s spite getting electrocuted before his body collapse dead on the floor, then the screen cut back to MegaMan as another soul orb appeared circling around him.

He then turn to face me with those black and red eyes as he started to be laughing, then the last text back appeared with that image of MegaMan staring at me with that psychotic grin on his face and those souls.

[MegaMan] Hahahahahaha, this is all your fault; I wouldn’t be like this if it wasn’t for your carelessness, now I’ll return the favor by adding your soul to my collection just like I did your friend.

I suddenly heard this loud scrapping and buzzing noise coming from the GameCube like the disk inside was being torn to shreds; as soon as the noise stopped, the TV shut off and the room got dark again with the street lamps outside shining through my window being the only light in the room.

I could still hear that creepy music playing in my head over and over looking at my nearly dark room; I felt like I was being watched as I would see figures appear out of the corner of my eye only to find them to be nothing more but piles of cloths and junk, the room started to feel a bit colder and as I was about to hide under the covers, I heard someone whisper “I’m here” right next to me and I ran towards the light switch, but the lights wouldn’t come on as I kept flipping the switch repeatedly.

I saw something standing on the other side of me room in front of the window; it had a human like shape to it, I knew it wasn’t there before and I started to panic as I ran over to the door again and tried my hardest to open that door.

I pulled as hard as I could but it wouldn’t budge, than I heard that same whisper again coming from behind saying “it’s your turn” as the room got even colder to the point I could see the fog coming from my breath; I suddenly felt an immediate pain down my back which felt like a knife slashed down my spine, I fell to the floor screaming in pain as I started crying for my parents.

I slowly looked up and saw that dark figure standing over me; I backed up against the door as that thing raised one of its arms and swung it in front of me, I yelled again as I felt I felt another scar across my chest, I screamed for help as I started getting dragged towards the middle of the room.

I was hoping it was all just a nightmare that I’ll awake from as I felt a tremendous force pining me to the floor; I felt the pains of those scars on my back and chest as I lied on the floor staring at the ceiling as I felt more tears run down my face, there isn’t a word great enough to describe the level of fear I felt that night, the air above me began to feel colder and heavier to the point where it got harder to breathe.

I saw 9 glowing orbs appear over me one by one as I found myself thing that I was going to die that night; soon that dark figure started to manifest right above me taking the form of what I now call “Reaper MegaMan” as he stares down at me with that same evil grin he had in the game.

I still remember that deep laughter in his voice as he told me I was going to be his 10th soul as the air around me got thicker; I soon started to lose consciousness from the lack of air, the last things that came to my mind was the regrets of not being there for my friend sooner to stop him from ever finding that code and how much I missed him, soon I started hearing sirens in the distance before I passed out.

I awoke to find myself in a hospital bed hooked up to life support almost the same way as my friend; when I heard footsteps, I thought my parents were gonna come through the door, but it turned out to the doctor instead.

He looked at me and said “glad to see you’re finally awake, I thought we lost you for good” as he started examining my condition; he told me when the police found me, I was on the floor barely alive and covered with deep cuts and scars all over my body, the neighbors called the police after they heard me screaming for help, he also told me I’ve been unconscious for almost 4 months.

When I asked if he knew were my parents were, the doctor had a very sad expression on his as he made a deep sigh; that’s when I knew they were dead because the only other time I’ve seen that expression was the day I heard my friend died.

A few weeks later I, I started having these violent hallucinations of seeing Reaper MegaMan trying to take my soul away while I tried to sleep; I would wake up in the middle of the night scream at him to go away, but when I try to show anyone that his standing right in front of me, they thought I was crazy because I would be the only one who could see him.

It got so bad, I accidently attacked one of the doctors; thinking that he was Reaper MegaMan trying to kill me again, and I was moved to a psychiatric hospital for nearly 3 years of therapy just so I could sleep for more than 30 minutes without screaming that he’s going to kill me.

It’s been over 8 years now since then; I’m still taking medication to keep me from see him everywhere I go and 2 pills of Xanax so I can sleep.

About 2 months ago I decided to go to the cemetery where my friend was buried to pay my respects, and so I can talk to someone else other than myself and my psychiatrist; I was about to leave when I noticed the dates on his grave looked kinda familiar.

The dates of when he was born and when he died “1992 - 2004”, then it hit me; those were the exact numbers in the cheat code he found, I know it sounds strange but that code had somehow predicted the year he was going to die.

I spent months looking for the site he found, but I couldn’t find any trace of it anywhere; my whole life has been filled with nothing but loneliness, depression and paranoia as I continue to watch my back fearing that real or hallucination, I know his still out there waiting for me, and eventually he will kill me and add my soul to his collection.