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2 Days ago, a meteoroid crashed into [RETRACTED] bay, Resulting in the deaths of 25 inmates. The asteroid was hollowed out, and inside, Was a single dead person, With a living space, and a DVR tape, Labeled RECORD. @)!. Aka, recording 201. It is now being held at area 51 and 52 simultaneously, via a tedious splitting maneuver. The two fragments can be re-joined, and the recording can be viewed. I stole those 2 pieces, and i'm about to leak the contents. It appears this DVR has NO consideration for space-time.

I also happened to be a avid gamer, with a NES collection. I like it.

^BVVV^ recording 201 ^BVVVVVVVV^

^Camera pans up to a couch and a chair^

Oh, Why hello, My name is kennith.


Excuse me.

^Apparent time cut^

Its one of my more... ExOtIc... Ideas.

^BVVV^ End recording ^BVVV^


Mobius pizza, mmm. Care to try some?

^Camera shakes no.^


You know, due to the complexity of the mobius pizza, this pizza is a pizza that can be eaten, but not topped.

Unless you happen to be a god like me.

^Looks at mobius pizza, which looks like a mobius net, but somehow conformed to be infinite^


One of the weirdest? Hmmmm.... Has to be that H.P Lovecraft is secretly a great old one.

^Faint "Howdy!" Can be heard^

Oh hell no. Be right back.


My worst ideas...


If i had to chose a first-guardian for a sentient planet, it would be... hmm... A bird. Yes. A bird.


Well, me and like, 24 other people won Sburb. Because of reasons, I was in charge of the new universe. However, i had no idea what to create...

^Hologram of many things flashing appears^

Then they got bored... and left.

Then i created this white void of nothing. It is quite peaceful here.

^Time cut^

My second worst idea is Archie sonic + Planetary annihilation. In reflection... Its one of the worst ideas i have had.

My first? Well, we DID lose a lot of people on our journey through Sburb. So my idea was, Make a Alt universe, With all the A2 trolls (Nepeta, Karkat, Terezi, ect, ect), and instead of them playing Sburb, They got to journey to the galactic core!

^A white cat teleports into Kennith's arms, While purring^

Good kitty, good kitty.

So whoever got there ALIVE, got to join us!

^Actual end of recording^

My jaw was wide-open. MY name is Kennith! Am i looking into the future? Trolls? What the hell.

The DVR popped out.

I took the DVR and put it behind my NES collection. Then i noticed somthing. A gleaming disk in my collection.

I took it out.

"Sburb Gold"

My IRC  opened up to one of my freinds, Gilbert martinez.

GM: Dude, wuzzap kennith?

DM: Scared beyond space-time.

--Kjack1111 (talk) 18:19, February 26, 2016 (UTC)

Now before you complain, this was a experiment. You TRY to piece the recording together. The ending may have ruined it.

Tell me your thoughts! Ill improve accordingly!

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