This booklet was found in a motel room by local law enforcement after reports of screams coming from here. On the cover was a melted substance, which appeared to be skin, and in the bathroom contained blood and a broken mirror. In the bathroom were burned remains of half a torso of a 16 year old child and the dead body of an older man. No IDs were found*

When I was younger, I was extremely shy. Even towards my own flesh and blood, I gathered anxiety. With my mom being single and having two growing boys, she sent us to my grandfather's. Not only were we broke but my mother was addicted to crack. The addiction was not only killing her but us as well. Living in a small town only made things worse. Mason the socially incoherent freak, his pothead brother and crack addicted mother. On the weekends or in the summer we would go to his beautiful woodland house in the deep mountains of Maine. When I used to visit my grandfather’s house I felt at ease. He was always in his study and never bothered my brother Daniel or I. Daniel would always be bored and questioned what Grandpa was doing in his study. I would always say "Don’t worry about it" or "It's none of your business". I guess you could say I liked staying at Grandpa’s house because it was peaceful and quiet; the only time I would talk to Grandpa is when he came down for dinner. I could see the sleep deprivation on his wrinkly, pruned face.

I remember one night Daniel had it with the secrecy and demanded what had been going on in the study during the day.  My Grandfather stood up and rudely replied “Don’t ever go up there. If I find out you go in there, and believe me, I will know, you will wish that you were never curious again.” Daniel, bewildered by the hatred in our grandfather’s tone, got out of his chair and went to bed. When I went back home to mom I was saddened. I now had to return to everyday life. I had to return to the constant reminder I was horribly flawed and could not socialize without starting to feel dizzy and nauseous.

I remember that day at school, Tuesday I believe. Tuesday, the 22nd of May, I had gone to 5th period. Mr. Lamoreaux’s History class. The Principal walked in and said my name. I looked up at him and stared blankly. I could feel everyone’s eyes piercing into my back.

“I’m sorry for your loss but…… your mother passed away this morning.”

I stared at him for a solid minute and then went back to work. On the inside I was grieving, but I had to remain calm. I just had to. The eyes of the other children were staring hard at me and the principal had given up and left. I turn my head and looked out the little door window and saw Daniel bawling. For the rest of the day I walked in utter silence. My mind closed and everything was silenced. In this world (or mindset, sorry), just like at my grandfather’s house in the autumn. My world slowly crumbled away as I bumped into this jerk at school.

"Watch where you’re going, crack baby.”

He then slapped my books and stuff on the floor. I looked at him, one tear sliding down my face. This was it, fight or flight. I saw in my peripheral vision all the kids staring at us. Some were in shock and some were laughing. I turned around to walk to my locker.

“What’s wrong crack baby? You gonna go run home to your mu-“

I swung around, within an instant I dropped my books, and hit him straight in the face. That was it the straw that broke the camel’s back. I don’t care that he called me those names but he shouldn’t talk about mom like that. I may have never liked her but you never insult the dead. He had hit the ground extremely hard. Kids were whispering and shaking their heads. I heard one say “Who would have thought Mason Paffenbarger would have knocked out Carl.” I saw the red fluid on my hand. It wasn’t mine though, even though my fist stung from the big oafs face; it was his blood. I actually caused someone to bleed. I did. The nerdy 9th grader, soon to be 10th, who read creepypastas and played video games all night, caused someone to bleed. I slowly gathered my stuff and went home.

After that experience, we used the money from mom's will to buy a house of our own in Northern Maine. We had been living there for a good year and my brother was just now getting out of rehab for marijuana. I had to go to a new school which was much smaller than my old school. Grandpa was busy at the time and “Could not let us bother his important research.” The reason we moved was because our old house was literally a crack house. Daniel became my legal guardian and he got a job at an office, 5 miles from our house. I was soon starting my 11th grade year of high school when my grandpa passed away. In his will he left the whole house to Daniel. Well, besides for the study. He said in the will to never touch it. We then sold the house, got a lot of money back and moved to Grandpa's. It was the same as it was two years ago, when life was much simple.

The only difference I noticed was that the house was overtaken by nature; vines crawled up the walls and weeds covered his beautiful garden. How much time did that old coot stay up there for? Daniel parked the Jeep and we retrieved our bags from the trunks, the furniture that we owned from the last house would come tomorrow. Daniel pulled some stupid rule about how he should the master bedroom because he was the oldest. I didn’t feel like arguing at the time because I was tired from the long ride up the mountain side. Daniel took out his key from his pocket and gave me the spare. He plugged it into the lock and swung the door open. The house was three stories. First floor included a den, dining room, entry to the basement, kitchen, and a laundry room with ancient appliances. The second floor had all the bedrooms, which included 5 rooms, 4 spare rooms and 1 master. The final story was the small, narrow stairway to the study, which I never entered.

I picked the second biggest room and threw my bag down. I laid down and slowly closed my eyes. I soon fell asleep. At about 2:30 I heard crashing and banging from the 1st floor. Startled I got up and got my knife from my duffel bag. I slowly and quietly went into the stairway landing. I looked over the old wood railing. I saw nothing. I shuffled down the stairs really quietly, except for the occasional creaking of the old wooden material. It sounded like it came from the kitchen. My brother was always a heavy sleeper and never woke up for a midnight snack. I opened the little sliding doorway and quickly flipped the lights on. To my surprise, it was only a raccoon snacking on our left over dinner. I started to yell to scare it away. It hissed and ran over to the kitchen backyard door. I then noticed a doggy door.

“When the hell did Grandpa have a dog?” I said aloud in the middle of the poorly lit kitchen.

I walked over to the little doorway and flipped the lock. I made a quick run through of the house again making sure there were no more surprises. I went back to my room and laid back on the floor and checked my phone. 3:30. I had been walking around the house for an hour. I slowly closed my eyes again and went to bed after this long day.

I woke up around 9 am. I had never woken up this early before. I then noticed why. In the doorway there were two men moving our furniture into our new home. Daniel noticed I had awoken and told me that the men needed to know where to put my stuff. Apparently they had finished with all the rooms except mine. Daniel had made a deal with the movers to transport the unneeded furniture of Grandpa to our new storage unit in the city.  I had set up my room in an OCD manner. My desk, for work and computer needs, was placed in the right corner of the door. The queen sized bed was placed in the front of the room against the wall. In the last available space, I put my dresser full of clothes.

In the following days I enrolled in the school here. Daniel got a job at GameStop. We cleaned out the old basement and bought some old arcade machines and a foosball table. As the first couple of weeks rolled by we continued to look for that dreaded study key. The curiosity was just eating away at us. School was a couple months away, so I had all the time in the world. The one thing I hated about the house was when nighttime came. The house seemed to come to life all at once. All the appliances turned on all by their selves at a certain point. I debunked this as them all being set on a timer which we couldn’t find the switch to turn off. The floor boards would creak and the house would set in place.  The most disturbing part of night was when the AC/heater cut on. The noise would start off with a car like ignition noise then it would start to go quiet. Then within seconds it would pulse to life screaming like a loud banshee. After the long and nerve wrenching ruckus, it would come to a stop almost like a train. The timers were set to a very odd time. 3:33. I just passed it off as a weird store setting Grandpa could not turn off. But then I realized that he could not have bought the all different appliances at one store.

I remember one night; I had been reading a very crappy creepypasta. It consisted of bad grammar and a story that did not make sense, combined into one crappy, uncreative mess. Now, in the house there is a ventilation system that connected all the rooms in the house. At 4:45 the norm happened with the appliances, after they settled I heard shuffling coming from the vents. It sounded like it was coming from the study. That interested me, so I took my office chair and slid it to the vent on the ceiling. I cupped my ears around it. The noise sounded like feet shuffling around the floor in a circle like way. I then heard a loud thud through the vents. A long pause happened and then the shuffling continued. I thought it was the same raccoon from last night. After all, who knows? I'd never been in the study. For all I know there could have been a big hole in the wall. Soon after I heard the footsteps walk in a predetermined path and then a metal gate opening and closing. I waited twenty minutes. When nothing happened, I went to bed.

The next day, Daniel went to work and I continued to look for the key. The only places we hadn't checked were the garden shed outside and the master bathroom. I checked the master bathroom quickly, but productively. I searched it top to down, left and right, and managed to destroy the dry rotted shelf in the process. I was about to head outside to the shed when I heard something coming from the study again. This time I continued to investigate by walking up the narrow steps to the doorway. There was a little place to walk in front of the door. I heard the footsteps tapping on the wooden floor boards. I tried the door for some odd reason, thinking it would magically open just because there was movement on the other side of this metal, steel door. Then, I realized something. Why were all the doors made from the same wooden material but this one was made from a metal alloy? That thought then escaped my mind when I heard the doorknob jiggle from the other side. Startled by the fact that just happened, I fell backwards and hit my head on the bottom of the stairs. There were not many steps on this staircase but it still had knocked me out. I woke up a couple hours later to Daniel shaking me, asking me if I was ok. There was a little puddle of blood coming from underneath my head. Daniel got me up and walked me down to the kitchen. He opened a cabinet and retrieved a first aid kit out from it. He opened it and gathered a head wrap, some alcohol pads, and surgical scissors. He started putting everything together. I started to blank out at this time and I lost some of my memory at this time. Now, the latest thing I could remember from that time was that he sent me to bed. I woke again at 4:45 and awaited the inevitable sounds of the machines. After that passed, the shuffling happened. I got out of my bed to experience this first hand. My head stung as I arose and my body ached my growing pains. I walked to where I hit my head or where I believed it happened.

“Daniel must have cleaned this up after he was done cleaning me up.” I mistakenly said aloud.

I walked up the stairs slowly so I didn’t startle the being or creature upstairs. The floorboards creaked as my heavy body shifted its weight into my feet. I walked up to the door and cupped my ears around it again. This time I held onto the stairway railing so I didn’t have the same results as earlier. I heard the shuffling continue but all of a sudden the creator of the noise was walking over to the door again. My body stiffened, but I was ready for anything. It made a single knock on the door. This didn’t startle me but it shocked me. It always knocked once. Then, it would wait 1 minute before knocking again. It was like it was waiting for me to open the door or ask who it was. I slowly gulped as my Adam's Apple bounced up and down and replied to the unknown on the other side. This is the conversation that followed

“He…Hello?” I said nervously. A jumble of words and/or noises followed on the other side.

Hello?” I said again, now agitated by the lack of response from this being.

“(Silence for a good 10 seconds) Hi there Mason.”  The being said with an audible smirk on the other side of the door.

"How do you know my name? How did you get in there? Tell me what the hell is going on?” I said with fear in my voice. I wasn’t ready for this. I wanted there to be a raccoon or a bird in there. Not some man or demented creature on the other side.

“ Well I can hear you from the vents just as well as you can hear me; I live in here if you’re wondering but I sleep during the day. Sometimes I get awoken and do my casual walk around. It gets boring up here sometimes man,” The being sounded similar to my voice

"ArabicTypesetting"">“Before I say any more, could you bring me a magazine?” The voice sounded sincere but I was scared

I quickly ran down the stairs (Almost falling and hitting my head again) and grabbed a Home’s Digest magazine. I then ran back to the stairway landing of the third floor. I slid the magazine under the door. I heard the being start to murmur and flip through the pages in a pattern like it was looking for something. The being then got angry and threw it on the ground. This startled me very much. The magazine was slid under very roughly, ripping some of the pages in the progress.

"Bring me a friggin' magazine with people, people you idiot, what would I do with a Home’s Digest in here?” The being sounded so aggressive. So, not wanting to aggravate it anymore than I had already, I ran back down the stairs and grabbed an Old Navy advertisement. This time it sounded much happier.

“Yes! Yes! Thank you so much.” It said extremely loud.

After what sounded like it found what it wanted. The sound of skin stretching and being pulled came to my ears. Something started to drip or hit the floor. I started to vomit in my mouth.

“Finished.” It said so giddily.

It slid the magazine back under but I noticed two things on it. A glob of skin melting and sizzling with an odd steam coming up laid there with a key. The skin lay on a very tall, handsome man. I started to vomit again but I held it in. I picked up the key and the being said something once I had it in my hands

"Come on in and let’s hang man.” It said sarcastically

Thinking my mind was playing tricks on me from sleep deprivation, I walked down the stairs barely holding the disgusting, rotten magazine. I went downstairs and threw it out. I went back to my room and tried to sleep. I walked in and immediately locked my door hoping that thing couldn’t get out. I wanted to forget what I just heard. I examined the key. It was almost too dark to see anything, but I could make out "Study Room" on it.

I was tired, but I couldn’t sleep. The thing... the thing just... just kept walking around. It never stopped. The appliances cut on and I assumed that the being would sleep or something. I hoped it would stop. This time the being did not do its usual pattern. It now walked around with a purpose. Like it was trying to find a way out.

“Why did it give me the key if it wanted to get out?” I muttered aloud.

It reached 5:30 am on my clock. The sun started to peak out the corner of my window. All of a sudden a loud thud emitted from the study vents. I faced the fact I was not going to get any sleep so I got up and went downstairs. I started humming to try and forget about the being upstairs. I thought I would be a good brother if I made Daniel some breakfast. As I entered the kitchen, I froze in fear and started to hyperventilate. There, standing in front of me was a 7 foot beast. I dropped the study key that I held to my chest that whole night. The key hit the floor and made a jingle noise. The key ironically startled the creature. It turned and faced me. The horror in front of me still scares to this day. A glob of skin dripped off his face and hit the cold tile. I remember this face. I remember. The Old Navy magazine. It was the man on the magazine. It reached his hand out and made inaudible noises. Time seemed to slow as the beast started to hobble towards me. With the time I had, I scanned the room for a weapon. A pencil. No. think darn it think! A knife. Yes! This is perfect! Then, I noticed it was on the other side of the island, next to the beast. Without thinking I vaulted over the island and grabbed the gritty blade. I forced it into its back. The beast let out an unimaginable scream that kids fear in their dreams. I grasped my ears for relief from this monstrosity. It started to melt and I vomited again. Once it was a puddle of melted skin, it started to move towards the stairs. Wanting to find out what the hell was going on, I grabbed a bottle and retrieved a large sample of the beast's gunk. I ran back up the stairs, bottle in hand, to the 3rd floor landing. I started to bash hard on the nice cold metal.

“…..Yes…,” The entity said from the side of the door, the only thing keeping me from death.

"What in the living hell was that thing?” I gasped for air. My voice was a mixture of scared and gruffness.

“My in-laws,” The being laughed, “Nah but seriously it’s my metaphorical watchdog. I assumed you might try and leave so I sent Billy after you.”

I was scared out of my mind. The being was laughing about my safety and well-being. I went my room and locked it.A few pages of the booklet are ripped out and the entries pick up again after a while.

It had been a couple months now since I first got the study key. Winter picked up and now I remembered why I hated coming to the winters. Sheer cold. Since we lived right next to the toll of Canada the cold overtook us in an instant. We had a small window to go and buy everything for the impending snow storm. Within one night, the snow was already at a whopping 78 inches. The noises seemed to stop after the fall and summer time. Like it left from being too cold upstairs. Daniel still had to go to work, but school was cancelled for me.  I waited till Daniel left then ran up to my room. I pulled an old shoe box from my bed and opened it up. Inside was the key. I put the box away and went to the Stairway landing. It had been months since I went near here. I slowly walked up the stairs. I took the key and stuck it into the lock. I was so confused about Grandpa’s study. A huge, metal door but with such a weak and small lock. I pushed on the door it showed little to no results. I then forced my body as hard as I could onto it. The door fell off its hinges making a large and ear wrenching thud. I walked into the freezing cold darkness. I wished at that moment I brought a candle and my winter jacket. Cold air came from my month as I reached around for a light switch. I fell to the ground after tripping over a large object. I got up and wiped the dust off me. The put my arms in the air looking for a light switch. I finally felt something similar and pulled down on it. The lights flashed to life while my face went grave. The object I tripped over on the ground was a cocoon of a man. I looked over my shoulder. There were three more different sized cocoons. I was standing there shaking and gasping for air. There was a huge mirror in the middle of the room. It was inside a cage with its door ajar.

“Hello Mason,” The cocoon I tripped over emitted. ”You’re probably wondering why we are like this.”

“N-nooo” I replied

“What took you so long to come here? Now we are stuck in these stupid things till spring”

I was stuck in the house with 4 beings now. I started packing the most important stuff I could find of my brother and I. I ran out to the mud room. I grabbed a can full of gasoline and ran for the study. I started pouring gasoline on everything. I started pouring more and more gasoline in the house. I called Daniel and told him to not come to the house to meet in a hour in the room 43 of the motel in the city. Daniel said to wait there but I told him to meet me there or we would both die. I sat against my once safe haven, reminiscing about the past. The place was once my safe and happy place but it became my hell. I pulled out my mom’s lighter and went to strike it.

“It’s not over yet!” The being yelled as it charged at me.

It looked just like me. Every feature was the same as mine. I jumped out of the way as it hit the wall with intense speed. It went right through the wall onto the master bedroom. When I jumped I hit one of the cocoons. I was covered in the melting skin now. It burned like wax. I ripped my clothes off as I started to scream. As I got my shirt off I turned and saw my doppelganger staring at me with a burning hate. I looked at the ground and saw a lifeless body. It was Billy, the watchdog. The doppelganger’s jaw unhinged and let out a hellish scream and charged. This time I was not lucky enough to dive and I was hit straight on. It started to hit on my face with intense strength. I felt the liquids that kept me alive drip from the doppelgangers hands. I kicked it off me. I started reaching and struggling to find something to save my life. Under the desk I felt something metal and heavy. I grabbed at it with the last strength I had left. It was a handgun. I cocked it and a round ejected. I hoped to god there was more rounds in it. I aimed it at the Doppelganger. It started to laugh like an insane person. My confidence was now lowered with the gun in my hands did as well.

“You really expect a bullet to take me down you are sadly mist-“ I fired a shot into the chest of my counterpart. The gun’s recoil was huge for the handgun. It was so much that it came back and hit me in the face.

The beast started to scream and flail around. I was still recovering when I noticed it had caught fire. I figured the ammo must have been some sort of incendiary. Weak, I dropped the gun.

“How did Grandpa get this shi-“ I was cut off by an explosion. The beast must have triggered the gasoline. The twin, now extinguished, ran for the caged mirror. It jumped right into the mirror, which I expected to break, but then disappeared. Bewildered, I grabbed my bags and a gas can and headed for the mirror. I heard the screams of the other cocooned creatures as I hoped for the best and jumped head first into the mirror.

>I wish I just burned in the house. I wish I burned with my childhood home. I would have died at peace and gotten out of this crappy world. The place I now was in was pitch black darkness. The only light I saw was at the end of the darkness. Yet it was far away, so far that the light was only a little dot. On instinct, I fumbled to the light. I kept walking and walking for what felt like days. I fell and passed out. When I woke I kept walking till I eventually passed out again. I counted the sleep as normal 8 hours. “So it had been 24 hours.” I thought to myself. I remembered about the meeting with Daniel and cursed loudly. The light was now only 15 feet away from the light. I fell to the ground and cried for a good 10 minutes. I stood up and heard a door shut. I tried to stay as quiet as I could. I heard Daniel's voice now.

“Mason! Where are you?” He yelled.

I got up and started to run towards the light. I peered through what looked like a window in the middle of the air. It looked like a bathroom. I was on the other side of a mirror, I thought. Daniel walked in and started to wash his hands. I tried to jump through the mirror like before but it did not work. I started to cry as I realized I couldn’t get out. I started to bang on the metaphorical window as hard I could. Daniel looked up and jumped backward into the wall. He slowly got up grasped his head and peered into the mirror. I kept staring back at him until he reached his hand into the mirror. He gasped as his hand went through the mirror and touched my hand. I grabbed on as he pulled me through. I smiled as he pulled me in. Before I could get through all the way I felt something grab my legs and started to pull me back into the darkness. Daniel felt this too and he started to pull harder. I started to yell and cry as I felt my skin tear from my foot. Whatever was pulling me was coming through too now, as its hands came through. Daniel made pull and It not only pulled me but the assaulter as well. We all came tumbling onto the ground. Daniel fell into the tub while my assaulter and I hit the door frame. I turned my head and saw my counterpart, still alive. He was now burnt to a crisp but he looked exactly like me. We both got up but we did not attack. I looked at him in horror as the burned parts of him fell off as new skin grew. Daniel got up too late and now we looked exactly like each other again. The doppelganger ran up to Daniel and started to cry.

“He is going to kill me!” It screamed just like me.

“No wait,” I yelled” That’s the creature!”

“Get away from us!” Daniel yelled like we were never brothers.

Before I could do anything, the doppelganger smiled and turned towards Daniel. Within an instance, The twin’s arm turned into a blade and cut into Daniels head through under his chin. Daniel felt to the floor dead. Everything I had was gone; my mom, my grandpa, my safe haven, and now my brother. I ran at the creature but he was too fast for me. It turned and I ran right into the blade arm of my twin. I gasped for air but blood came out. I backed up off the blade. Before I fell I pushed the creature through the mirror just halfway to his torso. I took my fist and slammed it into the mirror. It shattered and my counterpart started to scream. It, then went limp. I started to get up when it grabbed my leg.

“This is all your grandfather’s fault! Those tests he did, they made us like this! Reflections were never meant to leave our own world! I’m sorry.”

With those final words it went limp again for the last time. I went up to Daniel and kissed him on the cheek. I grabbed my bags but before I left I started to pour gasoline everywhere. I took my notebook and put it on the ground outside the motel. I took the motel's phone and dialed 911. I started to light the gasoline and left.

Here is the following Police dispatch conversation.

P-Police Dispatch, what is your emergency?

MP- My brother is dead

P- Sir who is dead?

MP- Motel Aroostook, Aroostook County. There are the bodies

P- Sir…Sir?

That is the end of the phone call

Police are still continuing the search for this double murder. If you have any info please call Aroostook County Police Department.

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