This is the finale to The Tragic Tale of Takashi Saito. This will also very likely be the last story I post here.


Takashi couldn't take the guilt. He had murdered his best friend less than a week ago. All for a chance to gain the approval of his boss. Ever since he'd joined the Yakuza, he'd been doing illegal activities, but this was too much. He felt like he would have been better off if he'd killed himself alongside Kiyoshi.

Takashi sighed. His life was virtually over. If he was caught, he would be in jail for the rest of his life. And the worst part was the fact that Takashi couldn't use the gun to end his own life- he'd forgotten the gun when he left his apartment a few days ago.

In the following days, Takashi's depression only worsened. He felt as if he was falling into an abyss, void of any hope. Takashi was in utter despair.

But there was hope. One small fragment of hope left in his otherwise hopeless life. The hope of death. Most would see this small hope more as despair, but for Takashi, there was only one hopeful thought that could get him through the day; Maybe today will be the day that I finally die.

Two, depression filled weeks after Kiyoshi's death, Takashi finally had gained the nerve to do it himself.

Please forgive me. Everyone, please forgive me, Takashi thought, seconds before jumping off the building he was standing on, falling to his death, hundreds of feet below.

~ Kiyoshi 04:50, November 12, 2014 (UTC)

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