My skin was about to make contact with yours and I could feel your radiant beauty making its way towards me… But I couldn’t do it. I snapped my hand back sobbing as my broken bones cracked out of place once more. “I’m sorry.” I whimpered while the new light faded away, and your hand slowly dissolved along with it.

A wave of sorrow hit me like a boulder as I stumbled back to my feet, and limped my way back through the darkness that welcomed me with so much agony. Suddenly an awful feeling of joy hit me, as I realized that I had finally let her go… It was something I needed to do. I froze in place when I heard the sirens once more.

I could hear a voice muttering nonsense above this shallow grave of darkness. I called out for the voice, but nothing was heard calling back. I called once more hoping to god that someone would hear me. I kept calling, and calling. As I did I could hear the voices becoming clearer, and the sirens getting louder until they were bouncing off of my eardrums.

A light that was even brighter than yours, Sandra suddenly dissolved all of the darkness, and I soon found myself bathing in this light for what felt like hours until I awoke without a moment’s notice inside an ambulance calling your name under my weary breath.

Authors Note (Please Read)Edit

I chose to make two endings so people would be torn between accepting, Sandra's offer to come with her, or to try and go back.

This is an ending for the story For, Sandra. I suggest you read that first so you can understand what's going on.

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