Hi my name is Bill; I get up drink coffee and go to work. I do the same thing every day I always have a smile on my face and I love to work! I go home sleep and start the cycle again. I get up and drink coffee and go to work. When I go home I take a nap and start the cycle again. There was this one time where my boss said to take a break...I went home and kept my eyes wide open never closed! I almost fell asleep so I made some coffee and poured it on my head and made sure it got on my face!

I didn't scream when I went in the mirror my face looks perfect. I want to improve myself for work so when I am done with my brake I'll be for work. I got a knife from the drawer and cut my arms open. Blood everywhere that's good! I'm ready to go back to work I said!

I woke up and said oh my god it was just a nightmare. I saw a dead body next to me maggots all over the corpse. I yelled and then woke up again and said it was just a nightmare. I went downstairs to make coffee and saw someone dead with this time a bullet hole in there chest. I yelled and woke up again and saw someone pointing a gun at me. I quietly said< "please be a nightmare please be a nightmare." It....

Bill Clark was found dead this morning he was shot in the chest and some limbs were removed. Killer is Unknown.

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