The doctor finally gets his vengeance... or does he?

This burning question describes something mysterious that happened to me and a friend, but I'm getting ahead of myself.

It was a normal night like always, I was playing some Black Ops 2 Zombies on PlayStation 3 with a good friend of mine. Both of us were doing exceptionally well, and when the game ended, my friend asked me, "Hey, feel like playing some Black Ops 1?" I accepted without hesitation. Even though Black Ops 1 seemed kind of dated in comparison, I still enjoyed playing it, especially the Zombies maps.

As both of us had all the DLC, we decided to do a marathon of sorts and play every map in order, starting with Kino Der Toten. At this point, everything was completely normal with no strange occurences. It was when the match ended, however, that things began to get weird.

As soon as both of us reached the map selection screen, I got an incredibly bizarre message from a name that looked like a scrambled garbage of letters, i.e, "gfdhgyrdfgdfhgfh". This person's message was quite brief:


I told my friend about the message, but he was not quick to believe me. Shrugging it off, we played the next map, Ascension. Before you ask, we decided to skip Five and Dead Ops Arcade, since both of those maps were unlockable and had little relevance to the story with the "Famous Four". Once again, the map itself was completely normal, and nothing out of the ordinary happened until the game ended. I received another message from the mystery person, only this time, his message was longer:


I reported this to my friend, who seemed to be getting interested by this fact. He decided to listen to me this time, and I forwarded him a copy of the message. He read it (well, he tried, since it was completely incomprehensible), and simply stated, "That IS weird. Anyway, let's keep going." We played Call of the Dead, Shangri-La, and finally Moon. After completing each map, I received more messages from the mystery person. I noticed that as we progressed through the maps, his messages lengthened in an almost exponential rate. After finishing Moon, I received one of his final messages, but I noticed something unique about this one:


I forwarded this message to my friend, pointing out the end of it. He responded, "Richtofen's Revenge? What the hell does that mean?"

"I don't kn-" I tried to say back to him. Before I could finish my statement, I heard a whirring sound in my headphones before the game froze and my PS3 shut off. I turned it back on and fixed my system as I normally would. Nothing terrible seemed to have happened to my system, which was a relief to me. I went back into Black Ops 1, where my friend was patiently waiting for me. I told him what happened, and he just shrugged it off as a common occurence. After all, both our systems had a tendency to crash when they felt like it. This time, I chose to host the private game, but when I went to the map select screen, I noticed a blank tab beneath Moon. I selected it, and instead of a screenshot like the game would normally display, it showed the brown and teal checkerboard design that Call of Duty would use if it could not find an image. I started up the apparently new map, waiting around five minutes for the map to load.

Finally, the game loaded, and the first noise that was heard was teleportation, as if Kino Der Toten had started. Both of our characters spawned on what seemed to be a dirt and gravel road, surrounded by fog all around them, as well as grass that was for the most part burnt and trampled. Our two characters were Nikolai (me) and Richtofen (my friend). As soon as they were done spawning, they began to converse.

Nikolai: "Richtofen... why would you bring me here, of all the places? Where the f@*$ are we, anyway?"

Richtofen: "Ah, do not worry, my friend, I only want to show you something that will help us defeat the zombies.  Trust me, you'll love it!"

Nikolai: "Grrr... I despise you, Richtofen... however, I will give you a chance, but only this once!"

After the short conversation, Round 1 began. Zombies began to rise from the ground, and as I tried to run forward, the fog seemed to block me completely. Both my friend and I killed each zombie that appeared, and when the round ended, the round indicator vanished. "What the hell...?" We both said at around the same time. We discovered that we were able to proceed onward, and we found ourselves following the road until we reached a clearing dotted with trees that seemed to be burning in addition to being snapped in half. The round indicator returned, and it showed that we had reached Round 2. Again, we killed the zombies that appeared and proceeded down the road. We came across various scattered objects on our travels, including smashed bricks and wooden planks, as well as dozens of spent magazines from all sorts of guns. As soon as we reached Round 3, we seemed to be entering a ruined city of some kind. A large, almost unsecured sign adorned an elaborate brass gate that we passed through. As soon as we did, however, I heard a loud bang from behind as the sign fell. What it said almost horrified me:


I told my friend that we should run, but as we both tried to return to the starting area, the fog blocked us completely.

There was no turning back.

Rounds 4 and 5 took place inside the city amidst war-ravaged buildings and metro systems.

As soon as the round counter was about to reach 6, it vanished for the last time, followed by a brief message from Richtofen.

"Excellent, the zombies seemed to have stopped coming. Right this way."

Eventually, both my friend and I found ourselves along a massively wide route. As we moved along this road, the fog slowly dissipated, revealing a titanic building that I knew all too well. The Russian flag planted atop it was snapped in half, the flag itself in tatters. Nikolai lowered his weapon and gazed at the building. "What the f@#$..." He said, cut off as Richtofen bashed him in the back of the head. Both our screens went black, and in a few seconds, I heard muffled screaming and growling.

We were inside the ruined Reichstag, with zombies chained to the parliamentary desks, hissing and growling at Nikolai as Richtofen crudely dragged him along the ground. Nikolai's point of view was blurry as all of this happened. Eventually, Richtofen stood Nikolai up and commanded him.


I made Nikolai limp over to what looked like a chair, where Richtofen tied him down and made him face all of the zombie "audience". I tried to tell my friend how cool this was, but there was no answer, as if we couldn't speak any more. Both characters began to speak again.

Richtofen: "Do you know why I brought you here?" *Punches Nikolai*

Nikolai: "You... f***ing... Nazi... pig..."

Richtofen: "A year ago today, you Russian DOGS invaded this building and destroyed what semblance of government we had. Now then... where were we... ah, yes! Vengeance!!!"

Richtofen pulled out and primed a pistol, a Walther pulled straight from World at War. He pointed it at Nikolai's head and gently wrapped his finger around the trigger. Richtofen seemed to hold the gun for quite a long time, until the game began to slightly lag, and Richtofen pushed the gun closer to his head before whispering:

"So long, you drunken bastard..."

A single gunshot was heard as the screen cut to black.

However, Nikolai's eyes opened. Richtofen slumped over to the left and collapsed. Two figures could be seen walking down the aisle: Dempsey and Takeo.

Dempsey: "We came at just the right time, eh Tak?"

Takeo: "I still feel like this is a waste of my time."

Dempsey held a revolver in his hand and gunned down all of the zombies while Takeo untied Nikolai, complaining throughout the entire procedure.

"Dempsey... you're a f***ing hero..."

Nikolai breathed as he stood up again and walked over to Dempsey.

The three characters marched through the aisle and over to the exit, conversing.

All of a sudden, I heard a bloodcurdling noise that sounded like a combination of Richtofen screaming and a zombie roar. Richtofen suddenly charged at the three characters, his eyes a deep shade of amber and his skin pale and blood-splattered. Dempsey punched Richtofen, who immediately got back up and shook his head before looking around and acting surprisingly docile. Dempsey grinned.

"Ooh-rah... I have an idea..."

He mused as he grabbed the now zombified Richtofen by the arm and carried him along. Takeo was furious.

"You wouldn't dare..."

Takeo said to Dempsey.

"Oh, I would..."

Dempsey replied as the screen slowly faded to black, and the game ended.

The following was what the screen read:

"Vengeance Complete"

"You Survived 6 Rounds"

Both of us were then brought back to the menu screen. The previously blank tab now read "Richtofen's Revenge" and was faded in grey and impossible to select. My friend explained that he was given a choice at the delay, with both of his options reading "Kill Him". After that disturbing (and yet seemingly awesome) episode, we decided to go play some Kino Der Toten again, this time with other people. I was Dempsey, and my friend was Richtofen. However, both of us noticed something strange: Richtofen was still zombified. I told my friend about this mysterious occurence, but the other players didn't seem to notice. "What are you talking about? Richtofen looks fine to us." They both said to my friend and I. In terms of actions, Richtofen was the same. The only real differences were that, obviously, he looked zombified, and instead of speaking, he only made noises like Nikolai's burps and some occasional grumbling.

Eventually, the game was over and both of us went down. As we returned to the menu screen, I received a final message from the mysterious player. It read:

"Was it satisfying?"

Fed up with these weird messages, I responded back to him, saying, "Who the hell are you, and how did you get my username? What did you do to my game?" The response was relatively quick.

"Thanks for playing my patch. Enjoy the consequences. As for how I know you... I'm your biggest fan..."

He said nothing more.

It was late at night, and both of us had to go to sleep. I turned off my Playstation 3 and went straight to bed, thinking about the amazingly weird adventure I had been on.

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