The so called “evolution” is of myth, for what beasts are we still?

The bigotry and misunderstanding between men ruling us over,

The confusion of tongues never allows us to understand, over this leaning tower,

The color green, its greed now pronounced, controlling and constricting us all,

The wars, the onslaught, the loss of innocence scars us forevermore across an acre of blood,

The hope of light or hellfire covers our ignorant, undesiring sullen eyes from death,

The good and evil in strife, but which one is more right or unjust?

The Gods quarrel bloodthirstily for their superiority across continents, spoken in human tongue,

The earth, the wind, and the sea all fall ingloriously,

The quivering Yggdrasil, what hatred have thy roots been tainted by?

Written by FlakyPorcupine, pre-creepypasta days.

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