If you had ever played Skyward Sword, you've noticed THIS guy, standing in the Skyloft Bazaar, with the familiar face...

Could he possibly be... -HIM-?Edit

Judging by his face, and his profession of selling merchandise, he could VERY well be an ancestor of the Happy Mask Salesman. If this is true, then he could, in a way, be related to the whole BEN Creepypasta. If you think of it this way, he could very well even BE the Happy Mask Salesman, before he got his masks, and before he took up the title 'The Happy Mask Salesman'.

He resembles the Happy Mask Salesman a lot. A strange face, eyebrows similar to his eyelids, a bent-over stance, neat, folded hair, pointed ears, holding his hands together constantly. He also has a bad temper, when he doesn't get what he wants of the player. The fact that the Happy Mask Salesman appears in Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, AND Oracle of Ages, all with a similar appearance, and selling masks (implied in Oracle of Ages), the items/GEAR of that game. Rupin sells GEAR, which is almost mandatory to complete the game, unless you're a masochist. Now, thinking of it this way...

The Moon People also look like the happy mask salesman, which can possibly mean the Happy Mask Salesman either originated from the Moon People, perhaps making Rupin come from the Moon, too, or perhaps the Happy Mask Salesman/Rupin reincarnates, looking similar each time. That would explain how he appears in both Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, Oracle of Ages, and PERHAPS even Skyward Sword. How he obtained the curse of reincarnation, though, would be questionable. Perhaps when Demise was first attacking, he was afflicted by this curse, and ever since, has reincarnated. But... What do YOU think?

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