(Audio start)The name will be replaced or hidden for security reasons.

Captain: You have no idea what the damn thing is capable of.

Captain: And you're lucky if they even tell you the whole story.

Captain: They told us to "bag and tag".

Captain: They didn't tell us about not looking at that thing.

Dr Alex: Could you describe your mission please?

Captain: We had two choppers, one with my team and one on backup with Zulu 9-B and Dr john.

Captain: We spotted the target about two clicks north of our patrol path.

Captain: I'm guessing he wasn't facing our direction, else he would have taken us out then and there.

Dr Alex: Your report says SCP-096 didn't react to the cold?

Captain: It was -12 degrees.

Captain: Actually it was -15 degrees.

Captain: Anyway, we landed, approached the target, and Coporal Gabriel got ready to bag it.

Captain: That's when Doctor called.

Captain: I turned to answer it, and that's what saved me.

Captain: The target must have turned and my whole squad saw it.

Dr Alex: That's when SCP-096 entered an agitated emotional state?

Captain: Yeah. Well, I never saw its face.

Captain: My squad did, and they paid for it.

Dr Alex: Could you describe it a little more, please?

Captain: Yeah.

Captain: It started screaming at us, and crying.

Captain: Not animal roaring, sounded exactly like a person.

Captain: Really creepy.

Captain: We started firing when it picked up Corporal Gabriel and ripped off his leg.

Captain: We were blowing chunks out of the target, round after round.

Captain: Didn't do anything.

Captain: We even used a machine gun.

Dr Alex: Did it do damage?

Captain: It didn't even flinch.

Captain. It kept tearing apart my squad, but with half of its torso gone.

Dr alex: But it was taking damage?

Captain: If it was, it wasn't showing it.

Captain: It must have lost all its organs, all its blood, but it didn't acknowledge any of it.

Captain: Its bone structure wasn't hurt at all.

Dr Alex: So no actual structural damage.

Dr Alex: How many rounds would you say were fired at SCP-096?

Captain: At the least?

Captain: A thousand.

Captain: Our door gunner kept his machine gun on for at least twenty seconds.

Captain: Twenty SECONDS!

Captain: That's six hundred rounds.

Captain: Might as well been spitting at it.

Dr Alex: This is when Zulu 9-B arrived?

Captain: Zulu 9-B managed to get the bag over its head and it just sat down.

Captain: We got it into the chopper and got here.

Dr Alex: We have a picture of SCP-096, do you want to see it?

Captain: No.

Dr Alex: All right, we are done here.

Dr Alex: The Captain left the interview room 22.

* (Audio stops) *

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