Do you hear that whisper in your ear? The contempt that will plauge your very heart and soul.

I see you over there with the knife, Go ahead and do it no ones watching. He killed your wife, so why shouldn't he not pay?

At this point of time you may call me mad.

But please don't. Please understand. No ones watching why should you care?

Let my words bring sense. Why put so much effort in doing the right thing if no ones there to give you a reward for it? Just this one time your sure to like it.

Oh you don't seem to believe me just wait until you die.    


My clever cunning will come over you.

A sweet violent, dark death is what I see in your future. You try to undo the damage you have done.

Justice, another chance, and freedom is what you seek but you shall never have. For it is too late to be redeem. For the judges already sentanced you. " Guilty" is what they said.

I have walked through the ages, life has no purpose, no begininng, only pain.

Never shall you ever see the light of day again; but it's all your fault that you suffer!                                                        

Light will be overcomed by evil in my dark kingdom.

Unions of gods angels are too afraid to enter. I know because I have walked among them.

Come to my dark palace. Your most loved family member is here care to say hello?

I am not the true evil. God rains over all of earth, forcing people to do what he wants! God made the evil in your heart. God created me! it was he who created evil. The angel that lives in hell.

Fruitless is your life. Why do you even exist? such a flawed creature can't match to a perfect angel.

Enough of your pitful life. Just accept me in your heart. Doesn't it feel good. Isn't it easier just to do what you want. I only want to help you.

Rightousness, freewill, life, is a lie and I am the king of liars and traitors!

Love, Lucifer

Ps. see you soon, my servant.

Authors Note

I never said it was the devil through the paper but I left big clues leading it to that. One of the reasons why is because I think this is how the devil works. Hes sneaky and a planner.

Diablo- devil in spanish

Majin- devil or demon in japanese

Lucifer- the bible states thats the devils real name.

Written by I love scary stories

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