I feel it clawing at my ankles, never stopping, never leaving. They find me, where ever I hide. They are everywhere. Light or dark, they envelope me. They won't end my pain. I hear them, laughing. Laughing as I run endlessly away, yet no further. Mocking me constantly, mimicking me, following me. The darkness leaks from the walls, and stains the floor before me. Behind me. Their laughs are maddening. Most of them don't follow, they just watch me. They watch from the corner of my eyes. Whispering to each other. They talk to each other and whisper in my ears. The worst is the "one" that never leaves. I feel it's cold embrace wrap around me as I cower. The more I try to ignore them, the more appear. They encircle me as I lay awake in bed. Maddening laughs as they gently stab my body with their claw-like grasps.

People call me mad but they just don't see. They don't see the darkness for what it is. Their personal "ones" cackling at my foolishness to even try to explain. To even try to comprehend them. Even in the mirrors I see them around me. They collect in the darkness and watch me in the light. I can not escape that maddening laugh of theirs. I take pictures and see them laughing but people still think me mad when they're shown. If fear makes a madman then I am indeed mad, but I am still left encased by the nightmares they leave me with. Still

laughing. Damn the laughing.

Laughing shadows

My "one", mocking me.

I understand the whispers now. They leave me with questions.

Riddles. "Where is your God now, madman?" they whisper under their icy breath,for even they think me mad. Peering behind me, torturing my mind, and I am the mad one! I don't know why I continue. No one believes me. No one believes my "madness". They all refuse to help me, and they just laugh as they refuse. I sit weeping as my "one" lays before me. Grinning. Laughing. Doctors worrying me with foolish jargon on what I have, but I don't care. I just want it to end. An end to the laughter. The doctors sit watching, just like the shadows until I beg for them to leave me. Their darkness following, snickering. Even children's "ones" smirk as they pass me by. There is no escape for me. I am doomed to drown in my own fear as the dark hides the light. The laughing and the hiding are the worst. They block the light, just to spite me. Laughing forevermore. Laughing, and laughing. Until I weep my final tears, they will keep on laughing.

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