Secret - Official Video by The Pierces03:54

Secret - Official Video by The Pierces

 Inspired by the song "Secret" by The Pierces

---August 19, 2013---

I have a secret.

When we commit crimes, why do we tell someone? Someone we trust? It's because if we don't, it weighs on our conscience until eventually, we snap.

And that's why I told you.

Before I told you my secret, you swore on your life you'd never tell anyone.

After I told you my secret, you screamed and ran and said you'd tell everyone.

I had to stop you, of course.

So now, here you are.

Another person missing; another shallow grave. Another place nobody will look.  Of course, I'm looking more and more suspicious every time.

And to think it all started out with a simple fight. I did it in self-defense, but could never bring myself to tell the family.

But there was one person I could tell.

I told them my secret, and then they became one.

---August 21st, 2013---

You seem nice enough. Another person. Maybe you will be The One. The one to break the cycle, the one to stop the shallow graves and hiding places.

I will tell you tomorrow.

---August 22nd, 2013--- 

I have a secret.

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