Some nights ago, I was screwing around on my computer around 10:00 P.M. when I decide to check my Email, I noticed that my friend Lance had sent me an email with the subject as "To You". Curious, I viewed the message. The message itself read:

"I've seen everything... Believe me when I say this.."

Along with the message, a JPG file by the name of "See" was attached to it, Thinking that this email was some way to scare me and the image was just some stupid picture that Lance grabbed from Google Images, I downloaded the file and opened it. What was shown in the image however was not what I was expecting.


This is See.jpg

The picture had a red tint to it and contained an empty corridor with the contrast blasted up high, in the middle of the photo is a giant eye that too had that weird contrast to it. I laughed at the image and thought that it was just something made in Photoshop by Lance. I then went to the bathroom for some time, but when I eventually came back, the image displayed something that made my blood run cold. The eye in the image was now completely stained red and was also boiling (or in other words, the eye was vibrating). Now getting creeped out by the fact that a JPG image was doing something that it shouldn't do, I moved the mouse to the X button. The eye started boiling in a more violent manner as if it were angry and I immediately closed out of the image after what I saw. A few seconds later, I regained the courage to open the image again, But when I clicked the image, I was greeted with an error message along with the Windows error sound. I tried again, but the same thing happened. Each attempt resulted in the same thing happening, the error message and that sound. Giving up, I deleted the image from my computer and barley went to sleep since I was terrified by what happened.

Ever since, I never heard from Lance again, in fact, he never even went online again which makes the situation even worse. I was concerned about Lance and wondered what was going on with him. And if you're wondering, nothing supernatural or disturbing happened to me since. This thing just came and went abruptly with seemingly no real purpose.

TheAlmightyXbox (talk)

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