Starkill99: Logged On

Jwaid: Logged On

Hi my names Max, my screen names Starkill99 and this is my friend Mark his screen name being Jwaid. Before now my life was well good I guess, I had a bunch of friend's I had a crush on this girl (Jess) and my parents always gave me anything I was spoilt I admit. But what would happen over the next couple days would change my life forever...

Starkill99: Hey Mark!

Jwaid: Watup!

Starkill99: So you played the new cod?

Jwaid: No dude, how would I, my parents are broke at the moment remember?

Starkill99: Well dont get it sucks!

Jwaid: You say about every cod

Starkill99: No I dont!

Jwaid: Uh yeah you do

Starkill99: Whatever!

lol_15: Logged On

Starkill99: Hey Jess

Jwaid: yeah hey!

This is my friend well crush Jess her screen name being lol_15

lol_15: hey so what you guys talking about?

Starkill99: Nothing just the new cod

lol_15: Thats crap!

Jwaid: Oh then I guess Max was telling the truth

lol_15: ?

Starkill99: I told him it sucks but he didnt believe me

Jwaid: I am still here you know?

lol_15: want to talk about creepypastas?

Jwaid: hell no this is reminding me of hear him, so theres no way im staying bye!

Starkill99: bye!

lol_15: BYE!

Jwaid: Logged Off

lol_15: so you read any creepypastas lately?

Starkill99: yeah just read seeker like a minute ago pretty short

lol_15: havent read it yet

Starkill99: You should its worth a read, ooh also ben drowned

lol_15: everyones read ben drowned!

Starkill99: Yeah I know! :)

lol_15: ooh theres this really good one called funnymouth

Starkill99: I will make sure to read it!

lol_15: :)

For about an hour me and Jess talked about heaps of creepypastas, had an argument over which creepypasta is the best and several other things:) Until...

lol_15: and then he was never seen again!

Starkill99: OOH spooky! (not)

lol_15: heres another one

Starkill99: Umm the link doesn't work!

lol_15: what do you mean! it works for me!

Starkill99: oh well I will just search it up!

Starkill99: here it is, i clicked on it but it just shows a 404 message

lol_15: that really sucks

Starkill99: Oh well, bye see you at school tommorow?

lol_15: yeah

Starkill99: well bye!

lol_15: byaa!!!!!!!1

lol_15: Logged Off

Starkill99: Logged Off

I went to school Jess was there aswell as Mark, I went through the day as normal, completed my maths test and turned in my homework you know normal school stuff. When I got home I saw someone that wasn't Mark or Jess...

IT: logged on

Starkill99: Logged On

IT: Hello!

Starkill99: Umm hi?

IT: Is your'e name Max?

I froze got out my chair and just walked in circles thinking, what the hell, how does he know my name! Eventually I gained control and sat back down.

Starkill99: Yeah thats my name...

IT: You've seen me before

Starkill99: I have?

IT: Yeah! you wouldnt remember me though it was a long time ago

Starkill99: how long?

IT: Logged Off

lol_15: Logged On

Jwaid: Logged On

Jwaid: watup dude and dudet :)

lol_15: umm hi

Starkill99: OMG guys scroll back through my previous chat!

lol_15: Thats freaky

Jwaid: wtf!

Jwaid: is this a prank?

Starkill99: What no!

Internet Disconnected....................................................................................................................

After the internet disconnected and reconnected I went back on the chat but neither Jess or Mark logged on oh and that creepy IT guy didnt either, the only thing that happened was I received a letter in the mail there was no return address on it, it was just an envelope with a stamp on it the creepy thing was the stamp was a set of red eyes on a black background. I shrugged it of and opened the letter all that was in the letter was a piece of paper with handwritten writing saying

I can see it, if you look close enough you can see it to. Signed: Rix

After I saw the letter I sliped it into my pocket and walked back upstairs to my room, turned on the computer and went back onto the chatroom...

Starkill99: Logged On

IT: Logged On

Starkill99: Hi Rix

IT: so you got my letter

Starkill99: Who are you?


Starkill99: What do you mean? IT!

IT: I thought you could see, I guess I was wrong...

Starkill99: See what?

IT: The very essence of existence, the very thing that creates nightmares, the very thing that ends life and starts it, the very creator that you cant see. Someone will see it, I know it, so I will keep searching until I find a true watcher. You weren't one of them...

It said I couldn't see it but I have a feeling that I did.

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