Saxman: Logged On

Funwalk: Logged On

Funwalk: Hey Ryan

Saxman: Hey Jack

Funwalk: You seen that video I sent you?

Saxman: Yeah about that thanks it was very, nice

Funwalk: Do you want to come over to my place tommorow?

Saxman: Cant, I have to go to my cousins house

Funwalk: The one with the creepy dolls?

Saxman: Yeah that's the one those dolls always creeped me the hell out

Funwalk: Hey on the subject of dolls look behind you

Saxman: Haha very funny theres nothing there and Im not scared of chucky anymore remember?

Funwalk: Yeah sure you arent

Funwalk: Also how long are you staying at your cousins for?

Saxman: About 666 days

Funwalk: Is that ment to scare me?

Saxman: What all I typed was About 4 days

Funwalk: No you typed 666 days

Saxman: Whatever, well goodnight

Funwalk: Already?

Saxman: Yeah its 11:00 pm if my parents catch me I will be grounded

Funwalk: Oh ok peace

Saxman: Peace!

Saxman: Logged Off

Funwalk: Logged Off

Seeker: Logged On

Funwalk: Logged On

Funwalk: Ryan you there?

Saxman: Logged On

Saxman: Yep Im here

Funwalk: You tried out my game that I have been making

Saxman: Yeah the part about the apple and the snake is awsome!


Saxman: What?

Funwalk: There was nothing like that in the game

Saxman: What the part with the Zombie and the hot Girl with a chainsaw killing them all that I just wrote about?

Funwalk: You didnt write that!

Saxman: Are you okay?

Seeker: Hi

Funwalk: Umm hi?

Saxman: Have you been in the chat the entire time?

Seeker: Have I?


Seeker: Logged Off

Funwalk: WTF?

Saxman: You gonna follow that link?

Saxman: Hello?

Saxman: HELLO!

Funwalk: Just followed it, its a creepypasta but its blank all it says is seeker

Saxman: Dont know what your talking about I followed it and it led me to youtube

Funwalk: What video?

Saxman: Logged Off

Seeker: Logged On

Funwalk: You again!

Seeker: [2] NOT FOR YOU!

Funwalk: Im done

Funwalk: Logged Off

Seeker: 333+333=666

Saxman: Logged On

Funwalk: Logged Off

Saxman: That was creepy last night wasnt it!

Funwalk: Yeah wait is he still on?

Seeker: Hi

Saxman: FUCK!

Seeker: Logged Off

Funwalk: Well that got rid of him :)

Saxman: :)

Funwalk: Im still creeped out

Saxman: Shut Up!


Saxman: I got an email

Funwalk: From who?

Saxman: Seeker

Funwalk: WTF!!!!!!!!!

Saxman: It has a video attached
Seek the seeker00:46

Seek the seeker

Funwalk: That is creepy, should we call the cops?

Saxman: What are you insane!

Funwalk: Oh how long is it until you come back?

Saxman: tommorow

Funwalk: When you do come to my house straight away!

Saxman: Okay then good ni

Saxman: Logged Off

Funwalk: ?

Funwalk: Logged Off

Seeker: Logged On

Saxman: Logged On

Funwalk: Logged On

Funwalk: Hey dude you coming over today?

Saxman: No

Funwalk: I thought you were coming back today!

Saxman: I am

Funwalk: Why cant you come over?

Saxman: My sister broke her leg

Funwalk: How?

Saxman: She got hit hard by something or someone the only person who was on the second floor of our house was me and now she thinks I did it!

Funwalk: And you didnt right?

Saxman: NO!

Saxman: But thing is I got another video


Saxman: I dont know whats going on but im scared shitless

Funwalk: Logged Off

Seeker: Want this?

Saxman: You are fucked up!

Saxman: Who are you!

Seeker: I am what you see, I am what you think, I am what you here

Seeker: Logged Off

Saxman: WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seeker: Logged On

Seeker: Change username to Funwalk

Seeker: Logged Off

Funwalk: Logged On

Saxman: Logged On

Saxman: Jack are you okay!

Funwalk: Yeah but

Saxman: What?

Funwalk: Why did you show me?

Saxman: Show you what the video?

Funwalk: No everything, but I guess I have to thank you

Saxman: Okay youre creeping me out!

Funwalk: You granted me access

Saxman: Access to what?

Funwalk: Him, to Jack thankyou your next


Funwalk: All I need is access, I tried with your sister but it did not work, but it worked with youre friend Jack, but know one will ever know that Jack is gone and has been replaced by a better, hungrier being.

Saxman: Logged Off


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