Silently, I watch.

I watch over the humans…their companions…what they do in their everyday lives. They do not suspect an entity such as me to watch over them, now do they? They do not know of my presence. They do not know I’m always there. Always watching.

They do, however, know of my existence.

I live through the power of myths and legends, passed on from human to human. Adult to child. Entity to entity. These tales only give away more and more knowledge as to how powerful, how mighty, how incredible I can be...I AM known for my dangerous power, and how I can easily strike fear into the heart of anyone. Anything.

I live on the other side.

I live alone. No one accompanies me in my lonely world. A world with no rules. No limitations. A world where I have complete power. In this world, I freely roam, only to do whatever I wish, whenever I wish, however I wish. I consider myself…a beast. A strong, almighty beast.

I change form. This new appearance is my true self. It is who I am. My long body extends outward, as I float around my world…my home. As I enter the world of the humans, which I never do, my body will change. I know it. I will appear more…menacingly. I know once anyone sees me, they will run. They will hide. They will cry in fear whenever I am in their presence.

They will turn back.

Other monsters such as myself only see me as…a villain. A beast meant to serve for evil purposes. Death. Fear. Screams. Evil. Malicious purposes. It, sadly, is true. I’m a monster whom uses its power to inflict harm on others. It is sad, but from my day of birth—

I sense another.

Another being has entered my world.

I must get rid of it.

I roam my world, only to see this new life form calmly, yet carefully walking the land. It is a human boy. He seems ready for anything that may come his way. I roar a mighty roar and fly above him, as he looks up to me and…seems to chase me? What kind of fool is this boy? To tamper with a beast, such as myself? His foolishness will no longer be acknowledged by anyone, as he will cease to exist after encountering me up close and personal.

I rest. Later, I awake, only to see…he is on his way to meet me?

No...get away! Get away, I say!




~Written by FMGaming462.~

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