This page should have been done a long time ago.

Welcome, people of SOG, this page has been created just for you! Yes, you! This site has been created for you to make stories and do other stuff. So, if we have dedicated this site to you, you should have a say in things like how to help the site, right? Yes, of course!

That's where this page comes in. In the comments' section, you can put down your suggestions to help us use this site easier.

Now, to keep a good manner, let's lay down some rules for making the suggestions.

  • KEEP IT CLEAN! What I mean here is, don't spam suggestions, I know we are slow to answer and may not even see your suggestion, but be patient, we will answer.
  • DON'T SUGGEST WHAT OTHERS SUGGEST! We already seen the suggestion, you don't need to say it again.
  • USE COMMON SENSE! You don't need say, "GIVE ME ADMINSHIP!". The reason being is because we probably won't answer it.
  • ALL RULES STILL APPLY HERE! This is obvious one. Don't do, or say anything that you wouldn't say to your mom.

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