1. A couple days ago I was playing Skyrim (Dragonborn DLC) and I read a "Black Book."After a while I saw some Seekers and a Lurker (types of Daedra) and I heard dialogue and It was "We know you are there.We know you."It was very unusual as Seekers and Lurkers do not have dialogue.After about an hour I was I was back in Skyrim and I was summoning a Unbound Dremora (also a Daedra) for a quest and I was had to talk to it which is normal but when I began to talk to talk to it said a discription of me and how I acted In real life such as blue eyes, fur heir etc.Then I tried to talk to it then my game crashed.I was panicking and instead of being smart and e-mailing Bethesda with my Laptop I tried to start my PC again Instead of my normal desktop it was a picture of 3 words which were "We Know Now."In the Daedric alphabet and a picture of me sleeping yesterday.I had a link for Steam even though I had it on my desktop so I used it on my Laptop and I checked if I had the same games like I did on the Steam in my desktop, I somehow I did.I took my PC out side smashed it then burned it then poured a bucket of water over it and took it to the dump.When I was sleeping I saw Daedra trying to catch me they soon caught me and burned me. Somehow I was still alive then they ate me.

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