this is based on a true story so you about to see that creeps the hell out of you so 18+ only

Trying this glitch will hunt your dreams until you died so DO NOT DO THE GLITCH

if you dare look down below

  • When a house with mannequins is first entered, they may be in different positions from where they are supposed to be, or armor may be invisible. They can also act like a normal person looking at you and moving its head. To fix this; either leave the house and come back or go to the mannequin's stand, activate the mannequin where its supposed to be, and add or remove items.
  • Sometimes armor will not be able to be removed due to it being noted as teammate's starting armor.
  • If a piece of headgear is put on top of body-gear which would normally not allow it (such as Archmage Robes or Hooded Thalmor Robes), the mannequin's head may disappear.
  •  PC   360   PS3  Most apparel duplication has been patched as of 1.7, however, with the Hearthfire plugin installed the first armor set placed on the mannequin in a built house may be duplicated by:

     (REPORTS BELOW)                   This maybe get removed and so scary that nobody ever want to see this (NEW!)

Coming soon

Photos below


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