My alarm woke me up, and I shuffled out of my room to downstairs. Nothing was on the TV, or at least nothing good. I decided to turn on my computer. It's an old Toshiba but we have to keep it on the desk for safety reasons. I was really excited because today was my birthday AND the last day of school.

The number one thing I wanted was Team Fortress 2. I wasn't one to wait until it was free. I saw too much YouTube videos about it and I just can't stop wanting it! "I might as well go put some toast in the toaster while this bad computer is loading" I said thinking to myself. Then thinking of how awful that Toshiba is, will it be able to run Team Fortress 2? It runs on Windows 98, so probably not. I could ask for another computer. About ten minutes later it was 5:56. So I grabbed my backpack, ran out the door, and biked my way to the school.

Everybody was being really nice because it was my birthday, but I also had the plus of it being the last day of school so everyone was happy. "Hey Rylic" Amber said in a light tone. "Oh, uh, hi. Amber" I replied trying not to screw this up. "I want to give you this for your birthday" she said handing me The Orange Box. "What is this?" I asked "Oh, it's a combination of 3 different games, from Valve, your favorite game company." She blushed. "T-thank you, Amber." I said in surprise, I don't have to wait! She then left but before she did she gave me a kiss on my cheek. I then blushed and sank to the ground. Everything was going amazing. The rest of the day wasn't that amazing though. A few movies, free recess, and a fire drill, yea, a FIRE DRILL. But it was all worth it when I got home and installed The Orange Box to my computer.

I was playing for twenty-five minuets until a sudden jump from my phone ringing made me stop. I then heard the beautiful voice of Amber over the phone. "Hello Rylic" She giggled. "Oh, hi Amber!" I said. "So how would you like to come over to my house tomorrow?" She said. I was in disbelief. I said okay and we planned. After I put down my phone I had a notification. It said "Why are you more interested in her than playing as your best buddy spy?" This freaked me out. I shut down the game, I wasn't even able to play it the game lagged so much.

It was the next day, we planned at nine o' clock. I came and she invited me in. She asked if I wanted to play some Call Of Duty. She was a hardcore gamer girl and I liked, no LOVED her for that. I wanted to play some right now, especially with her. So she turned on her PS3 and we got started. In the middle of the public match session I felt sick while the statement "Why are you more interested in her than playing as your best buddy spy?" Rang through my head. "Uh, oh god, um, excuse me for a second Amber." I said as I ran like Sonic to her bathroom. I then started throwing up. The statement came more rapidly. I turned around, nothing there but Amber asking "Are you okay in there?" No I wasn't, I was throwing up but I was sure she was just trying to be caring. After throwing up for awhile I found something in my pocket, the Butterfly Knife?

I came out, Amber said I should probably head home. So I did. I looked at the Butterfly Knife, it was the Spy's butterfly knife. I didn't want to believe it, but I had to, it was in my hands. Suddenly it disappeared into code then going into my computer. My computer gave off a loud beeping noise. I then heard "SLAP MY HAND" Very demonically. I went over to my computer. The Spy was in a hi-five taunt which I didn't have yet. I slapped alright though, ENOUGH TO KNOCK MY COMPUTER OFF THE DESK. I then looked at the stuff from my birthday. Deep under the pile, The Orange Box. There was writing in blood red, saying "Spy is all you'll need, or he'll back-stab you too - From RED Medic. I thought I would cry.

At this point I was paranoid as anything and everything in the entire world. I played the game one more time. The Spy was the only class available and it said nobody else could re-spawn, I picked Spy and when I spawned in, everybody started typing "Why does HE get to spawn?" I felt hated but I felt lucky too, and, excuse my language, fucking terrified. I saw dead Medics, Heavys, Even other Spies from each team. I walked around what looks like a ruined version of Turbine. "Did Flobster do this? He's the creator of this map"

I finally got to the enemy intelligence but all there was, all there was, was the Spy. He said "SLAP MY HAND" in the exact same blood shedding way. I opened the chat and typed the Engineer's famous line "Nope." Merasmus level five?! Monoculus level five, which does work. And the Horseless Headless Horsemann. This IS a joke right? Hacker screwing with me? But why me? I was dominated by all three of them and I felt like I was getting back-stabbed. I turned around and it was Spy saying, "You should have slapped my hand" which is not found anywhere in the game.

I woke up next morning with Amber looking down on my with a sad face. I got up and was then attacked. Or rather hugged by Amber. She was so worried about me, apparently she went to go check on my and found me passed out with a bruise in my back. I wanted to end my story here, but there is so much more to this than I've written here.

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NOTES: The top pic is the Spy's butterfly knife

Below it is the Horseless Headless Horsemann

Below him in Monoculus which is supposedly Demoman's missing eye

Below Monoculus is Merasmus, the magician, or wizard, or something.

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