Smile Dog
Smile dog 2
Smile dog

My shortest pasta, beginning life as a cryptic Facebook post.

At the stroke of midnight tonight, a wolf will be heard. It doesn't matter where you are, doesn't matter what you're doing. The howl will seem to come from nearby. 

Stay indoors. You may look out a window, but you will not see the source of the howl. The only people that will see this wolf are those brave enough to walk outside to the nearest road. I pray to you, if you do go outside, DO NOT GO ALONE. 

The wolf will be visible far down the street, at the edge of your vision. A quick viewing of the wolf is all I would risk. Look quickly if you're interested, then go back inside. DO NOT RECORD THIS BEAST, OR TAKE A PICTURE. If you are in its presence long enough, it will glance at you. It's face will be that of a human's. Its eyes will pierce the darkness like a shining jewel. If it runs off, don't follow it; this means you're safe. But if it smiles at you, run as fast as you can back inside. Houses seem to act as a barrier for it.

If Smile Dog catches you, your face will become it's new face.

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