It's been such a trip 

Yes this is true...

Alone on this path.

Alone but with courage.

I thought so very.... Naughty

Yes naughty thoughts from the devil himself.

How very naughty I have been and am.

I looked at the young girl.

Her face as fair as lace.

Oh how sweet she was but I realized she needed space.

The children's devilish laughter rings in my ears. 

They sing songs of LA LA's. They sound so...


A silver blade properly held with my favorite hand.

Im feeling so...


I promised myself never to be naughty again.

But realized " what's with the rush"?

I got off her hair to keep it stored in the lair of my mind.

Just a little hair is all I will take.

To make...

My dark dreams of delight become true.

My name is Fred.

Yes I believe this to be true.

I'm feeling so...


Even while I'm here in this prison of the mind.

Author note

This is based on a episode of courage the cowardly dog. This is when a man name Fred comes to visit the farm and he's not mentally well. This is my first time rhythming in a poem so sorry if it sounds chessey.

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