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Welcome Team SOG!!!


"Some Ordinary Gamers"

Welcome Team, or random person who stumbled upon this page while venturing through the vast jungle that is the internet! This is the official Wiki of SomeOrdinaryGamers! This wiki is specifically created for the express purpose of posting your creepypasta's for me to review! Anyone can post but please make sure it isn't a troll pasta or it will be removed!!!

We are proud of our 137 users, 48,528 pages, and 99,224 edits!

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~IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT FROM MUTAHAR: This was posted onto the SomeOrdinaryGamers Facebook Page: "I'm sad to say that [there] will be no more Nintendo footage on this channel in anyway, will we still be doing nintendo-based creepypastas (OF COURSE!) but gameplay and audio will be removed from this point on. It's been verified on my end through private correspondence that they've been a big supporter on the Content-ID issue and are very adamant about the whole problem! I still like Nintendo but we can't really move on while all this is occurring unfortunately. - Mutahar"

~Team SOG is over 300,000 strong!!!


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Nightmares & Dreamscapes

A page dedicated to sharing some of the most realistic scary stories to ever grace humanity.

Sleep well, Children...

Everybody Talks!

A page dedicated to chat and the spreading of kickass, "Everyone Talks". A personal addition, by Auron. Hope you guys enjoy!


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