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"Lumiose City Crisis"10:57

"Lumiose City Crisis"



Welcome Team SOG!!!


"Some Ordinary Gamers"

Welcome Team, or random person who stumbled upon this page while venturing through the vast jungle that is the internet. This is the official Wiki of SomeOrdinaryGamers! This wiki is specifically created for the express purpose of posting your creepypastas for me to review. Please be sure not to post any trollpastas or they will be removed!!

We are proud of our 48 users, 71,701 pages, and 146,515 edits!

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~Team SOG is over 550,000 strong!!!


On 21 November 2015 Mutahar's SomeOrdinaryGamers channel posted its 1,000th video! What a milestone! Here's looking forward to the next thousand!


~Congratulations to the Creepypasta of the Month of February: Nothing by No One! Be sure to vote for the Creepypasta of the Month for March here!

~Congratulations to the Creepypasta of the Year of 2016: Nothing by No OneBe sure to vote for the Creepypasta of the Year for 2017 here!

~Congratulations to AnimalInMe for having their story Lumiose City Crisis make it to Haunted Gaming!

~Congratulations to SpiritMint for having their story Mortis make it to Haunted Gaming!

~Ever wanted to have your own Wiki Chat Emoticon? Well, no need to keep wishing, because if you can successfully reach 500+ edits on the wiki then the admins will gladly create you your own emoticon using an image of your choice! What are you waiting for? Get out there and start editing!

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I've paid a web team to help design us a Someordinarygamers website! For all the administrators here I'd like you all to just comment or drop a new article with what your desire is... you guys have a whole new section on the front page... this is gonna be a big thing and EVERYONE here will be a major pillar of that since this is what my channel is and you all have been there... this will be a new dawn for us and we'll have our own home on the internet with you all as the leaders on that site alongside me and some close friends :)

Welcome to 2016 Team SOG! A new bright year for all of us!

- Mutahar

Nightmares & Dreamscapes

A page dedicated to sharing some of the most realistic scary stories to ever grace humanity.

Sleep well, Children...

Everybody Talks!

A page dedicated to chat and the spreading of kickass, "Everyone Talks". A personal addition, by Auron. Hope you guys enjoy!


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    New page: Ethan was a very calm, collected, and lazy child, almost always on his PC, and he would always be pissed when his mother took his privileges away....
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    New page: When I was a kid, the two things I loved most in life were violence and video games. So naturally when GTA came out, it was like a dream come true. I...
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