Saturaday 5/29/13- Upon reaching our graduation point, a couple of friends said that they had created an online server for the game Sonic The Hedgehog 2, and that we should all play the game. I didn’t think that those sonic games were multiplayer; when I questioned it, Chris, my best friend, said “It took a bit of modding, but we can all play it. I’ll need to get your copy so I can edit it for online play.” Chris was, of course, smarter than me, so who was I to question him? 

The only reason my friends had done this in the first place was because we had all been searching for a good MMORPG that was free - and wasn't Runescape. After finding nothing that interested us, he decided to take matters into his own hands. As soon as I got home I searched craigslist to see if anyone was selling the game. Craigslist failed, so after that I moved on to the next best thing, Amazon.

Sure enough, Sonic The Hedgehog 2 came up, but I wasn’t about to pay $42.99 for the damn thing. So I did what any sensible person would do: click the "buy used for $0.95." Even if I ended up getting a disk in a million pieces, it was better bound to be better than paying $42.99.

Wednesday 5/29/13-It took four days for Sonic 2 to get mailed to me, and by then my friends were already getting bored of the game. I wasn’t mad, but I just felt like I missed out on a great time. Chris, feeling sympathetic, said he'd play a few games with me. Later on that night I looked at the game and I said, "...Eh, what the heck." I never was into Sonic much, nor had I played any of the originals. I put it in my computer and installed the game. 

I was amazed by the fact the disc could even be read! The disc was scratched all over, they were minor, but there were still a lot. The game loaded, and soon after I got to the screen where I choose whether I wanted one or two players. I chuckled a bit after realizing it was a two player game after all. This got me only meagerly excited about the online server. After all, we were about to graduate, so that usurped most of my excitement.

Then I saw Options on the menu. I now knew that with options, I could change whether I wanted to play with Sonic or Tails. I decided to play as, well, Sonic, of course. I left the Options menu, and then I pressed start. “Damn it,” I cursed as an evil laugh played. It turns out it was the one from Sonic.EXE. Leave it to me to buy the fanboy copy whose goal is to troll everyone’s lives. Text appeared. It read,

"So you chose to play with me? You’ll regret it. There is still time to turn back do you want to continue? A "yes or no" popped up. I clicked Yes without really giving it much thought. Another laugh. More text.

This is now a test not a game. Will you gamble with the souls of others, or will you be selfless and save them all?

The game started. Nothing was different really. Aside from usual creepypasta bs. I was playing as Sonic.exe. Well at least that’s what the sprite looked like. enemies were there, and I had 999 rings. Nothing nightmarish or hellish. The only thing out of place was the sprite. I got halfway through the level when my dad came in and told me to go to bed. It 1 A.M., and though I may be 18, I still lived under their rules. Did I hate it? Yes! Did I care? No. I exited the game, and before it closed, another Sonic.EXE laugh played. More text appeared.

Taking a break? You’ll regret it. I will introduce you to death.

I yawned, and shut off my monitor like I always do. I think I was asleep before I hit the pillow.

Thursday 5/30/13-Too busy to play the game.

Friday 5/31/13 It rained today, and I got into a car accident. See, it was raining and i just wanted to get home, cause it was the last day of school. But I wasn't speeding or anything. I took the back roads, and I guess the brakes went out on my car. This happened at about 1:30PM. If I hadn’t been wearing my seatbelt I would've gone through the windshield and died. I was bummed for a while. I decided to play Sonic 2 some more. Maybe that silly Sonic.EXE could cheer me up. He better or he’ll regret it I thought. I had to start over on Emerald Hill Zone, because you can’t save mid level. When I pressed start I heard that damn laugh again. Text appeared.

Did you enjoy meeting death?

Yes, or No

I stared at the screen. I chose no, and I heard the laugh.

Time to finish your test.

The game started. Again, nothing was out of the ordinary, other than the Sonic.EXE-like sprite that I was controlling. I finished Emerald Hill Zone, Act 1. The screen cut black, and the laughed played over again.

Text appeared, saying You finished. The screen cut to black.

More text appeared on the black screen, saying Two will burn before the screen cut black again.

Shortly after a picture of a head on collision appeared. Both cars were engulfed in flames. The driver was still inside the car. The image stayed for about ten seconds before it cut black.

I'd better see you tomorrow, or you’ll regret it.

Shortly after I received a phone call. Chris was having a small shindig at his place. I called my friend Caleb to see if he could give me a ride there. Luckily he said yes.  I got there at about 11 pm, and left at 1:30 as Caleb was taken me home, we both saw a sort of fog ahead being revealed by the neon lights. As we drove we both saw a light source. That light source was a fire that was caused by a head on collision from two cars. I grew sick as I saw one of the drivers dead in their vehicle. Emergency vehicles were all over attempting to put out the flames. What scared me the most is that the image I saw earlier while playing Sonic 2 wasn’t just a picture. It was how I would see it from my point of view. Almost as if someone had gone into the future, put a camera behind my eyes and snapped a shot.

“I killed them,” I muttered right before I blacked out.

Saturday 6/1/13 I woke up in the morning in my bed. I looked over at my computer frightened. I didn’t want to play. Then I remembered a phrase I read.

"Or you’ll regret it."

It was about 10:40 am. I hesitantly opened the game and started Emerald Hill Zone, Act 2.

The laugh played as the screen cut black.

Text appeared.

The more you play, the more souls I will collect.

The screen went black and shortly after more text appeared

If you miss a day, it will your soul next.

I had to play, I was too scared of what would happen, should I not play. I felt selfish. I felt powerless. I bawled as I played act two of emerald hill zone when i finished. His laugh played followed by text.

No rules, no boundaries.

A picture of my cat, Mello, appeared on screen. He was dead, having been run over. I shook my head and rushed outside quickly. I called him. I wanted to save him. He heard me and began his trot across the street. Then, in an instant a speeding car ended him. I fell down weak.  I rose slowly and walked over to his body. There was blood, and he was falttened.

I cried so hard. I buried him and walked back inside to my computer. I closed out the game. A laugh played.

Want revenge?

Yes or No?

For some reason I didn't blame the game. I just blamed the driver. As if this entity on my computer didn't exist. I chose yes

Play tomorrow.

Sunday 6/2/13 Yes I played I finished up as quickly as I could. I don’t even remember what the text before the game said I just played. I didn’t realize that wouldn’t bring Mello back. I played and at the end the laugh and text

Ready for your wish?

Yes,or no?

I chose yes and I saw the same car on my screen. It was flipped over. It was at the end of my street and right in front of the house that is perpendicular to the street. I waited, and at on pm it i saw the car drive and then the front right tire popped. The drive braked hard, which caused it to flip and skid to the end of the street. I heard a bang as it hit the car parked in that persons driveway. I walked over to examine what I had done. What my twisted mind forced me to do. I regretted walking over. The driver was dead. So were his 6, and 12 year old kids. I walked home and locked myself in my room. I looked at my hands evilly. What have I done.

I walked to the monitor.  To close the game. The laugh played once again. and text appeared.

You are selfish, and upon your death you too will burn with all the others.

No rules no boundaries.

The game closed. It is 2:20 pm now. I am writing this crying. If you die because of me I am sorry. I can’t stop or I'll die. I also can’t stop because a part of me enjoys this. I can’t stop because I am selfish. I pray that no associated with me dies I don’t want to lose my friends family or anyone. I have started cutting myself to get rid of all this. even with all the guilt I feel I know I will keep play because I am scared to face what i have caused many others to face now. Nothing I do helps. I am contemplating suicide, but I know he will get me If I end it now. I my computer is old and slow and any recording software i get online just comes out blurry or pixelated. When I have the money to afford better one I will buy one and show you all the truth. I will update everyone on what is going on and I will describe the images as best I can so that maybe if you’re next you can protect yourself. So whoever is reading this. If I caused you pain I am sorry.



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