(Note: Before reading, I would highly recommend reading Sonic Lost World: M3741 to hear the full story first.)

I have not been able to get the past incident off of my mind. I tried telling everyone but they tried to send me to a mental institute. These are the following events after the first incident. You already know my whole backstory bulls***, so let's just get to the point.

Remember when I finally figured out what 5131630307 meant? Well that day has passed, and boy it was terrible. It started on Friday the 13th, at 3:03:07 A.M. I woke up and found my computer had turned on and had my SLW Mod Loader open. I tried closing it, but only an error message appeared. The message read "31," with nothing else.

I tried every method I could. I also started writing down the numbers/letters that seemed out of place throughout the day. The next message appeared. "31 33." I decided to try playing the mod that had appeared like the idiot I am.

Game started up, but the background was pitch black, with the music having inverted frequencies, causing me to almost vomit from how high and low they were. I pressed New Game and was sent into a level that upon loading the title card, took about 10 minutes to load. Once it did, I was treated to something not so nice...

The level had all colors removed and inverted (like the Nightmare Zone DLC but inverted) with a very light colored tint to it that was barely noticeable, and Sonic would not run.

1374090640 sonic-lost-world-wii-u-wiiu-1374055268-028

Sonic in Windy Hill Zone 1 after hitting a dash panel, forcing him to run.

The music had the same reverse frequency effect, and I couldn't turn down the volume. I hated it, but I kept on. Then, the next message appeared. "31 37" I kept running, and reached the end of the level, only for my computer to blue screen. "Oh, thank God!" I said to myself... But, that sigh of relief was brief.* The blue screen then started glitching until it turned into a shot of Metal Sonic standing beside a mangled Sonic. He still had that smile.

"Sorry," he said. He then once again tried to destroy my screen, and this time when the computer shut off, an electric stapler beside it put a bunch of staples into a piece of paper, leaving holes that formed the numbers "34 20 30 32 20 30 31"

So then I had "31 31 33 31 37 34 20 30 32 20 30 31."

I finally took the numbers, and converted them all from hex code. "1131740201"

1/13/17 4:02:01

*Rhyme not intended.

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