I had recently got a Sonic ROM hack that my girlfriend made, she wanted me to test it out so I did, my girlfriend had blonde hair, green eyes, and a pretty smile.

When I started it the title screen showed up instantly (no sega logo or sonic team logo), Sonic was not there but was replaced by Tails, it didn't say "SONIC THE HEDGEHOG" either.

Tails the Fox

When I pressed start it went to the first level, the title card read, "SPIN DASH", and the music sounded like a remix of the Chemical Plant Zone song. The background of the level looked like an 8-bit outer space picture, and the ground looked like the Launch Base Zone from Sonic 3.

I walked around the level a bit, but I could not find anything to do in the level. I then spin dashed and Tails was now going fast, actually, the more he ran, the faster he went.


He was running until he was a complete blur, he then hit the goal at the end of the level, the goal had Tails' picture, crying and with two empty holes for eyes. When he hit it he bounced back.


I had tried a couple of times to try and hit the goal, but he just kept bouncing back.

I then jumped over the goal and the game completely glitched out, and the music became distorted and crazy. A new level started, it was called "FIND ME", the music was the Angel Island Zone music.

The level looked like the Starlight Zone, Tails looked kind of worried, in front of Tails was Knuckles and Sonic, Knuckles was carrying a chaos emerald, and Sonic looked very impatient.


I tried to go right but some kind of barrier was blocking the way so I went left. When I did I saw Cream The Rabbit, she was crying.


The the level completed, instead of saying "Tails has passed Act 1" it said "Where is my mommy?".

Then it went to another level, well it was more of a cutscene. The level looked like the Wood Zone, most of the sonic characters were there and were looking in the air, Sonic was covered in blood and was slowly floating in the air with a red glow around him.


Then the "The End" screen showed, it was of Tails flying a plane, he was crying. The background was the Oil Ocean Zone Background, above Tails it read "THE END".


I don't know why this game was so messed up, it was made by my girlfriend for god sake!

The same day I had played that game, a girl went missing, she had blonde hair, green eyes, and a pretty smile.