I was Surfing on the Internet and found out there is a 8th Emerald In Sonic 3 so I get into my Emulator And Opened Up The ROM Do the things and When I finished The Bonus Stage I Got The Emerald It Was Grey And It Said "Sonic Got The 8th Emerald Now Sonic Can Transform Into ????" And I Start The Angel Island act 1 and i collected 50 rings and When Im About The Transform Knuckles Attacked And Lost All of My Rings I Get the 50 Rings Again But This Time I waited a little bit and knuckles came and I dodged him and tried to transform but when i jumped there is a speech bubble come out from knuckles said "Don't Do It" he said but when i pressed jump again screen turned black and Game Reset and Sonic Didnt come and he was not at the title screen and when i pressed Start sonic appeared for only a frame he is a little bit darker Blue And His Eyes were Black andin file select screen Sonic Is Not There only the emeralds were showing and i selected the file and game started normally sonic was normal and i get 50 rings again and transformed this time there was no knuckles and Sonic Turned Into Super Sonic Like Normal I played Trough the Game and i was at hidden palace zone i saw a red body lying on the floor and when i get close to it i realized who it was,it was Knuckles Dead And eggman came and instead of fighting with him he just come look at Sonic and run away I Still Dont Get What Happened Then I played And I get to the DoomsDay zoen and i was not Hyper Sonic I was Normal Sonic With Darker Blue And Black Eyes Then There was a Speech Bubble Come Out Of Robotnik Said "No,Get Away From Me" And When I Hit His Machine It Exploded and Sonic Grabbed Robotnik and Start To Choke Him And Screen Turned Black Again and It Played a Choking Sound And Sonic Appeared Again The Same Dark Blue Skin And Black Eyes And There Was Red Pupils and He Was Holding Robotnik's Head And It Writed "YOU'RE NEXT!" I Closed My PC and Tried To sleep But I Saw That Face Everytime When I Close My Eyes

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