Soundtracks for the BlindEdit

Soundtracks for the Blind02:21:53

Soundtracks for the Blind

Red Velvet CorridorEdit

I Was a Prisoner in Your SkullEdit

", two, three. Well...well fuck, I mean; I just don't know what to say. I'm very glad to be here with you tonight, I'll be able to talk to you about some things...that I know a great deal about. Everyone knows that you are fucked up. And everyone knows that I am fucked up. But, does everyone know that you are more fucked up than me? Well, I know that. And you know that. But our purpose is to tell everyone that. Take for instance, the time you went to the bathroom, to take a shower. You had some soap, a towel, shampoo, washcloth, a brush, everything was set. But you had to call me to come turn on the water for you. You didn't know where or how. That is one instance of how fucked up you are. A second instance of how fucked up your are: You was going to cook you some breakfast. Well you went in there, and put some toast in the toaster, put a skillet on the stove, put some grease in it. You got you some eggs out, some bacon. Poured you some orange juice and some coffee. Got some jelly and some butter. Fried eggs, salt, pepper, got some bacon on the grill. Everything was fine - except for one thing. You had to call in show you how to use a fork. Now a third instance; the way you're fucked up. You got dressed, ready to go to school. Everything was fine - got outside, got in your car. Key in the ignition. Except for one thing. You had to call me to come show you-"

Helpless ChildEdit

Now You Be The Mother,
And I'll Be Your Fool,
I'll Hide Myself Deep Inside,
Your Crimson Pool
The Muddy Water Runs,
Beneath Your Folds,
You Won't Let Me Breathe,
You Won't Let Me Go
Now You Be The Stranger,
And I'll Be The White-Skinned Son,
You'll Blacken My Innocence,
With Sugar And Opium...
The Children Were Suffocating,
Down In Your Damp Cave,
And You Were The Mother,
And I Was The Sleeping Slave
Protect Me From Violence,
Hold Me In Your Cool Lips,
You Drug Me With Kindness,
So I Can Pretend I Exist
Now You Be The Only Child,
I'll Suck On Your Breast,
You'll Feed Me With Gasoline,
I'll Burn My Name In Your Head

Live Through MeEdit

Yum-Yab KillersEdit

I saw a white finger on a barbed wire fence.

I knew it was dangerous,but I took the risk.

And yes it was sweet, so sweet to eat.

Now see how the flesh is pricked, and bleeds.

Yeah, it bleeds, it bleeds, see how it bleeds...

I saw a little baby crawling down the street.

I said hey come over here baby, you look good enough to eat.

I said come over here dear, you know what I'll do.

Well I'll make you my mirror of the things that I chew.

Little yum-yab. Little yum-yab.

We are the wild.

We are the risk.

Come little yum-yab.

Come slash your wrist.

We are the wild.

We are the risk.

Come little yum-yab.

Gimme a kiss.

Now blow your brains out.

I'll blow your brains out.

The Beautiful DaysEdit


Your lipstick smear across your face
Now toss your hair in dirty grace
Pink leather strap on your guitar
Now spread your legs - how bright you are
They all know your name
Collie, claw your way to fame...
There's a star in her eyes and she knows it
There's a star in her mind yeah she shows it
There's a star in her eyes and she knows it
A star in her mind yeah she grows it...
And every evening the sun comes up when she goes down
And every evening the mud fills up her bridal gown
The little girl inside of you
Has made her dreams come true
And tonight you take the stage
You wear a dress of blood and lace
You left a stain where you have kneeled
But collie, you're still invisible...
Your lipstick smear across your face
Now toss your hair in dirty grace
Pink leather, strap on your guitar
Now spread your legs just like a star...
And I'd like to eat her breasts and know god
And I'd like to taste her flesh and grow hard
And I'd like to eat her breasts and grow god
And I'd like to suck her breath and blow hot...


All Lined UpEdit

I see them all lined up
Like naked children at the wall
Their skin is hanging off in sheets
Each face is painted like a whore
Their blood is shining in the sun
Their wounds are powdered with white salt
Their lips are shaping silent words:
I see my name as it spills out
I see them walking on their knees
Led in a chain by laughing girls
I see them sucking on the dirt
As if inhaling the whole world
And one by one their throats are cut
And each one sings his choking song
And each one sings his lullaby
And each one falls and then he's gone
And I feel good
Yeah I feel fine
And I feel good:
I've been waiting far too long...
I see their bodies in the pyre
Leaking black smoke into the flames
And all the people stand around
Shaping lips into my name
And soon the sun begins to sink
Behind a wall of dirty air
I see their bones there in the pile
And taste the smell of burning hair
And all the children howl for milk
The rain spits down a million knives
I see you running through the field
I see you running for your useless life
I feel you choking on your tongue
I feel your breath attack your chest
The dogs are ripping at your feet
I see you bleeding out your happiness
And I feel good
Yeah I feel fine
And I feel good:
I finally got back what was always
Rightfully mine

Surrogate 2Edit

How They SufferEdit


Somewhere, through the frozen fields
Somewhere, beneath your pale and tender skin
Lies a house, absorbing fear and pain
Solar, red, contained
Feeding on my dreams
Somewhere cold, inside the optic wire
Down where fingers and semen crack and bleed
There I will be, with my arms spread out and broken
Waiting for your breath, to animate my veins
We're not alone: all our thoughts are numbered
Malignant and cold
Animal and hungry
But I will contain all
That ever was or will be
Then I'll watch my skin erupt
In a symphony of flames
Screaming out your name
Screaming out your name...
Why can't I hide inside your malleable
Electric face? you'd suck away the pain
And swallow down my sickest dreams
Now my body feels like snow
Spilling out the shattered screen
Where will we be then
When all the fear and blood are gone
Drained into one hundred million open children's mouths
Screaming out your name
Screaming out your name...

Red Velvet WoundEdit

And what do I do
With the gift you present to me
The one no one else would buy?
They would not accept the filthy premise of your most terrible innocence
So let them say
How you were wild
For what you really were was tender
Yes how you screamed
All through the night
Yet silent tears streamed down through morning light
Most beautiful
My lonely sinner

The SoundEdit

And wide are your delusions,
Deep red is the space behind your eyes,
Closed forever is the door to your room,
But inside there lives the sound,
You despise, but I love...
Mother, I was wrong.
I am wrong...

Her Mouth is Filled with HoneyEdit

Blood SectionEdit


Can I steal your mind?
And can I crawl down inside?
And when I am your child,
Can I feed in your eye?
And can I drink the air,
Down in your cold black lung?
And can I breathe the sweet,
Sick and lonesome blood?
Love is everywhere.
No, we will never escape.
I love you more than my life.
No, we will never escape...
Can I cut out the core,
And steal the food in your head,
And curl my body inside,
Down where it's dark and it's wet?
I love you more than your life.
I love your body and mind.
I love you more than your life.
No, we will never escape.

Minus SomethingEdit

"There's been alot of upsetting, very upsetting things that I can't allow to happen anymore. I have to be like a soldier and march away. 'Cause I'm very delicate in a lot of ways, and things get to me, and effect a very adverse manner. I don't need that; don't need that. I feel now like minus something, you know, I feel faded; I don't feel like I'm all here. I think it'll come back; I hope it'll come back. There's alot of color missing, from the way I feel, and my face, and, you know, just everything. There's some kind of zest,, you know, that seems to be faded temporarily, because I've been so drained, emotionally, by a number of things. That has to slowly build back up, and then it has to be kept sustatined; it cannot be allowed to be diminished."


You were wrong to resist me,
I was wrong to forgive.
Now I loathe my own weakness,
But you praise me for this.
There's a place in your future,
Where the wound will be healed,
And the children you injured,
Will rise up, purified, then kill your name...
You're afraid of the mirror,
So you crawl on the floor,
Where you count your perversions,
Then you rise up, filthy, with remorse...

I Love You This MuchEdit


I give you money, you're superior.
I don't exist:
You control me.
You're corrupt,
you're deformed,
you're corrupt.
You control me.
Own me, own me, own me, own me:
I'm your property.
You're corrupt,
you're deformed.
You corrupt,
you deform me.
Own me, own me, own me, own me:
I'm your property.

Fan's LamentEdit

Secret FriendsEdit

The Final SacrificeEdit

Oh Jesus, oh Jesus, you're my only god.
Oh Jesus, oh Jesus, you're my only girl.
I follow you now.
I'll follow you down,
To a dirty black room,
Where the air is gone.
I'll lie down on the table,
And I'll wait for you,
To step inside me now.
Step inside me now.
Come on, come on in.
Oh Jesus Christ, you're my only, my only god...
If I drink your blood, I will be like you.
Girl, I want to be like you.
I'll look into your eyes,
And close my mind.
Get out of my mind.
Get out of my head.
Oh Jesus, oh Jesus, you're my only god...

YRP 2Edit

Surrogate DroneEdit


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