Alright guys. I don't know what to do anymore. All I know is, I'm never going back to Spider-Man 2001.

It all started on a Saturday. I was feeling nostalgic, so I felt I should pull out the old Playstation out and play some Spider-Man. 

Huge mistake. 

It started out normal, but Spider-Man was missing. I was a bit weirded out, but I didn't pay any attention. It was an old game, anyway. I pressed Start and I started the game like normal. I went through the opening cutscene as normal, but old Spidey looked depressed for some reason. This wasn't like the Spider-Man I knew.

There was no Black Cat when Spidey got onto the rooftop. Just silence. I was really starting to worry, but it turns out it was lag. I went through the first level as normal, but upon entering the second level, Spidey broke into tears. "What?" I said this as I knew from my childhood that that had never happened. Black Cat was there, and she said, "You knew this was-" "SHUT UP! Just..shut up." He then turned around and just smacked Black Cat. I dropped my controller but then picked it up as it was letting me regain control of my controller.

"What else is weird about this?" I climbed up the builings as normal, but I was shot instantly as I got on top of the rooftop. No cutscene played. When the screen reappeared, Spidey wasn't Spidey. His face was bloodied up and Venom was circling him. "You KNEW this was due to happen, Spider-Man." "NO! SHUT UP, VENOM! SHUT UP!" He was going insane now. I pressed buttons on my controller as Spidey began to shake. He shaked, but nothing else. "What the hell!" 

"A futile escape plan, huh?" He punched Spidey again and again. Each time, Spidey's face got bloodier. I couldn't bear to watch anymore, but I felt compelled to watch. Venom pulled out a gun and said, "You'll join Mary Jane.." Then I realized what was going on. Venom had killed Mary Jane and Spidey was too late and couldn't save her. Right before Venom shot, I turned the console off and won't go back to it again. Even though I didn't beat it, I have no intention to.