I saw him in the glittering moonlight, what a sweet handsome devil he was 

oh what a handsome jerk he was, toying with everyone's emotions like a toy. 

His ideas are slightly split but thstss okay...  

He hates all whom oppose him, he despises the good and not to mention only wants me for sex. 

I told him "it's okay, I forgive you, just please stop hurting me" 

I pushed him to the wall and I said " you better fuck off bud" 

So he let his hand wander from its proper place, it kinda hurt but what else could I do?  

He decided to press my buttons so I decided to break his little button presser. 

I was left there dying in my own despair.  

I was left in a black hole and I knew deep inside I wanted to burn him, I wanted to turn him into the same bitter state. 

For I am the The aggressive truth and I am The forgotten lie .

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