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Wednesday, May 4, 2011, 3:11 p.m.Edit

So, I am here to tell you about this strange occurances about my past week. I guess you could call this my "diary", but let’s move on. I am posting this on the Zelda forums, and hoping just to get some response from someone with some motivation and advice. Please try to refrain from any joking/mocking replies. So, almost every day I try to get outside and walk my dog around the city park. The park is a fairly big park, with a 5 foot wide gravel footpath, magnificent fountain, plenty of beautiful, large maple trees and gardens around containing tulips, roses and the occasional bench once in a while. My routine was always the same: at 2:00pm I will walk around the park once, normally clean up dog shit half way through, and then sit on a bench near the fountain. Every day I would do this, normally seeing the same dogs and people every day. But this week was different.

The first day of the week I walked around the park, nothing strange happening, but when I went to go sit down on the bench, there was this strange little girl. She had, by the looks of it, thin, blonde hair that was always tied into pigtails, with big blue eyes and was wearing green clothing. She was also very pail. So I just went and found another bench across from her. I stared at her for about 2 minutes while sitting on the bench. I was angry because she took my spot, but also very confused. It was always the same people walking, the same people on the bench, the same people eating a late lunch. But then there was this little girl... there was something about her that made my eyes stay on her. Not because she was pretty, just because she was so... strange. She sat on the bench in a fetal position playing what it looked like a 3ds. I had no idea what game, and was very curious. I just kept staring at her. She looked up and looked at me, with those massive blue eyes and blonde pigtails. We met eyes for a split second, and I immediately put my head down, while she jumped out of the bench and ran away into the street. She ran right across the street, not even looking both ways, but made it across safely. All the other days were almost the same, that strange little girl sitting there, same clothes, same hair, and the same 3ds. But instead I would sit on a bench facing a garden of roses.

Except the 2 days ago... I walked in the park and headed for my bench, and this time the little girl stared at me instead. Just continued to stare as I walked over to the bench across from her. I just sat down and pulled out my smart phone and started texting away, just so she wouldn`t get suspicious. I looked up every few seconds to see if she was still staring, and sure enough she was. I then got up and walked home. Very nervous that she would follow me or something. Thankfully all I got was that blank stare.

Yesterday was very different. I went for a walk in the park, went over to see if the girl was there and, well, she was... gone. I was very surprised and walked quickly towards my bench. I approached the bench and was about to sit down when I saw the Nintendo 3ds laying there on the ground. I looked around to see if anyone was looking at me and I picked it up and popped out the game to see what it was. There was no name on it, all there was a picture of an ocarina broken in half. I wondered what it could have been, hoping it was Ocarina of Time for the 3ds, as I was a huge Zelda fan. Ocarina of Time was my first LOZ game I ever played and beat it countless times for the good old n64. I heard that it came out for the 3ds and with improved graphics, so of course I had to get my hands on a 3ds, and the game. I started up the 3ds and luckily it was OOT. I didn’t start playing yet, I only turned on the 3ds and looked at the profile. The name was ``Stalfos``, which then I quickly remembered that the name Stalfos is actually an enemy in the game. It was a giant skeleton with a jagged blade, a shield, and some armor. They were quite difficult and a big part of the forest temple and also occurred in some other temples like the spirit temple and I believe Gannon’s castle. I found this pretty strange, and just thought that it couldn`t of been her name. So I walked home with the 3ds and started playing it. The only save file there was named Stalfos, which didn`t surprise me. She had only 3 hearts, and had 0 spiritual stones, but she had beaten the forest temple and shadow temple. I was very confused, thinking to myself ``how the hell did she get the forest and shadow temple with 0 spiritual stones!?", since you need the 3 spiritual stones to open up the door of time which gives you access to the adulthood of Link and you can start the new set of temples. I started up a new game, naming it "Link", just for the hell of it. I began playing, but it wasn’t the normal 3ds graphics. It was now the original n64 graphics. I heard that the new graphics weren’t that great since they were much more childish. So I didn’t mind and stated playing and just like the beginning of the game it started with watching links nightmare, and how the Deku tree sends Navi to assist Link in his adventure. But the intro was different... The Deku tree wasn't alive. He looked as he does when you beat the first temple and says you were still too late. Navi was a black fairy, and when the Deku tree says "Navi the fairy..." in the normal game, it instead said "Navi the soul" and instead of "the boy with no fairy" it said "the boy with no soul" and on top of that my name wasn't link like I named him, it was instead "puppet". This freaked me out. I knew 100% sure that it didn't say any of those things in the original, and Navi was a white fairy. So I ignored it and kept playing. When link exited his house, I climbed down the ladder, and instead of being greeted by Saria, Links best friend, I was greeted by no one. No one was the, but I could still auto target them, and talk to them. I talked to Saria but all I got was a "...", so I ignored her and kept going. I tried to talk to the empty shadows but I kept getting the same "...". So I ran to the Kokiri kid that is guarding the entrance to the Deku tree, and talked to him. I didn’t get the average 3 dots adjacent to each other, this time I got a message saying:

"Everybody will become a Stalfos,

Everybody, Stalfos."

I looked at the screen with a blank expression on my face. "What the fuck?" I thought to myself. I then ran to the spot where you obtain the Kokiri sword. I grabbed the sword and started gathering some rupees, since you need 40 for the shield. I got my rupees and ran to the store. The man at the store wasn't saying anything and wasn't there of course, so I selected the shield and bought it anyways. The man at the store talked to me once I made my purchase. He said:

"This won't protect you from the Stalfos,

Everybody, Stalfos."

I don't know if it’s just me or is this line not creepy as hell. And plus I felt so alone... all I had were a bunch of shadows that didn’t say anything, and my black fairy. It was just so depressing and eerie. I continued on my journey and went to the Deku tree. When you would normally talk to him about the journey ahead of me and being destined for greatness or whatever I got the same message again, with a slight twist.

"You can't run from the curse.

Everybody, Stalfos."

The Deku tree then opened his mouth and I ran into the temple. The temple music wasn’t normal. It was this terrifying music, which I believe was the song of storms in reverse. Plus, there was a door straight in front of the entrance. The music put shivers through my whole body and I muted the game right away. That didn’t seem to help since the fucking song was playing in my head. I ran into to the door in front of me, crossing that giant spider web in front of me, while rolling franticly. I entered the door and it seemed to be the boss room where Gohma normally would be. I explored the room, nothing to be found. I then had a flashback of the boss room in the original, how you had to look at the roof to trigger Gohma. So with that in mind I looked up, and dropped the 3ds. It was that little girl that I see at the park every day, but with the games graphics, and sitting on the ceiling upside down. My god, when I targeted her, it zoomed into that face, and then heard a loud laugh, which sounded like a slow motion version of Gannondorf's laugh. This was too far. I turned the damn game off and threw it on my desk terrified. I looked at the clock and it was 2:23 a.m. I do not know how time flew by that fast, but I jumped in bed trying to get some sleep, but instead just kept hearing that song of storms backwards.

When I woke up, I was exhausted. It was 11:34 a.m. and when I woke up, I just laid there staring at the 3ds. I laid there till 1 o'clock. I turned away from the 3ds, wondering what just happened and got out of bed. I just sat in my kitchen, not moving or even looking at anything except for the wall. I then had a thought. Maybe the girl will be back at the park? So, I took my dog to the park and sat at my normal bench, and just waited for her. She didn’t come until 1:55 p.m. which was exactly 5 minutes before I normally arrive. Was this on purpose? Was this a coincidence? When she started walking to the bench, I sat up and looked at her. Nothing is as terrifying as this sight. The girl was insane. Instead of her normal blonde hair and blue eyes, and dresses nicely in those strange green clothes, she was by the looks of her, lost he sanity. The blonde pigtails became a tattered mess the big blue eyes became blue eyes with massive pupils and bags under them. The nicely dressed clothes were ripped, torn, and just a complete mess. The clear pail looking skin was scraped and scratched. She looked like she was from some hell house. When she seen me, she ran towards me, or so I thought. I was scared shitless. This little girl sprinting at me with this fucking tormented face running at me is a sight never forgotten. I thought she was about to jump on me and kill me, but instead she started searching for her 3ds hectically around the bench. She kept whispering "Stalfos" while doing so. I jumped out of the bench and just stared at her. She then looked at me, bent her head at a 90 degree position and ran across the road, not looking both ways, then was flattened out by a fucking van. I ran to the road to look at what just happened. She just landed straight on the pavement, with a cracked skull, both legs and arms broken, bone sticking out of every single joint in her body and whispered:

"You can't run from the curse,

Everybody, Stalfos."

Just before she died. I ran home. I puked on my way back and was just so fucking disgusted over what had just happened. It was straight from a nightmare. I was running back, all I could here were the sirens from the police and ambulances, but over that I kept hearing that damn phrase, “everybody, Stalfos”. This was taunted me the whole way back home. When I got back, I put my dog in the house, totally ignoring the leash entirely, ran upstairs and just sat on my bed with my head down. I just kept hearing that phrase, over and over again like a broken record. Half an hour went by and I grabbed the 3ds and started playing the game again. The beginning was just me entering the dungeon, and I ran into the boss room straight in front of me. Just like before that little girl was sitting on the roof upside down, while playing the song of storms in reverse. I didn’t mind the music so much this time, and with that in mind I questioned my sanity again. Before I muted it instantly, why didn’t I do that again? But I ignored that thought as well and continued. When the camera zoomed in again I looked away from the screen. I opened my left eye slightly, and seen that she was saying:

“These are your friends, they won't hurt you.

Everybody, Stalfos."

Right when she had finished saying that, the camera went back to Link, which then followed up with a bunch of Stalfos spawning around me. I ran around in circles while the Stalfos followed me, just waiting to pounce. After about 10 seconds of running, Link then appeared to freeze. He didn’t just stop in his tracks, he was frozen in ice, just as it looks like when the ice monsters freeze you in the ice cavern. The Stalfos then caught up with me and started slashing their swords at me, while all I could do is watch as link got slaughtered by the monsters. Before they attacked me I thought I would have died in a single shot by them, because there were quite powerful monsters, but instead they only dealt a quarter of my health per hit. Link slowly died, and when he did just fell straight to the floor, with the game over screen appearing. The game asked if I would like to continue, and I pressed yes. I spawned back in the Deku tree, where I was back at the beginning of the dungeon. The boss door wasn’t in front of me this time, so I ran around the tree. I ran around the spiral stairs, which strangely made the music get louder and louder. The higher I got the louder the music. I found myself at the ivy material that you can climb with a few wall spiders. There was a chest in front of the material. I believe that the chest normally would contain a map for the dungeon, but when I opened it, all there was inside was the strange medicine where you would normally get while doing the big Goron sword side quest. Once acquired, I ran up further. I found a door, which at this time the music was damn loud and made me turn the music volume down, but while I was turning it down, the game just refused to listen and kept its volume. I ran into the door, which I was then put inside the mini dungeon bottom of the well. Finally the song of storm had seized playing and replace with just the regular eerie feeling of the shadow temple theme. I was in a room with a chest right in front of me, just a button press away to be opened. I opened it up and found the lens of truth. I turned around, and when I was just a hair away from the door, the iron bars closed it and I heard something pop out of the ground. No battle music or anything, just the shadow temple music still playing. I walked around the room, and then was grabbed by some invisible force. I mashed the buttons and was released from its grasp. I then remember the purpose of the lens of truth, which was to see invisible walls and objects. I equipped them, and I was then greeted with dead hand, a terrifying mini boss in the temple. I questioned why it was in it in the original game, since it was so damn creepy, but the game was still for all ages. It honestly grabs you with zombie hands out of the dirt, then a demonic creature named dead hand pops out. He has a hunched back, large white teeth, and even has pure black eyes. So, with my lens of truth equipped, I let the zombie hand grab me, continued by dead hand slithering up to me. He then put his neck parallel to the ground and just as he was about to bite my face, I heard the very agonizing scream of Redeads. I jumped, and just by reflexes, I threw my ds on the ground, which turned it off. I was angry since I didn’t save my game, and I would have to start back at the Deku tree. Since that happened, I just crawled in bed, ignoring the time, and just stared at the ceiling. I just stared there into the blank ceiling. I couldn`t sleep, so here I am telling you this. Please tell me what I should do next that may actually do something important. Maybe that little girl wants me to do something, but I can`t figure it out. 

Thursday, May 12, 2013, 2:32 a.m.Edit

I don’t understand. Why me? Honestly I do not understand why I am the one who goes through this. Well I am still scared out of my mind and just shocked. I am not going to fill this with any other information this time, I will just keep this post short. So, right in the morning I turned the game back on. It’s not like I wanted to, I just felt like I had to since I saw that little girl get ran over. I started the game back up, and selected my saved file. For some reason, I was back at the Deku tree, with the song of storms reverse, but I still had the lens of truth, the odd medicine, and I had the slingshot this time, even though I didn’t save my file and didn’t even obtain the slingshot. I then continued to the ivy covered wall with all the spiders on it. I quickly used my slingshot to dispose of the spiders so I could climb the wall. Once I climbed it, there was a bunch of Stalfos all aligned perfectly against the wall, evenly spaced, all the same battle pose and everything. The music was so loud. I spotted the next door and I rolled towards the door eager to get rid of the music. I opened the door, just thankful the music was going to stop. Unfortunately, the music never stopped. It was different this time though, it was still very loud and the song was sped up, just like it is when you visit the windmill in the village when you’re all grown up. My location? Well this time, I was transferred to the royal family’s grave in Kakariko village. I looked around the room. All there was were a bunch of Kesese, depressing dark blue walls with vertical lines from the bottom to the top, and just the bones from the dead people which I assume were part of the royal family. The one set of bones in particular had a face still, and I was able to talk to it. All it said was:

“She was our friend. We were left to die. We were a victim of her curse.

Everybody, Stalfo’s.”

1771766-redead ocarina of time
I wondered for a second. Was it her? The girl on the bench they were talking about? I don’t understand how or why this girl was in the game. Maybe it was only meant for her to be played? Maybe everyone else would have the same fate she would? What was I thinking? That was impossible. I dispatched all of the Keese and moved to the next room. Here there was green slime oozing down from the walls, with puddles of this stuff on the ground which looked toxic. There were also a bunch of Redeads, which I then remembered they were placed in different locations. Instead of being evenly scattered around like usual, they were all clumped together near the entrance to the next room, which there I would normally obtain the sun’s song, which you can use to stun the Redeads. But, I couldn’t get past them. Instead I was frozen from that ear piercing Redead scream, and frozen in place. I mash buttons trying to escape their wraith, but couple seconds later I found myself being molested and suffocated by those monsters. Link then fell to the ground where it just appeared with the game over screen. I was terrified to say the least and just felt so alone. Thankfully my dog was still with me, so I called him and he came running to me. I was thankful and happy to see something else that was alive after that. Unfortunately, he got only about 5 feet away from me and just stopped… didn’t move at all. He slowly lifted his head up, not to look at my face, only to look above my head. This… there is no words for it. I was now at another level of alone. My dog just stared above me for about a minute, then started to whine and run away. I followed him to the bathroom, where he rolled in a ball and sat in a corner. The part that scared me the most was things that I have heard about dogs… they can somehow sense things that humans can’t. I was shivering and just terrified out of my mind. I am going to try to get some sleep now. Maybe play in the morning.

Friday, May 13th, 2013, 12:54 a.m. Edit

Woke up in shivers and crying. Just shocked. I had a nightmare, one of those nightmares were everything is just feels so real. I know your dying to hear it so I will explain. I was sleeping in my bed, and then woken up by multiple, I guess clones, of that little girl in green. I was startled, but then then once they seen I had been woken up, they started to speed walk at me, all chanting:

“Must become one. Everyone must.

Everybody, Stalfos.”                                                                                                                                                                

They then were at my bed side. They all pulled out a jagged blade from their pockets, and started to… skin my body. They started from my feet and the pain was so real. They slowly did it and had no mercy. Just pulling my skin off as easily as an orange. Once they worked their way up to my chest, they said it one last time:

“Everybody, Stalfos.”

I then woke up. I jumped out of bed, and read my replies from my post last night. Everyone said to keep playing. I wish those fuckers could understand what this was. So I popped my game on, loaded it up, and I was back to the Deku trees entrance with all my weapons still and that medicine. After running for a bit, learning my surroundings, I came to conclusion that I had to jump off the top of the tree into that spider web. So I jumped off of that little diving board and hit the web. The web collapsed and I then seen the screen fade to black like I was being transitioned to a different location. Once the screen came back, I fell to my death. I was shocked, just looking at links body. There were bones sticking out of his joints, and only his face was on fire. I looked around my environment and came to conclusion that I was at the spot where you would be an adult doing the big Goron sword quest and talking to that little girl on the stump. Then it hit me. That girl at the park, that girl in this game. She… she is there. She is in the actual game itself… I was just flat out surprised and just completely frightened. It appeared I was actually able to talk to her. She said:

“That guy isn’t here anymore.

Anybody who plays the game will be lost.

Everybody will become a Stalfos. Everybody, Stalfos. So, he’s not here anymore. Only his saw is left. Hee hee.

Where did you get that game? Give it back!”

It then gave me a yes or no question. I said yes.

“Heh heh heh. Are you going to be… too? Heh heh!”

I couldn’t take it anymore. I am going to go for a walk in the park now. Farewell.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013   Edit

So this is his mom here posting this wiki. I understand, at the beginning he said he was posting this to his the zelda forums, but for some reason it was deleted the day after he was hit. I showed the police this story but as you probably would have guessed it, they were in disbelief. He’s always has been into these kinds of stories for some reason and I guess it finally caught up with him. I’m sure you’re wondering what happened to our son. Well, he was found dead on the road due to a random van hitting him dead on. Nobody knows who did it, since the person just drove away. No need to comment "sorry for your loss", this was a long time ago now. He was a great kid, very succesful. Had the opportunity to change live. But, we have moved on. It is a terrible experience that he had to go through. His dog is still around, but he is always scared, and in a corner. He is a depressing part of the family, but he is the only thing we have left. Oh and this game? The cops couldn't find it. They talked with some people around the park and they said they seen something laying on the bench he always sat at. I guess that means someone elses life is now ruined as well. 

R.I.P Link.

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