I was born without a purpose. Nothing really. I never had control over my actions or what I said. Come to think of it I never spoke at all. Most times I just walked around. With no direction. Occasionally chopping down a tree or two or building a marker to know what direction my house was. It was hard work. One of  the worst parts is  the night. I've seen things no other human ever wants to see.

I've seen zombies and skeletons and giant spiders all try to kill me at once. Sometime the skeletons would ride the giant spiders and shoot arrows at me and chase me. I got away because most of the time, out of what seemed like nowhere, I would pull a sword and just start swinging. Limbs flying and the blood pouring out of their cold lifeless bodies as they collapsed. Then something weird would happen. They would disappear. Where they go, I don't know. All I know is that one second they're full of life and then they're just dead and gone.

The second worst part of my whole existence, is when I die. I am helpless. I feel the pain and anguish of having an arrow in my chest, or having debris of a giant explosion choking me to death but I can't do anything.

Dying would not be that bad, if I didn't start all over again and again and again. Most times I wish that it would all end. All the work and the anguish, the pain and suffering would stop. Yet that isn't the worst part of it all. After maybe 1 or 2 hours of just constant work, I stop. I don't move. The world freezes around me. I can't sleep, let alone close my eyes, or even breathe.

I am trapped in a limbo between death and life. This goes on for maybe 2, 3, or 4 days. Just me and my thoughts. The pain of just standing there watching a world I wish would burn to the ground. You want to know the weird part? I wish that limbo never ended. I wish it stayed that way. Forever. Because in those few days, I finally feel somewhat free. I don't know who or what the thing that controls me is, but it seems demented. Forcing me to work for nothing. Building useless buildings or towers and sometimes even giant cities. But for what? Just for me? By myself? It has to be because I have not stumbled upon my own kind yet. I have lost all hope of ever being free. I am a slave to this "master" of mine.

Hell, I don't even know my own name...

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