Good day everybody,

I come here to propose a theory that may sound ludicrous in many ways, but yet may shed some light onto questions that have no answers. This theory is known as the "Duality" theory. What is the "Duality" theory? Simply put, it is a theory that explains about the 2 most recognized symbols of minecraft, Steve and Herobrine. The idea is that Steve is actually a person who suffers from bi-polar disorder and that Herobrine is the alter ego of Steve.

What evidence gives credibility to this? Obviously Steve and Herobrine share a near identical appearance to each other minus the eyes. But have we looked at who Steve is through the eyes of other npcs? We picture Steve as a regular guy who happen's to wake up in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by multiple life forms that are made up of peaceful and hostile mobs. But to others, they see a foreigner who comes from somewhere unknown and starts to take up resources to build his own little world. Herobrine is usually a representation of the things that we are afraid of during the nighttime like creepers and enderman. Now picture it if you will, that you are in the shoes of a villager. You go about your day all normal and suddenly you meet "Steve". A villager tries communication with him but Steve makes no sound other than being hurt. You look into his eyes, trying to get some sort of idea on whats going on in his head but you only see a blank stare in those eyes. The actions of Steve to others are those of remorseless as you take and give little to nothing. Herobrine, in all sense could be the side of Steve that we don't see as that persona is the one of conquest, destruction of others belongings and lives. We never meet Herobrine because we are Herobrine, but only when we decide to destroy instead of Steve, who happens to be the side that wants to create.

Though it is just a theory, there may be some other facts missing that can give credence to the idea of Steve being a person who suffers Bi-polar disorder who can be a nice guy at times, but also the very thing he fears.

FEAtuRed hIsTory (talk) 05:53, January 8, 2014 (UTC)

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