Hello, My name Is Jim, I’m an avid Game tester. I recently tried out the superhot beta. If you don’t know what superhot is…Well...Its not importantThe game was an early prototype version back in 2014.But is now being released For PC, Mac and Xbox one.

But that was the beta…The alpha is shrouded in mystery.People say there used to be a full team of 30 working on the game now there’s only 11…The Alpha Testers were never seen again. That’s when I come in. I tested the alpha. But I Survived…

In the alpha a few things weren’t implemented yet Like Swords and Some guns. But the time feature was Spot on. The first level is a house. You are instructed to take a fallen enemy’s gun. The game then tells you of the mechanics. Also in the alpha stage the game was titled Time Gunner. But Superhot must have sounded better. But there was a slight bug. Every time you killed an enemy it took on a more fallout 4 VATS system feel. Like it was slow and felt wrong.

The enemies were just Red Squares. The areas you could target were Top left/Right Bottom Left/right Or Spine. If you shot the Top left/bottom left it would be a 2 shot kill Bottom/Top right Is a 3 shot but Spine was an instant kill and bits of their cartoon looking spine went everywhere.

The level that scared me the most was a later level Titled TEST

It started with you in the real world. You then grab a taxi.You drive to an unknown Building It was funny because While I was playing I heard a taxi stop at the Tester building… You then grab a Gun and you smash the Glass and Kill the secretary. And as we were doing this we heard gunshots. But we thought it was the game so we continued. It then said Find the Testers. I thought of that as odd but continued anyway I went in the lift to the floor that said GAME TESTING. And I thought I heard the lift Bing go off outside Then it said Shoot your shotgun. And I shot. A massive bang was heard and 5 other testers were dead the character seemed to move to my mouse it then said DO IT.

And the target was me…I Grabbed my laptop and threw it out the window I then jumped and the last thing I heard before Blacking out was Screams And Shotgun Bullets.

*UPDATE 9/10/2016* The Developers of SUPERHOT Have contacted me via email

Dear Mr Harvey


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