I recently moved to California, after the events of this story.

What you are about to hear may disturb you.

Continue at your own will.

The Story Edit

Hi, my name's Michael.

I have stumbled across my brother's old Super Mario Bros. Cartridge, out of curiosity, I wanted to play it.

I'll document my gameplay experiences.

Day 1 Edit

After sticking the game in, I noticed the title screen was different than what I have seen.

The sky was pitch black, the bushes were a brownish-yellow color, the usual ? Mark Block was red,The Logo was grey, And the music was the same as usual.

Title Screen-0

It must have been some kind of pallet swap glitch, because this game has all sorts of Glitchy stuff in it.

Day 2 Edit

I finished level 1-1, everything was the exactly the same, but the pallet was swapped.

Nothing unusual here.

Day 3 Edit

I defeated Bowser (Also know as "King Koopa" in Japan.) and went on as usual, until world 3-4.

After rescuing the toad, I noticed that he looked different than before.

A part of his head was gone, as If it was eaten, and toad had no face either.

It was even bleeding.


The toad said "Greetings Mario. You have sinned. You will be taken to hell where you belong."

I don't know what the toad was talking about.

I knew the cartridge was kind of dusty, but I didn't know it had these kinds of effects.

Suddenly, I heard a loud Beeping noise, the screen began to glitch out.

After taking out the cartridge, and putting it back in, I could hear a distorted version of the overworld theme, as well as screaming.

The NES was melting somehow, but It was too late, and my hand started melting...

I was in so much pain...

I could barely move, I was sent to the hospital, and the had to perform surgery on me.

Luckily, I recovered after a month or two.

Remember, don't play other people's games.

You might not get what you expected.

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