9thCore5 written this. And it's my first creepypasta.

Guys, I got over something really strange and creepy in my opinion when I was playing Super Mario Bros. 3 on a emulator.

I must say it right now, I don't think that it is from the ROM or the emulator. I tried different ROMs and different emulators and did the same thing, with same results. Now, I think that it could be a virus on my PC, or Nintendo actually put this in-game and hid it from Beta-Testers. Without further ado, Let's-a-go!

So, when I was playing SMB3, I just tried the secret with the white block. After that, I went in the background, but when I touched the ground, I got instantly teleported to World 8 last fortress. I said "Okay, I can just beat the game from a glitch!" and entered. The only problem is, every time I tried entering, the screen was becoming a bit red, then a bit more, then a bit more etc, until the whole screen was only red. I tried closing the game, and after I re-opened it, Mario was looking at me with tears in his eyes. [this happened a long while ago, when I didn't know how to screen-capture, and now it didn't happen again.] There was also a message written in blood that said "Why did you do this to me? What did I do to you?" After reading it, my face was :| . Then I restarted the computer, and when it logged back in, the wallpaper was a VIDEO. It showed Raccon Mario, just staying there, looking at me, holding a gun at his head. After 3 seconds, I heard a gun shot and the wallpaper, the icons and even my taskbar where covered a bit at the top in blood. Then, reseting the computer again, everything was normal. i will NEVER forget that day.

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