Hello my Name is Nathanael, but I go by Nate, I have always been such a Mario fan, (and a mario nerd) in fact, The very first game I have ever played was a Mario game I ever played WAS a Mario game, anyways it's time for the story.

It was just a normal day, being bored, so I went to my NES and put the Super Mario Bros cartridge in. but the game won't work. i tried blowing the bottom of the cartridge but that didn't work either, So I asked my friend if I can borrow his, I went up to his door and his door always had jumbled text that read "OAEG VRME" I knocked and asked and he said "sure keep it but only play for a few hours, if you play it for too long, who knows what happens." I thought he was just joking, boy was I wrong! i started playing, everything was normal, no blood, no disorted music, enimes were there. BUT BOY WAS I WRONG! after playing for hours, the game turned off.

So I turned it on and the game restarted. "Darn!" I said as i was almost done with the game. the title said Super Mario Bros: The Lost Level.™ which was weird, anyways, i continued on. everything as just flat, the sky was the night sprite. i carried on and found a goomba, i jumped on it, blood came out (8-bit pixel blood not hyper-realistic blood) and the points I got was -1000, weird i carried on and more 8-bit blood started showing up everywhere on the screen until i couldn't see anything. The entire screen was red, and the screen turned pitch black. a text showed saying "Your too late" and another saying "Why didn't you save us?" and more like that. At this point I turned the console off and went to bed.

I had a nightmare, about me being chased in a hall way. I was being chased by a angry mob of the souls that yelled at me for "not saving them" "save them from what?" I thought, I decided to not be chicken and play the game. Even if it kills me. i was walking in the same hallway in my dream, and so was the angry mob of lost souls, when they got me I was teleported to Bowser's castle. It was normal and enimes were there, until I got to Bowser. Bowser was gone and so was the bridge and platform. next to the axe was a black figure. He picked up the axe and threw it at me. i died and the game over screen showed. the words "Game Over" was now just "OAEG VRME" I was shocked, I got up to run to my friend, But when I turned around, My friend ran to me. And he said "GAME OVER".