Every weekend in my town there’s a flea market. Like every other week I visited the same vender and bought the same thing: old and rare videogames. I never spent over $20, and the man and I made it a routine. One week he presented me with a beta version of Super Smash Bros Brawl. It included cut characters, unused music, and some other cool features.

I invited my friend over, and we started to uncover the hidden secrets. Of course, we started trying out the unused characters. One of which, was Minium and Plusle. Being some of my favorite Pokémon, I used them instantly. Being his favorite character in Melee, my friend chose Dr. Mario. I won, and Dr. Mario disappeared from the roster. We had a laugh about this, and decided to try out this “harmless” glitch. This time he won, and DK disappeared. We did this with all the characters, until there was only one character, Ike. We both chose him, and fought.

It went into sudden death, but right after the iconic SUDDEN DEATH flashed off the screen, it cut to black, and the Wii shut off. When we booted up the game again and loaded the character select screen, there was a Mii option. We both looked at each other in fear, but being the morons we are, or were, we chose it and loaded up our Miis. The move set represented something of our favorite characters. I won.

I looked over at my friend to find that he was gone. Suddenly, another battle started. I used my mii, and my mystery foe used Toad, one of peaches weapons. He was floating, almost as a ragdoll. He beat me. I don’t know what happened, my controls froze, and he gained control of his body, and slowly chipped away my health. I could feel every hit. I could feel myself flying through the air as the knockback got greater and greater. All I know is that I have reunited with my friend, and that we are being controlled, forced to fight.

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