I see the end coming soon. I have decided to write down my thoughts and the current events happening around me and my kind.

It's very hard for me to write this however, for multiple reasons that I'd rather not waste time on. Thinking about it more, this may be more embarrassing more than anything.

We used to tower over our foes with no effort. It used to be a slaughter of their pathetic forces rather then a war. At night we used to track them down like the helpless prey that they should be.

As one may guess by my tone, this is not the case any more.

The once weak ones had gained a new Leader. It is impossible to describe that... Monster. He somehow banded together the weaklings like never before.

They now hunt us. Men, women, and even children are all killed and eaten. I have no idea how they did it... but they are... turning our children. Perhaps with chemicals, perhaps with force, or perhaps maybe just with corrupted words, I don't know.

All I know now that so many little ones mindlessly serve their Leader. They die for him, even made to fight against their own. Disgusting can't begin to describe such a thing.

Even our King has fallen to the impossible numbers of our foes lead by such a creature as they have now. Our numbers decrease day by day. With every one of us that die, there are ten more of them.

We can't even find safety in what small groups we can make now. I fear this is the end of my Kind, and all others like us, who used to easily kick around the once weak ones.

Any such war we did have before was reverse, as we have no way to stop the swarm. I now hide here, with my children, ready to defend them to my dying breath from these horrible creatures.

To any and all who read this, beware this name...


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