Tails doll poem01:19

Tails doll poem

No longer I can see. I guess the gods forgot about me? The sky blocked by the clouds and rain. Now I see it, the inner pain. The darkness an empty void of nothingness. My soul aches, as it's split in two. 

One embracing the light, and the other darkness. For the betrayal of one trusted most. Nothing more than a demon, hated and shunned. Born to neither life, nor death, just nothingness. 

Seeking my purpose, but that purpose was lost. And now a purpose, born anew to two. To destroy the scorn, and hate, To pay back the pain, and torture the sane. I am the tails doll, and be afraid, for the next time we meet, I will make you go insane. But before you say bye-bye for the night, I must ask you, can you feel the sunshine?

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